6 Thoughtful Gifts for An Athletic Man

Finding suitable gifts for the highly active men in your life can get overwhelming with all the options you’ve got. Just walking into a sports store can make you dizzy, especially if you are not a workout enthusiast yourself. 

Our list of the best fitness gifts for men will hopefully help you come up with a great idea that your gym rat buddy will definitely appreciate. 

  1. Battle Ropes

There is a lot of equipment gear available on the market, but battle ropes are special for being highly versatile. There are countless exercises one can do with a pair of battle ropes, so your friend will definitely love to have their own ropes for their home gym.

The best thing about battle ropes is that they’re easy to bring anywhere, as they’re not nearly as bulky or heavy as other workout equipment. It’s also not a very typical gift, so there are very few chances that you’d end up with the same gift as someone else.

  1. Tie Headbands

Now, if you’re worried about getting your athletic male friend something that they already have, then get them something slightly generic, in which case it would totally be okay if you get them another one. 

Say, for example, your athletic male friend already has a couple of tie headbands. It would be okay for you to get them another one, because anyone could always use a new headband, either to replace an old one or to use alternatively with the ones they already have. As long as you pick out a nice-looking tie headband that is also of great quality, it will always be a great gift idea.

  1. Smartwatch

If you know for certain that your athletic friend doesn’t yet own a smartwatch, then this is a great gift, especially if your buddy topped your ‘Nice’ list for the year. It is a pretty pricey gift, so make sure they deserve it first. Kidding aside, a smartwatch is a great gift because your friend will be able to use it not just when they are working out in the gym, but on a daily basis, too.

A smartwatch will help your athletic friend keep track of his fitness goals, including, at the very least, the number of steps they can take in a day.

  1. Fitness Class Vouchers

Challenging your highly-active friend to try out a new workout is a challenge they would gladly take, so you can give them vouchers to a fitness class they have not taken yet. A novel idea would be to sign them up for dance classes if you know them to be non-dancers, or to give them vouchers for pilates if you know them to be a strict weights-only gym-goer. 

The idea is to give them something new to try in the new year, or as they celebrate a new year in their life (if you’re giving them a gift for their birthday).

  1. Muscle Roller

A muscle roller decreases tension in the tissues, therefore speeding up the recovery time one needs after an intense workout. Apart from those mentioned, there are other benefits to using muscle rollers that are not inherently tied with working out.

In fact, using a muscle roller is considered a more affordable, yet just as effective alternative to a good soft tissue massage. You have an option to get a large roller that works on the core, or a smaller one that can be used for the hands or feet.

  1. Waterproof Earphones

An athletic man is also a man who appreciates good workout music. The thing is — not all earphones or headsets can keep up with the highly active lifestyle of your athletic friend. They need something a bit more heavy-duty, and waterproof, if possible. This way, they can continue living their highly active life without any fear of breaking their earphones. 

There is definitely something on this list for every athletic male friend you’ve got, so just pick one and rest assured that your friend will be remembering you fondly every time they work out.

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