Orgain vs Vega Essentials: Who Offers The Best Protein Powder

Protein is one of the most important elements of our diet. When you hear about protein powders, you probably think of people pursuing fitness and healthy lifestyles, with early morning gym sessions before work. While yes, in order to build muscle and excel in athletic fitness, you need protein supplements. Protein, in general, is a cornerstone of any health journey.

What’s more, is that protein is one of the harder substances to make sure you are getting enough of in your diet. Carbs, fats, and proteins are all essential elements of a balanced diet. However, protein-heavy meals can tend to be harder to prepare, or find on the go.

That’s why a protein powder supplement is great for anyone looking to boost their nutrition throughout the week. What’s more, is that protein powder can be added to so many things. Shakes, smoothies, even baking cookies, and brownies – finding creative, easy ways to incorporate protein powder into your week isn’t hard.

Plant Protein Powder Has Fewer Calories

Plant-based protein powder is lower in calories than normal protein, and it’s higher in fiber as well. By trading in traditional protein supplements with plant protein, you can help to keep your caloric intake lower, while supplying your body with the protein it needs. 

Plant Protein Helps The Heart

Protein helps the entire body in general, including the heart. Plant protein is actually thought to help reduce the risk of heart disease more than other forms of protein. 

Vega Essentials Vs. Orgain Plant-Based Protein

When it comes to choosing which plant-based protein is best, there are two contenders that have a lot to offer. Let’s do a comparison that looks at price, protein quality, calorie count, and ease of use and see which one might be best. 

Price Point

Both brands offer plant-based protein at a competitive price point, but let’s take a closer look at the differences. 

Vega Essentials Price

Vega Essentials isn’t priced too shabby, at 21.9 oz selling for $39.99 before tax. This is roughly 17-18 medium-sized servings. When it comes to protein supplements, this is fairly middle-of-the-road pricing. It’s not too low and it’s not too high, and for a product that packs what Vega Essentials does, it’s fairly competitive. 

Orgain Price

Orgain Protein sells 32.4 oz of its high quality, organic plant-based protein powder for a flat price of $33.99, and for subscribers who buy into the brand, there’s a 25% discount bringing the total down to $25.49 before tax. 

Considering the high quality of the organic plant-based protein, this is a rare price point for the amount and quality. What’s more, is that Orgain offers brand loyalty rewards for people who want to get serious about their protein intake. A 25% discount for subscribers represents some pretty substantial savings. 

Protein Quality 

Now let’s look at how much bang you get for your buck between the two brands. 

Vega Essential Quality

Vega Essentials brings a great option to the table when it comes to plant-based proteins. Using a pea-based protein source, it has 20 grams of protein per serving. It also has an impressive amount of vitamins and minerals, claiming to have 25% of the 11 essential vitamins and minerals.

Orgain Protein Quality

Orgain plant-based protein is not too different from Vega’s option, however, it does have some key benefits that the other is lacking. This protein powder has 6.4 mg of iron. This is a strong, robust source of iron which is an essential part of the dietary supplement.

Calorie Count 

One of the strongest benefits of plant-based protein is the fact that you get high-quality, muscle-building protein for less toll on your body. Let’s compare calorie counts to see what each brand brings to the table. 

Vega Essentials Caloric Count

At 140 calories per serving, this is a great source of protein and vitamins, however, it is on the lower end of protein consumption with only 20 grams of protein per 140 calories. Vega Essentials also doesn’t have a robust iron source. For anyone who is looking for a higher protein intake at a lower caloric value, this may not be the best option on the market, even though it is a strong contender and in no way a bad option.

Orgain Protein Caloric Count

Of the two of them, Orgain has more protein present at less of a caloric value. Each serving of Orgain’s plant-based protein will come with 21 grams of pea-based protein at only 150 calories. 

Where do those extra calories come from? 

Orgain uses all organic ingredients so you can feel good about what is going into your body. Organic, pea protein, cocoa, brown rice, and chia seeds make for their signature plant-based protein blend. While it has slightly more calories per serving, the amount of protein delivered is more than double that of Vega. 


Everyone’s health journey is unique and personal to them. Finding out which protein plant-based protein powder will come down to some trial and error. If you want the most organic and safe protein for the calorie count, check out Orgain’s plant-based protein powder and see if it’s right for you. 

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