Is the Allergy Prick Test Painful? Learn About This and More

Runny or stuffy nose during the rainy season, continuous sneezing due to temperature fluctuations, aggravated skin rashes from consuming peanuts, and others indicate allergic reactions. Singaporeans are vulnerable to allergies like people in other countries. The estimates suggest about one in three people suffer from allergic reactions. A credible study also shows that nearly 24% of people in Singapore face seasonal or year-round allergic rhinitis. Although allergies are incurable, one can prevent and manage symptoms by detecting the reason behind their resulting illness and following their allergist’s instructions. Correct diagnosis is a critical step in this procedure as it helps find the proper treatment for a patient.

When you visit a clinic, expect your doctor to prescribe a blood or skin prick test. In most cases, it is the second option that they recommend based on patients’ conditions. It is because of the test’s high success rate and quick turnaround time. It can detect as many as 40 or more species of allergens responsible for your allergy or infection. The word “prick” can catch your attention, worrying you if it will be painful. While the concern is valid, you can clear all your doubts by knowing the nitty-gritty of this test.

Do you feel pain during the skin prick testing procedure?

Allergists say it is a painless experience because of the specially-made microneedles. The small lancets just slightly puncture your skin to insert allergens. The doctors test a specific part of your skin for testing for using various allergens. There will not be any bleeding on the tested spot. However, you can experience a little discomfort. Some patients can encounter issues like itching and skin rashes. 

Why do you need to go for a skin prick test for allergies?

The experts explain that skin tests help trace environmental and food allergies in patients. They check your immunity’s response to triggers like mould, pollen, medication, chemical substances, seafood, and other elements. Since skin prick allows testing for several types of allergies in one go, your doctor may pick this for you. They will enquire about your health, lifestyle choices, family medical records, medications, and more to understand if this test suits you. 

Why do skin tests work?

The insertion of allergens activates your immunity, impacting the cells in the body tissues to produce chemical mediators like histamine so that the allergy symptoms reveal themselves. The doctors can use just a tiny amount of something like tree pollen extract to notice if your immune response becomes sensitized, leading to chemical production. The tested surface shows redness, swelling, and itchiness when they do. If all is fine, there will not be any reaction. Based on the findings of the test reports, your doctor can select a proper treatment to relieve your allergic reactions.

Some of the most common allergies in Singapore relate to dust mites, pollen, dander, tree nut or peanut, and shellfish. Without physical examination, the source of your compromised health will remain unknown. You can lose your productivity and mental peace. Hence, visiting an allergy clinic and getting tested on time is essential. Answer your doctor’s queries without hesitation to help them choose a better solution for your overall health improvement. 

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