All that you wanted to know about dental restorations

Good oral health means a full and fully functional set of teeth. While missing a tooth might sometimes seem quite acceptable, it can have some damaging effects, in the long run, affecting the neighboring teeth and weakening them. Therefore, if you have any missing teeth or some fractured or decayed teeth, lose no time but visit a Dublin Dental Care clinic to undergo some teeth restoration procedure that should maintain good oral health.  You can even undergo dental restorations for cosmetic improvement of some teeth, which are in bad shape, so that you can regain the beautiful smile that you have been longing for. 

Dental restoration procedures help in the aesthetic and functional improvement of your teeth, which aids overall good health. Several procedures are available as part of restorative dentistry that gives new life to damaged teeth and ensures proper oral health and dental clinic Toronto

What are dental restorations?

Filling the gap of any missing tooth or repairing any damaged or chipped tooth to give it a new lease of life is part of dental restorations that all dentists are ready to undertake.  Whether you have some missing teeth that create problems during chewing or have some weak tooth that can spread infection, you must immediately go for a dental restoration that can make your mouth fully functional. Restorative dentistry addresses any oral health problems that you might be having. General dentists can perform the procedures because restorative dentistry is not a declared specialty by the American Dental Association. It does not require and additional certification or education to undertake the procedures.

Prosthodontic Dentistry

Prosthodontic dentistry is another name of restorative dentistry, and the aim is to preserve your natural teeth until it becomes almost impossible to maintain them. In this respect, dentists are teeth saviors and would seldom recommend tooth removal, which can only be detrimental to your oral health. Instead, replacing missing teeth with some denture or dental implant or bridge is the goal of dentists who want to see a mouthful of teeth that maintain full functionality, which is essential for maintaining good overall health.  Missing teeth impairs the looks and makes chewing difficult, leading to digestive problems and affecting your health.

 Missing teeth replacement is essential

To preserve your natural teeth, the dentist would recommend some restorative dental procedures.  Filling the empty spaces in the mouth is essential for better digestion through the proper chewing of food items. Gaps in the gum due to missing teeth pose a danger for the remaining teeth because the odd-shaped gaps are ideal for inviting plaque causing bacteria build-up. The gaps also put your natural teeth under stress as it reduces the available surface area needed for chewing. 

You can choose between direct and indirect dental restoration. Filling a cavity in a tooth is an example of direct restoration. In contrast, indirect teeth restoration involves using customized tooth replacements in the form of onlays, crowns, or inlays. Consult your dentist to find what is suitable for you. 

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