15 Benefits Of Cold Showers That Will Blow Your Mind

A cold morning shower feels like an icy hell for most of us, especially in cold weather. But pull yourself together; it is genuinely incredibly useful. And there are at least 15 science-based reasons for this!

Health Benefits Of Cold Shower

1. Improving Immunity 

People who regularly expose themselves to cold water have more white blood cells (leukocytes) than those who take hot showers. These cells are responsible for fighting disease. Moreover, taking a cold shower in the morning keeps you fresh and active throughout the day. Hence, a cold shower activates your immune system and improves your metabolism.

2. More Active Blood Circulation 

Want to speed up your blood flow? There is no better remedy for this than a cold shower. Stimulating your circulatory system is an excellent way to start your day. Yes, when you take a cold shower, the blood circulation gets activated at a greater pace. This means your body will stay healthy, and all body parts will receive oxygen.

3. Increased Fertility

For both men and women, a cold shower can really stimulate conception. Especially for men! Your testicles need cool conditions, not hot baths. Therefore, when you take a cold shower, the chances of fertility increase. Those who are not being able to conceive a baby for a longer time should try this tip.

4- Increase In Testosterone 

Another plus for men, as this hormone boosts everything from muscle volume to self-confidence. There is no need to take particular medications; just turn on the cold valve while taking a shower. You will improve significant change in your body mass. 

5- Burning Fats

A cold shower activates the activity of brown adipose tissue. It is used to insulate the body and retain heat. When the body feels hypothermia, brown fat burns 15 times faster. Yes, this means for staying healthy and losing weight, you need to stand under the shower for 10-15 minutes regularly. It will help you lose extra pounds quicker than any exercise.

6- Improving The Condition Of Hair And Skin

The cold water removes dust and dirt while retaining the natural oils in your hair and skin. This natural oil usually gets washed off with hot water. Therefore, it is better never to wash your hair with hot water. With time, your hair will become dry and start to fall off if you continue to do so.

7- Training Of Willpower

How do you force yourself to do what you don’t want to do? And even every morning with the prospect of performing this ritual for the rest of your life? A cold shower will help you train self-discipline and willpower. Willpower is like every muscle in your body: the more you put it under stress, the stronger it becomes. It is like a therapeutic session for the body. 

Many researchers believe that exposure to cold water affects well-being and increases will-power, which is required to fight addiction. Therefore, those who want to fight alcoholism or any other addictions should try this cold water therapy. You won’t have to worry about paying for a rehab center; just standing under cold water will help you recover.

8- Feeling Of Cheerfulness

Waking up early in the morning can be very challenging, especially if you’re not an early morning person. And again, a cold shower will come to the rescue. Exposure to cool water speeds up the heartbeat and forces the body to consume more oxygen, which speeds up the brain. This makes you not only active but also cheerful for the day.

9- Relaxation

Even if it’s just a quick drench, a cold shower can reduce stress. It increases the concentration of glutathione in the blood and decreases uric acid amount – and it relaxes you. Therefore, whenever you feel tense, go to the bathroom and stand under a cold shower.

10- Helps You Reach Zen (Peaceful) State

A cold shower improves concentration and leads to a Zen state. And this is related to the previous point – relaxation leads to calmness and restraint. And you no longer want to gush with emotions and lose your temper with anger. The effect of a cold shower resembles the effect of meditation. It helps you stay calm, relaxed, and peaceful.

11- Deep Breathing

A very important thing that many of us neglect is the quality of the breath. A cold shower makes you breathe deeply. More oxygen equals more energy. This energy will be enough to get you through the whole day, even without your morning coffee.

12- Your Alarm Clock

Nothing is more effective in waking you up and turning you into an active fighter than a cold shower. It instantly removes all drowsiness and brings you to a working state. It helps to take away all your laziness and gives you a boost of energy.

13- Good Sleep

A cold shower can wake you up in the morning, but it is also great for helping you get enough sleep at night. This is truly a real therapy that works like sleeping pills in the evenings. Those who have insomnia should give it a try. Take a cold shower before going to bed and see the improvement in the quality of your sleep.

14- Getting Rid Of Depression

Coldwater currents can stimulate the blue spot or an area in your brain that produces norepinephrine. This is a key hormone that resists depression. A quick cold shower works like an electric shock to your brain, sending impulses that can help you beat depression. 

15- Muscle Recovery

Whether you work out in the gym or are very physically active, you need quick muscle recovery. Cold showers play a key role in this process, which is why Olympic athletes almost always take ice baths as their main remedy. This therapy quickly relaxes your muscles and prepares them for the next workout.


Many of us prefer taking hot showers due to cold weather. However, the health benefits of taking a bath with cold water are even more than medications. It does not require any hard work. Just turn the shower on and enjoy the water therapy.

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