The name nootropics refer to a variety of elements having one similarity that is it increases the mental capacity of the brain for various activities. It enhances brain capacity and helps to operate various mental activities. The components of nootropics provide many benefits to the brain, including memory recalling improvement, management of mood in a better way. It increases the working ability of your mind.

Smart drugs and brain enhancers are a few forms of nootropics available in the market. Nootropics are available in both forms organic (like herbs and amino acids) and can also be available in synthetic ways which prepare in a laboratory. Their availability of manufacturing substances ranges from highly available materials(extracts of herbs and supplements) to illegal ingredients.

Nootropics have grown a lot of popularity in recent times they use by athletes and also by programmers and software developers in this growing, technical world. Common people are even using it. Many questions arise about nootropics sources, and some of the popular ones among them answer below:

Can caffeine come under the category of nootropics?

We have been utilizing nootropics a very long time without even knowing it. A cup of coffee or tea is a form of nootropic. Hence we have been using this product for years.

Caffeine, the most popular ingredient present in coffee as well as tea, and this natural ingredient utilized by a lot of people to increase their alertness towards the job. Caffeine, therefore, is considered as the most popular nootropic form.

This drug not only has the property to increase alertness and energy of a person towards a job, but it has various other extraordinary features which enable it to enhance the brain functioning in different ways.

What are the various benefits of using nootropics?

Nootropics provide a lot of benefit to the people. Few benefits have been extensively researched and put in the scientific paperwork while few haven’t. Given below are six aspects that have proven to increase the functioning of the brain with the increased use of nootropics

These are as follows :

  1. Memory: The regulation of brain can be made by using nootropics. The most popular enhancements done by nootropics is its capabilities. It can help increase recalling and working memories in many ways.
  2. Mood: Some nootropics even work to get you your much-needed peace of mind and may also affect the way you tackle your stress. I-theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid that helps to lighten the feelings of anxiety and nervousness, giving you a sense of relaxation.
  3. Motivation: Students, working professional, or an athlete, all of us suffer from everyday struggles where we need motivaton. For this kind of situation, 5-HTP, a kind of nootropic helps in the achievement of your motivation by regulation of serotonin (a brain chemical) helping you to stay fully focused on your job.
  4. Creativity: The technological world has left no stone unturned to popularize nootropics. The creative fellows of Silicon valley have done a lot of research on nootropics to create an enhancement in one’s imagination(some legal wholesome are not). There are some ways to increase creativity like By micro-dosing LSD, which is an extreme way. Other subtle and legal ways to get your creativity is by making use of HPA Huperzine A(a naturally occurring substance present in Huperzia Serrata plant. Many artists have been found to use HPA to get an enhancement in their creativity.
  5. Attention: Nootropics is popular in younger generation students. The college students consume this occasionally to enhance their ability to concentrate on a particular task for a long time. Some of these are found to be very beneficial while some others come with dangerous side effects. Some supplements and extracts like choline and Rhodiola rose are proven to be very helpful(these don’t even require a prescription) without causing any side effects after its consumption.
  6. Learning: While some Nootropics help to increase the mental capabilities of your brain, others may help you to learn and understand quickly. Some nootropics like I-tyrosine help in processing and storing information inside your brain, which eventually speeds up the learning process both while attending the lecture as well as after that.

What is the working mechanism of nootropics?

By now, we know that there are a large number of nootropics drugs such as modalert pill, and each of them has their way to interact with the brain. Thus, we can say that there is no particular answer to this question. 

But we can categorize them into different groups depending on the change they produce in our brain. Some may produce a certain enzyme in the brain while others may cause increased blood circulation, some may cause neither of the above two situations while some may cause both.

By generalizing all this, we can say that it helps to improve mental abilities in the below-mentioned ways:

  • They help in protecting your brain.
  • They help in regulating brain chemicals.
  • They help in supporting mental energy.
  • It helps in the blood flow and oxygenation inside the brain.
  • It helps in the regulation of brain wave.

What are the various forms of nootropics?

Nootropics can see in different forms. Thus it becomes very complicated to categorize them. The most common way to organize them is by breaking them down into three basic categories, namely :

  • Natural nootropics.
  • Synthetic nootropics.
  • Hybrid nootropics.

Natural: These nootropics are completely organic in their origin. These originate from herbs. Few examples of natural nootropics are Rhodiola Rosea, bacopa monnieri, and ginseng. Natural nootropics have their use and have all the benefits.

Synthetic: Some of the Nootropics are not found naturally but need to prepare in the laboratory. A lot of research should be done on this before we consume it as it may cause some severe side effects. Few synthetic nootropics that have been studied keenly and are safer for consumption are Ritalin, Piracetam, and Adderall.

Hybrid: The nootropics that are naturally present but artificially prepare in the laboratory like creatine and choline.

 The main intention of this medicine is to increase the capacity of the brain. It may even lead to some unintentional side effects for those whose brains are still developing. Hence, it needs to be avoided by those who are still in their mid-twenties to avoid any serious damage.


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