Best Online Fitness Trainer to train with

We all know the merits of online fitness training but finding a good online fitness trainer is many times a difficult task. Internet is full of websites and people often get confused how to choose the right one for getting training. Therefore this time we thought to pick one best online fitness trainer and share salient features of his or her services with you. It will help you in understanding what you should actually look in a trainer before selecting from available options. There are couple of good trainers but we choose a particular one as he is more focused in building complete fitness and not just only outer physique. `

So let’s talk about Manish Yadav of MFG (My Fitness Goal) who is among the best online fitness coaches in India.

About MFG

MFG (My Fitness Goal) is founded by ACE Pro Manish Yadav and it provides online fitness coaching to people worldwide. It was established with a vision of providing science based fitness training to people at affordable prices. It soon became the most trusted and popular name in India. Today it has a strong client base worldwide due to the promising results it delivers. It has helped more than thousands of people in achieving their fitness goals through research based fitness plans.

The Trainer

Manish Yadav himself supervises training of all the clients. He is certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist from American Council on Exercise. He is also one of the best online personal trainers in India. His expertise lies in transforming bodies naturally through progressive workout routines and high performance nutrition plans. He is a fitness icon and has a rich experience in strength and endurance training.

Workout Plans

Workout plans he generates are based on integrated fitness training model of functional and resistance training. Before designing the plan he first makes a thorough assessment of your current fitness level and then designs the customised workout routine accordingly. Workout plans are progressive in nature and keeps your body under optimum challenge constantly. He follows a systematic procedure to progress your current fitness level to next level. Workout plan trains you for the all the components of physical fitness for building complete fitness.

Diet Plans

Manish Yadav doesn’t believe in fancy diets which are extra burden on you. As per him most important thing about a well designed diet plan is that you can follow it consistently. Therefore he puts emphasis more on building a balanced diet as much as possible around your eating habits only. He says that both vegetarian and non vegetarian diets have multiple high nutrient rich food items to create a well balanced diet. It’s just the matter that you should know what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat according to your goal.

Training Methodology

He not only generates the customized plan but also makes sure that you execute it correctly. For it he takes your exercise videos as well and analyse the movements. He will let you see your exercise form on screen and guides you how to do it in most effective way. So you are being able to hit the muscle rightly and activate them enough to induce the growth. This is very critical for achieving both muscle gain and fat loss goals.

Coaching Style

He understands different personality types very well and adapts his coaching style accordingly. This is the most important part of the job of a coach as he or she needs their client to follow the plan consistently for getting favourable results. His first focus is that you build the right eating habits and participate in exercises regularly. Then he monitors your progress very closely and discusses all the challenges which you face. He goes in to details and gives you solution for every single problem so that you can follow the plan comfortably. 

Supplements Use

He strongly believes that you should avoid taking supplements as much as you can. You should first try to get all the nutrients from your meals only. There are number of supplements available in the market but majority of them are either not necessary or doesn’t produce the results which they claim. He completely relies on intense workout and balanced meal plans to bring desired changes in the body. So you get the fitness through natural methods only which sustainable for longer time


Guidance of a good trainer is very beneficial when you strive to achieve your fitness goals. He or she shows you the right direct direction where you need to put your efforts. Following a workout or diet plan of another person never gives you the results. People differ in terms of their fitness level, body types, habits, circumstances etc therefore they need a plan which is specifically made for them. Therefore choosing a great online fitness trainer like Manish Yadav is very important who can generate a customised plan for you. And most importantly help you in executing it so that you achieve your fitness goal comfortably and timely.   

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