How Cold and Compression Ice Machines Produce Faster Recovery Times

People who regularly use cold and compression ice machines experience quicker recovery than those who use one therapy to recover from injuries. Application of Cold and compression ice machines occurs in several situations, such as injuries including sprains, fractures, and post-surgical rehabilitation.

The cold and compression ice machine simultaneously applies active air compression in areas requiring recovery. It uses advanced technology to ensure that the ice and compression are effective.

The cold and compression ice machine also applies a system that produces faster recovery times. Below we look at how cold therapy allows quick and effective recovery in the injured areas.

  1. Application of Active Compression

Compression is effective in reducing swelling and water accumulation in the injured areas. The active reduction works swiftly to proximal levels, which pushes the node and the accumulated water out of the damaged area into the body system, thus releasing it through the lymphatic system.

The active compression of the swelling and edema while applying cold therapy helps to allow controlled body blood flow, thus allowing more oxygen delivery to the injured area. More oxygen increases blood flow rate, decreasing swelling, edema, and muscle pains.

  1. Use of Dual Action Treatment System

Most Cold and compression ice machines have a dual action treatment system that applies cold and warm temperature techniques to the injured area. During cold therapy, releasing warm and cold temperatures allows the body muscles surrounding the injured area to rest, thus allowing proper blood flow.

Additionally, the cold and warm temperature technique makes recovery less painful and uncomfortable, minimizing pain and increasing the body’s ability to heal naturally on its own faster and effectively.

Also, applying the dual action treatment system on the aching or overworked muscles helps the blood and oxygen flow through, thus causing the muscles to rest and return to their optimal working ability. Eventually, this increases performance and enables you to get back on your feet.

  1. Cold therapy treatment for Sore and injured Muscles

Muscle pains, inflammation, soreness, and cramps require cold therapy to soothe and relax the muscles. Cold therapy restricts the blood vessels and reduces blood flow to the injured area.

Immediately you apply the cold and compression ice machine, the swelling and inflammation from sore muscles reduce.

The ice reduces the pain caused by the injured muscles. When injured, blood rushes toward the hurt area, which causes inflammation and produces a lot of pain. But applying cold therapy constricts the blood vessels, lowering the amount of blood going to the injured muscles, which eventually helps you to recover quickly.


Cold and compression ice machines cut down the recovery time on injured muscles, pains, fractures, sprains, and even for post-surgical rehabilitation. It prevents inflammation and reduces swelling and pain caused by the inflammation.  Also, it allows controlled blood and oxygen flow, which aids in speedy recovery. 

Suppose you are injured, experiencing muscle sores and spasms or a fracture, and want to return to your activities. In that case, you can use cold therapy treatment for faster and more effective recovery.

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