Getting The Korean Lipstick Gradient Look

The Korean lipstick gradient lips fad is cute and modern and perfect for a more low profile, informal appearance. It’s likewise very easy and a wonderful means to use those saturated red and pink lipsticks you have rolling around in your make-up cabinet. Simply place some shade in the middle of your lips and mix!

Basic method to get the look

Step 1: [optional] Moisturize your lips with a balm or lip mask

Step 2: Utilizing 2 different lipstick or lip color tones, use the lighter shade (or concealer) to the lips concentrating on the outer rim of the lips

Step 3: Apply the darker shade (lipstick or lip tint) to the inner middle of the lips

Step 4: Blend the darker color in an outward direction (utilizing your fingers or a brush or Q-tip) until you achieve that soft and faded ombre appearance

Step 5 [non-compulsory]: Make your lips seem more moisturized by applying a clear gloss to finish.

Alternate approach: making use of two lipsticks

Here is just one of my preferred means to get the gradient lip– utilizing 2 lipsticks. You can experiment with matte and glossy lip products for this one, and even “strange” combinations like orange and purple.

Obtain two lipsticks (or even a colored lip balm, really), with one color being darker than the other– attempt Chanel’s Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour in Adrienne and Arthur. Use the darker lipstick first in the centre, after that top it off with the lighter shade at the side of the lips. Ladies who want to try out more colour can swap out Adrienne for Emilienne, a deep plum.

Alternate approach: lipstick & powder foundation

Yes, you can in fact create a gradient lip with a powder foundation. The trick here is to use one that has a more silky texture and uses as efficiently as a lotion, like Cle de Peau Beaute’s latest Glowing Powder Foundation.

Simply put on your lipstick, after that brush or swab your powder on the external part of your lips. Shiny and moisturising lipstick solutions function much better for this approach, so you do not wind up with a coating that’s too level.

Other Korean beauty products to complement

Klavuu Nourishing Care Lip Sleeping Pack

Formulated with Phyto Oil Complex and oils from avocado, wonderful almond and apricot to deeply nourish and hydrate dry lips. This over night mask includes pearl essence to help soften and lighten up fragile skin.

TonyMoly Mini Fruit Lip Balm (Peach)

A lip scrub that gets rid of dead flaky skin to reveal soft smooth lips. Avocado deeply nurtures and moisturizes skin with its all-natural fats and huge selection of minerals and vitamins.

Laneige Lip Resting Mask

Laneige mask melts dead skin cells and makes the lips feel smooth and flexible throughout rest. Experience silky firming lip evening treatment with the brand-new lip sleep mask.

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