5 Great Gifts for Athletic Women

Searching for the best gifts for athletic women? Finding just the right thing for the active ladies in your life can be tricky. This list of our recommended top fitness gifts for her will help you find just what you’re looking for:

Check out our favorite gifts for women who are highly active or want to become more active.

  1. Pedestal High Performance Grip Socks

You might not realize just how much a good pair of Compression Bracing Socks or anti slip sport socks is coveted in the workout world, if you’re looking for one to prevent serious medical conditions checkout lifebalance.ae. Socks are one of the most necessary parts of our workout equipment—but also tend to be one of the most neglected. Once you get an incredible pair of grip socks, it’s hard to go back.

Pedestal Footwear’s line of barefoot training socks will take your workout to the next level, unlocking your body’s true potential – whether you’re doing deadlifts or just casually working out. They’re also perfect for use as yoga or Pilates socks, Pedestals are breathable yet highly durable and the hex grip pattern on the bottom will keep your feet locked in place. They’re also moisture wicking and come with an antimicrobial lining. 

  1. WiFi Wireless Headphones or Ear Buds

If you are looking to spend a little more, exercise-friendly earbuds or headphones are extremely popular. She can workout while listening to her favorite music or audiobook right off of her phone. With wireless WiFi headphones, she won’t have to keep the player on her, just nearby. Beats by Dre are a popular brand of earbuds or over-the-ear headphones with great sound and comfortable for a workout. Bose is another popular brand of top earbuds with a tight fit that makes them ideal for workouts.

  1. Workout Tubes

This year it’s been pretty challenging to find heavy dumbbells. Most workout equipment is pretty hard to find and weights are expensive to ship. Getting a resistance tube can give her a lot of weighted options for her home workouts. There are over-the-door systems or ropes that are just by themselves with handles. These products are often not sold out, and they are easy to ship if you need to send your gift or order something online. You should be able to find resistance tubes on Amazon or Walmart. You won’t be paying freight prices to get a 50lb resistance band because the rope itself barely weighs anything!

  1. Muscle Roller

Every athlete can benefit from a roller. A good foam roller is going to offer options for self-massage, stretching, spinal adjustments and bodyweight workouts. You can go for a large foam roller that works well for the core or pick a smaller rollerball, foot roller or handheld foam roller. These can be used to work out sore muscles, helping with recovery time after her intense workouts.

  1. Personal-Size Blender

Every workout guru takes pride in making up their own delicious and healthy smoothies. With a personal-cup-sized-blender, the fitness lover in your life will be able to mix her protein powder with her favorite fruits and greens. Personal blenders make it easy to just blend up a nutritional cup and go.

With these top fitness gifts for her, you will be sure to find just the right fit. These workout gift ideas will help her enjoy the things that make her strong and keep her feeling great year-round.

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