Getting into Nursing Faster: Why an ABSN Could Be for You

Whether you are already working in the healthcare industry with the ultimate goal of becoming a registered nurse, or you have decided that you want to change to nursing from a completely different career, getting qualified can be a lengthy experience. However, for those who want to get into nursing faster, the option of taking an accelerated nursing degree program is becoming more and more popular. Aspiring nurses who are dedicated, committed, and willing to put in the additional work needed to qualify faster might be good candidates for this fast-paced and intensive degree program designed to help you get into the nursing profession and get started at work as quickly as possible. 

The accelerated BSN program is designed to qualify you as a nurse in around half the time you would expect to spend studying for a traditional BSN, with plenty of benefits to choosing this option if you have decided that nursing is the right career choice for you. 

Open to Anybody

The online ABSN programs are ideal choices for healthcare professionals who want to step up into nursing or change their career from a different area of the industry; however, you don’t have to have any healthcare work experience in order to take this accelerated program. The main requirement for applicants to an ABSN program is that you hold a bachelor’s degree in any other subject – regardless of your professional background. As long as you already have a bachelor’s degree, you can typically get onto an ABSN program to change your career to nursing as quickly as possible, whether you’ve been working as an accountant, in marketing, management or anything else. 

Quicker Qualification

One of the most distinct benefits of getting an ABSN degree is that it allows you to qualify as a nurse much faster compared to taking the traditional route, giving you the chance to get into the workforce and start earning money earlier. If you want to change your career to nursing but would like to avoid spending the next four years studying if possible, this degree program could be the ideal way for you to put your time to the best use over the next two years to make sure that your career change is completed as quickly as possible. Online programs are also available which can be the ideal choice for anybody who wants to change their career to nursing but will need to continue working in their current career while studying. With an online ABSN, you can study from home with flexible programs that you can fit around your commitments and lifestyle, making it easier for you to make your career change happen. 

Study on Your Terms

Online degree programs are becoming increasingly popular and they are especially good for nurses and healthcare professionals who might struggle to take the traditional study routes at a college campus if they need to continue working full-time. If you are already working in the healthcare industry and need to deal with long and often unsociable shifts, an online ABSN program allows you to decide when you would like to study on your own terms and set out a schedule for yourself that works best for you personally. Similarly, those who are working 9-5 office jobs looking to change their career to nursing might struggle to attend daytime classes and lectures at a college campus. Because of this, an online ABSN program is often an excellent choice since you can easily study at the evenings and on the weekends if this is more suitable for you. 

Save Money

Another reason why more and more aspiring nursing students are turning to the ABSN degree option is that it’s a great opportunity to save money on becoming a registered nurse. With tuition fees at an all-time high and the majority of the young population now in some level of student debt, it is no surprise that more and more students are looking for new ways to save money while still getting the qualifications that they are aiming for. Getting an ABSN degree to become a nurse means that you are likely to save around half of what you could expect to pay for a traditional nursing program since you will only be studying for half the time in comparison to a regular BSN degree program. And given that tuition fees can be thousands of dollars per year or even per semester, it’s a great way to save money and minimize the amount of student debt that you will need to repay, especially if you are already repaying a student loan from a previous bachelor’s degree. 

Choose from Several Study Methods

ABSN programs have a lot in common – they are fast-paced, intense, and require a lot of dedication. But the programs that are available are also quite diverse, especially when it comes to the study method that you would like to choose. While online ABSN programs are by far the most popular option for career changers and healthcare professionals who are looking to progress into nursing, there are also options available for studying in the evening at community colleges, traditional college programs, and blended traditional and online programs to choose from, with something for everybody depending on the way that you learn best and how you would prefer to be taught. Online programs offer structured programs with a set schedule to stick to, or fully flexible programs where you are in charge of how and when you’d like to study as long as you stay within the guidelines. 

Learn Key Nursing Skills

An ABSN degree program is designed to build on your current knowledge and skills to learn the important skills that you will need for working as a nurse. Along with getting the key nursing skills that are required for you to succeed in this choice of career, your ABSN nursing degree will also help you develop a wide range of much-needed transferable skills like time management, self-motivation, prioritizing tasks, organization and efficiency skills, working well under pressure and more. Whether you decide to study in a traditional classroom setting or online, one of the main things that you will need to learn is how to communicate effectively with others, helping you develop skills that will become absolutely crucial to your future career in nursing. 

Earn Respect in Your Field

No nursing program offers the easy option; however, employers might often value candidates who have qualified with an accelerated nursing program, since they know that this program in particular requires a high standard of commitment and dedication. Cramming everything that you need to know about becoming a nurse into just two years of study and finishing the program with a qualification that demonstrates you are good at what you do is certainly no easy task, and can definitely help you earn respect in your chosen field right from the start. 

Find Work Anywhere

No matter which pathway you choose for getting into nursing, a program such as an ABSN can help you find work wherever you go. Around the country, the nursing shortage is leading to a massive range of job openings for trained nurses in every state with some areas experiencing higher demand than others. The fact is that once you are qualified as a nurse, you will not need to worry about finding work if you want to relocate to another state, or even to another country, with many countries around the world welcoming nurses from overseas to join their healthcare industry. 

Further Your Career

The ABSN program will provide you with the Bachelor of Science in Nursing qualification, which is often a prerequisite for the majority of advanced nursing career options. If you have an advanced career in mind and want to get started working towards this goal as quickly as possible, an ABSN could be the fastest way to get you on that path. Degree programs such as the MSN or master’s degree in nursing, and Nurse Practitioner degree programs will usually require that candidates have at least a BSN qualification and some experience. 

Make a Difference

Last but not least, the ABSN degree program is the fastest way to enter a career where you can start making a serious difference to the lives of others. As a nurse, you will often be there for people who might be experiencing some of the worst and most frightening times of their lives, and you will be instrumental in their recovery and in supporting the families of patients who are also going through a tough time. Nurses are some of the most, if not the most important professionals in the healthcare system today and without them, there would not be the standards of healthcare that we have come to get used to. Many people will credit the nurses that cared for them as the reason why they were able to come out the other end of a bad health situation or accident, and knowing that you’ve been a key part in improving the lives of others is definitely one of the most rewarding parts of this career. 

An ABSN degree is a faster option to get into nursing, and could be the ideal choice for you if you want to enjoy the benefits of this high-demand career as quickly as possible. 

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