Is A Cairn Terrier Suitable For Your Kids

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The nagging, the whining, the crying, and pleading, we have all been there at one point in our lives. Whether it was us performing or we had front row seats to the act the fact remains the same, that when someone wants something they essentially will say and do anything to convince the other person to get it for them.

If you had to sit and think about it, from a young age we have the understanding and knowledge (limited at first but it certainly increases with experience) to negotiate for what we desire.

Who knew that these life skills were instilled in us so early on in our lives and as we mature they tend to fade or become diluted as we add compromise and acceptance into the mix along the way?

Some parts are more necessary than others, there are a few fundamental ones we believe should not go untaught, see some of them here , and others we take with a pinch of salt.

No matter your method the main objective is to reach the end goal. To win in a sense or achieve a sense of accomplishment. When your child or children begin their campaign for a new puppy be ready to take a walk down memory lane and relive those tried and tested techniques of convincing and promising, am I right?

Kids and pets.

There is no set rule to say when is the right time for your child to take on the responsibility of a pet, but if they make valid points and present debating criteria that validate their need then consideration should be put on the table. 

Dogs need a lot of care and attention and bringing a pet into the home is always a big step, your child needs to understand and be well aware of everything that goes into taking care of a dog. Then there are the costs involved in ‘setting up’ your home suitable for a dog, a designated place for their sleeping and eating habits, and proofing areas if your house has a lot of stairs and you have a brand new puppy. 

Chatting to friends and family when choosing a pup and the equipment (not just toys) needed to make the transition as easy, comfortable, and stress-free for them is a great starting point. Talking with your vet will give you an idea of the commitment involved, and then online research and homework to top it all off will give a well-balanced arsenal of information for you to take the first step. 

The basics of pet-owning, and introducing them to your children and home takes time to settle, see some tips if you click here on bringing home a new puppy, what to expect, and what is expected of everyone. You may feel overwhelmed by it all, taking it one day at a time is all you need, and we are all human at the end of the day and will make mistakes from time to time. 

Dogs and Children: Healthier in Homes With Dogs | Modern Dog magazine

Pet care personality.

Kids learn so much more than just cuddling and tumbling along the grass when it comes to taking care of a dog, or any animal pet for that matter. They begin to understand the consequences if something is not done such as cleaning up poo or refilling water bowls with freshwater or foods. 

They learn to care for others, not just their own interests, and the bond and companionship that is built are priceless. All you need to think about is which pet is best suited to your home dynamics, the house set up, and how your kids will interact and take on jobs with a new addition.

Some people believe that smaller is better when starting and which is why the Cairn terrier characteristics are increasingly popular amongst families with younger children. They are petite enough to not overwhelm the child but big enough that they can grow up together. Creating a list or chart to help guide them till they are familiar with routines and feeding schedules will make the tasks more efficient and effective. 

Let’s take a quick look at a few basics to see what are the fundamentals, naturally, you can edit and tweak the list according to your home setup and children’s ages. 

  • Responsibility. Teach them to check, refill, and refresh food and water bowls at routine times of the day. Then to clean up afterward as well any food that’s fallen out the bowl and any toilet visits on the grass.
  • Hygiene. Kids love splashing about and getting covered in bubbles when it comes to washing the dogs, be sure to give them the correct products to clean the fur and skin. Make sure they rinse them thoroughly from all soap and conditioners so no residue is left behind to build up.
  • Walk and play. These should both been done daily, if your child is old enough to hold the lease let them do so instilling basic discipline and training skills along the way, this way both child and dog know what to expect when it is time to go for walk. Once you reach the park you can take them off the lead and let them run wild, playing fetch, and rolling together down the hills. 

Dogs become part of the family quicker than you anticipate and before you know it you are overcome with love for the drooling face greeting you at the door when you arrive home from work.

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