5 Common Erectile Dysfunction Myths: Busted

The misinformation regarding erectile dysfunction is common, which is why knowing fact from fiction is highly important. 

  1. Erectile Dysfunction only affects older men.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is often associated with just affecting older men. While the condition does increase in prevalence in accordance with age, it does not exclusively affect older men. Erectile dysfunction can also affect younger men. Lifestyle factors can contribute to ED such as smoking, drinking alcohol, poor diet and high blood pressure. As we age and our overall health may decline in certain area’s so does the likelihood of possibly experiencing ED.  

  1. Getting ED is all in your head 

It’s often thought that the underlying cause of ED is purely psychological. This is simply untrue. In most cases, ED is a consequence of physiological risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and side effects of other medications. 

While ED is not solely caused by psychological problems, they can be responsible in some cases. Stress, anxiety and depression can also cause erectile dysfunction so it’s important not to discount these as possible causes. 

  1. I’ll need to see a specialist doctor to treat ED 

First, ED is a common condition experienced by men of all ages, so seeking advice and treatment should not be something to feel embarrassed about. However, this is easily said and you may be looking for discretion. Therefore, seeing a doctor or GP about erection problems may not be easy. It’s important to know that you can still order treatment for erectile dysfunction without seeing a GP or doctor in person. 

You can order erection treatment such as Viagra online. It’s important to order treatment from a trusted brand; Pharmica is the most trusted online pharmacy in the UK – they have more than 500,000 registered customers. 

  1. Natural remedies will cure ED

This is a big one. Natural remedies should not be relied on to effectively treat erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, ED cannot be cured – only treated. The internet is packed with numerous natural remedies that claim to be the magic solution to ED, so it’s important to know that only clinically proven medication is regarded as the first-line therapy or treatment option. This means that erection medication is the most highly recommended treatment by clinical experts when it comes to treating ED. Furthermore, natural remedies often bring unwanted and in some instances, serious side effects.

  1. If ED medication doesn’t work the first time, it never will

The efficacy of ED medication is very high. It works for the majority of men that take it. However, because everyone is different, it on occasion it can work differently as expected. It’s important not to lose confidence in its ability to treat ED. First, you should remember if there is anything you did before or during taking the medication that could have reduced its effectiveness. Drinking alcohol can dampen sexual arousal and shouldn’t be taken when using ED treatment or medication in general. Furthermore, Viagra (Sildenafil) requires the user to be sexually aroused for it to work properly. You can also try different erection medications to see which one works for you best. There are many different treatments containing different ingredients that each work in the same way, but the dosage and the frequency of taking the treatment can vary to suit certain people better. 

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