Statement Sneakers For Busy Summer Days

Statement sneakers can make you look and feel cool all summer long. Sneakers with a stylish design complete any outfit and make it possible to switch from hanging out to heading out without changing shoes. Select a comfortable and supportive pair of Asics sneakers or New Balance sneakers for everyday wear or a unique designer collaboration from Puma. The right style of sneakers can complement a wide variety of summer outfits.

Colorblock Designs

Some of the most attention-getting sneakers come in bright colors. Colorblock shoes may feature a combination of two or more complementary or contrasting shades or be mono-colored. Either approach can provide an accent to clothing and accessories. You may prefer to balance out a busy outfit with simple single or two-color sneakers or kick simple neutral or single-color clothing up a notch with eye-catching footwear.

One of the best ways to get inspired by the wide variety of sneaker colorways that are currently available is to browse or search for Puma shoes online. This brand always selects trendsetting shades and color combinations for footwear, particularly its iconic statement sneakers. Some of the trendiest shades for summer 2020 include bold red, bright orange and practically any shade of purple or green. Gold and other metallic colors and elements are also popular for sneakers and other shoe styles.

Platform Soles

Whether you want to add a few inches of height or subtle style, sneakers that have platform soles do both. This footwear is more comfortable to walk in than most heels, wedges and most other types of footwear with raised or elevated soles.  Platform sneakers have all of the comfort features of sneakers with the unique element of higher soles.

Platform sneakers are always stylish, but not every pair are statement sneakers. It doesn’t take bright colors or wild patterns for a pair of shoes to be remarkable. A plain white pair of platform sneakers with white uppers and white soles can be one of the most eye-catching pairs of shoes to wear on a busy summer day. Like colorblock sneakers, platforms are a style suitable for women, men and kids.

Cool Cutouts

Sneakers may feature a range of cut-out elements, from perforated leather uppers to shaped outsoles. In many cases, statement sneakers with cutouts actually increase airflow and help moisture to evaporate. Depending on the style, cutouts may be sections that are cut away or punched out of the upper of shoes or stylistic features on the soles.

Cutouts that are intended to provide ventilation often factor into fashionable designs, such as cut-away sections that accentuate particular parts of the feet. Peep-toe styles can show off a matching pedicure, while other styles may feature open tops, sides, detailing around the back or heels or unique outsole shapes.

The most comfortable summer sneakers tend to be made of breathable materials. Look for mesh uppers and features such as moisture-wicking insoles for all-day wear. Canvas sneakers are generally cooler in hot weather than leather, unless the hide is perforated. Pair statement sneakers with shorts, sundresses or any other warm-weather style.

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