6 Teeth-harming culprit foods you need to avoid

We are already aware that regular intake of wine, alcohol, and sugar candies can bring chaos on your oral health. Among the oral health issues, the frequently observed dental problem among all age group is cavities. Yes! The excess intake of sugary products causes the bacteria to release acids that attack your tooth enamel, which is the main culprit behind the cavities. But, there are a few foods that can damage your teeth. Are you eager to find out what those foods are? Yes! Then here is the list of foods you need to avoid or limit your intake to maintain good oral health. Check out the below list now!  

6 Worst foods for your teeth:

Are you running your mind with several food options? Yes! Don’t worry, we have compiled a list of foods that you need to stay away for a healthy mouth and strong teeth. Scroll down and read the post to know more about it.

  1. Candies: Candies are tough to chew and the sweet and sour taste from the candies liberates more acids which invite tooth decay. Yes! The candies are hard to chew, the pieces get stuck in between the teeth. If you have sweet carvings munch on a piece of chocolate, which is easy to rinse and hence the particles never stay back inside the mouth.  
  2. Ice cubes: You may think that ice cubes are made with water, hence it never harms your teeth? Never! It can damage your enamel when you chew the ice cubes. Also, chewing ice can lead to chipped teeth, broken teeth, or loosened crowns. But if you feel to have cool things, opt for cold beverages or drink chilled water without ice piece. 
  3. Carbonated drinks: Carbonated drinks are loaded with chemicals that enable the development of plague. Drinking carbonated drink every day can form a thin layer of acid coating on your teeth. Carbonated drinks can bring dryness in the mouth and can stain your teeth. The best you can try to maintain good oral hygiene is drinking plain water. 
  4. Gummy vitamins: Gummies are one of the easily spread products in the market especially consumed by kids. Though they are wonderful health supplements, it can hard to chew and the leftover particles never wash away properly. It invites cavities on the teeth. Rather than trying gummies, opt for chewable vitamin supplements or multivitamin supplements in the liquid form. Order you multivitamins and supplements from the best online pharmacy store and avail amazing discounts on all orders you place. 
  5. Dried fruits: Dried fruits are most sought food products among all age groups due to its high fibre content, and rich in vitamins, and minerals. But, munching them also brings oral issues. Yes! The sugar and the pieces left behind after chewing the dried fruit can liberate acid, which can erode tooth enamel away. Though dried fruits are healthy, it is good to opt for fresh produce! 
  6. Potato chips: Crunchy, tasty potatoes is the favourite of everyone! Potatoes are a rich source of starch. When potatoes are stuck in between the teeth, it converts starch to sugar and becomes food for the bacteria which multiplies further and damages tooth enamel. Make sure to limit your intake and rinse your mouth well and floss your tongue without fail. 

If you are taking the above-mentioned foods or snacks, brushing right after indulging the food is the best way to stay away from tooth decay. Including fresh fruits, avoiding sugary drinks, sweets, and regular visit to the dentist helps to maintain healthy gums and teeth. If you suffer from a dental problem such as tooth decay or bleeding gums, visit your dentist immediately. If your doctor prescribes medicines order them from a trusted online drugstore at the comfort of your home.  

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