If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and want to know more about it, then you have landed on the right place. Here’s some useful information that will guide you through this disorder.

  1. You may not have a disorder

Erectile dysfunction is the persistent inability or incapability to develop and sustain penile erections sufficient for proper sexual intercourse. It means erectile dysfunction is not just about attaining an erection but it also about maintaining it up. It implies that falling flat occasionally is not the main concern. It is quite normal for a man to not get it hard once in a while, it becomes an issue where the problem persists for a long time. So, in order to be sure whether you have erectile dysfunction, you must have a consistent slump. The intensity of the slump will decide the level of the disorder.

  1. How do you measure the severity?
  • Mild ED

If you are able to get an erection 7-8 times in every ten shots.

  • Moderate ED

If you are able to get an erection 6 times in every ten shots.

  • Severe ED

If you are able to get an erection 0-3 times in every ten shots.


  1. You’re not the only sufferer

Many men are very shy and do not prefer to share the details of their condition. And this becomes one of the main hindrances in the treatment process. Erectile dysfunction is very common; almost 50% of men over the age of forty or young have had an encounter with ED or are presently suffering from it. So, if you are suffering in silence then stop putting yourself in such misery and contact your doctor.


  1. It develops as you age

It is a well-established fact that erectile dysfunction is likely to develop with age. The American Urological Association claims that four in ten men at the age of 40, six in ten men at the age of 65, and eight in ten men at the age of 75 suffer from erectile dysfunction. So, the statistics are quite clear, with passing age erectile dysfunction becomes more common. However, erectile dysfunction is not a direct consequence of aging. The main reason for developing ED with age is that older men are more likely to develop other medical conditions like heart diseases, high blood pressure, etc., which cause ED.


  1. Is your behavior to blame?

One in five cases of erectile dysfunction, a better and healthy lifestyle can improve the disorder. Proper exercise, healthy diet, monitoring cholesterol, blood pressure, controlling diabetes, packing away cigarettes are some steps that can help you reverse the disorder. Some of the tips that will help you to reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction are:

  • Slash stress

If you want to get rid of erectile dysfunction then you have to lower down your stress levels. You can have a session with a therapist or seek help from your partner.

  • Stop smoking

Smoking decreases the flow of the blood in your body, quitting smoking can be a great help.

  • Don’t overindulge

Alcohol and other recreational drugs are one of the biggest reasons for erectile dysfunction.     Avoid consuming them as they reduce the sex drive as well.

  • Lose the spare tire

Obesity and erectile dysfunction are closely related. It gives birth to various diseases and disorders such as heart problems, high blood pressure. So, a man with extra kilos is more likely to develop erectile dysfunction than a lean man.

  • Manage your meds

There are various medicines that cause erectile dysfunction or interact with ED medications. So, it is important to consult your doctor before starting or changing ED meds.

  1. Relax!

If you have been suffering in silence for a long time now, then it’s time that you take a chill pill. Erectile dysfunction is treatable. Even severe cases have seen improvements with the right medication, lifestyle, and mindset. There are various drugs like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra that can be of great help. These drugs improve the blood flow in the body, which be helpful in achieving better and firmer erections.

  1. Some other treatments

For some patients, erectile dysfunction medications are used for results. Many people without consulting with a doctor and get medicine but is not good for health. Purchase always prefer trusted pharmacist or trusted safe generic pharmacy. Many resources from USA advice Generic Villa for Sildenafil and Tadalafil.
ED is major problem in USA, UK, France, Japan, Australia, and many a major countries. Various brand and strength are available for cures ED. Cenforce 100 is widely Prescribe strength.
For such cases, there are various other methods that can be quite helpful in gaining back the vigor. Various treatments like vacuum devices and rings can help in drawing blood in the penis and helping it to expand. Surgical processes can help in implanting device in the penis, which will help it to become erect, improve the blood flow, and remove any blockage that prevents the proper flow of blood into the penile area. These procedures are not much costly and can give a 90%-95% result.

  1. Get to the root of it

If you think that erectile dysfunction is a problem limited to your bedroom, then you are wrong. It is related to the overall well-being of a man. Erectile dysfunction is actually an indication of some other disease. It may indicate the risk of various diseases such as cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, hypertension, and prostate cancer.

It is important to ask your doctor to check for these health conditions before the times lips. Moreover, fixing these issues will automatically treat erectile dysfunction.

Are you at risk of ED?

All the elements and structures that hinder the proper process of erection can lead to erectile dysfunction. It may include your nerves, chemicals, hormones, or blood vessels.

Answer these questions and assess your level of risk.

Are you suffering from hypertension, heart disease or cholesterol? Are you a smoker?

Such disorders are more likely to congest the veins and arteries that will decrease the flow of blood. This is the major reason for ED in 40% of cases. A smoker is 50% more likely to develop ED compared to a non-smoker.

Do you suffer from diabetes or some other endocrine disorder?

Testosterone deficiency and diabetes play 36% part in causing ED.

Have you experienced nerve damage?

Damaged nerves contribute 24% in causing ED.

Do you suffer from anxiety or stress?

Stress, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, relationship traumas are the primary reasons for ED for most men.

Do you consume antidepressants, sleeping pills, or medications for hypertension?

Such drugs can be a potent reason for ED.