Services‌ ‌You‌ ‌Can‌ ‌Expect‌ ‌from‌ ‌a‌ ‌Top‌ ‌Family‌ ‌Counselor‌ ‌in‌ ‌New‌ ‌Jersey‌ ‌

In 2018, New Jersey reported over 700 fetal deaths and 23k abortions. On the other hand, colleges in NJ cities like New Brunswick had the second-highest number of rape cases and domestic violence incidents, around 15 and 49, respectively.

And while New Jersey’s private industry employers confirmed nearly 70k non-fatal workplace injuries in 2019, the government sector reported around 20k.

When you or any of your family members face such traumatic situations, it is best to get help from a highly-trained professional, such as a family counselor NJ has on offer. Leading therapists offer sophisticated counseling that can help you control your emotions and behavior, no matter how grim the situation is in your life. Here are some of the services you can expect from a top family counselor in New Jersey.

Family Therapy 

As per a 2017 government report, New Jersey confirmed around 80k substance abuse admissions and over 2500 drug overdose deaths.

When your family feels overwhelmed due to a member addicted to drugs or is in trauma after a loved one’s death, a family counselor can help your group in crisis. With family therapy, your close ones will learn how to address issues prolifically.

Check if each member gets a therapeutic space to speak honestly, enabling each of you to acknowledge life changes and losses. 

Child Therapy

In 2017-18, many of New Jersey’s suburban areas and charter schools topped the list for reporting the highest number of bullying abuse cases, some as high as 19th position.

It is one of the many problems your child might face that can distress them and lead to behavioral issues like sudden anger outbursts or withdrawal from social activities. 

A licensed family counselor in NJ uses productive techniques like CBT, mindfulness and play therapy to help your child express their feelings.

Ensure the sessions provide support to you to improve the communication between you and your child and reinforce positive managing skills for your ward.

Teen Counseling

Suicide is the third common cause of death among New Jersey teens, with 5.9% of high school students in Grade 9 to 12 attempting suicide.

If the teens in your family show explosive moods, low grades in academics and social anxiety, you can check with a family therapist.

Leading professionals help your teens identify their strengths and learn cognitive behavioral coping skills, thus ensuring they don’t feel stuck and overwhelmed. Confirm if they offer coaching sessions, enabling you to find new ways of confronting your teens encouragingly.

Sexual Abuse Counseling

A recent survey on sexual misconduct in New Jersey’s political arena reveals that 57% experienced harassment during their tenure in NJ’s politics. 

A sexually abused family member, even if it’s a child, after a point might start showing symptoms like nightmares and feeling a sense of low self-esteem.

But a family counselor can create a safe space to discuss the experience, enabling your family to make more productive choices and move on in life. Ensure the counseling focuses on correcting dysfunctional behavior resulting from the abuse.

Divorce Therapy

More shared parenting time, gray divorces and social media’s impact are the top divorce trends currently raging in New Jersey.

A divorce case in your family can make your and your family’s life a mess. However, a family counselor can help you and your family work through your emotions about the failed marriage. See if their therapy will help your family maneuver through every stage of the divorce process while setting the well-defined limits for a peaceful settlement.

Marriage Counseling

Due to the pandemic outbreak, the unemployment rate in November 2020 increased from 2.2% to 10.2% in New Jersey.

Such economic stressors are one of the primary reasons to strain your relations with your loved ones. Likewise, infidelity and intimacy challenges can also make your married life loveless.

Top family counselors help gain relationship dynamics and mend any persistent emotional conflicts. Confirm if the therapy helps both parties to know more about each other and your family can focus on problem-solving skills.

Online Therapy

If you and your close ones wish to receive psychotherapy most conveniently, you can contact a licensed family counselor; they conduct productive online sessions.

You can expect the services to be entirely private and comfortable while you and your family can discuss the rough patches you are going through as a group.

Final Thoughts

In February this year, there were signs of COVID-19 community spread for the first time since NJ successfully slowed the virus spread that claimed over 15k lives. The state reported 900 new positive cases.

As you and your loved ones would have to live most of the time indoors in the same space to be safe from the virus, it makes sense to consult an experienced family counselor in NJ. Rest assured, you can lead a stress-free life with your family in NJ, even in the most strenuous situations.

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