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Reasons You Should Embark On a Fitness Journey

Fitness involves being healthy and physically fit. Being fit is personal, and each individual has their definition of how they consider healthy. Numerous fitness gyms can help you kick start your fitness journey. Alternatively, you may opt to work out from home. There are many benefits involved

How to wear sneakers with a suit?

Remember when wearing sneakers was only acceptable while you were playing sports, hitting the gym, or going for a walk in town? The comfortable shoes were mainly associated with athletes and students. Until recently the idea of combining sneakers with a suit would have been outrageous.  However,

5 Tips For Improving Employee Wellbeing

With a return to the office likely on the horizon, many employers are not properly prepared to take employees back into the regular working week. While vaccination rates are ever increasing it doesn’t mean that company’s do not need to continue to offer office workers secure environments.

What Do You Need to Become an Online Fitness Trainer?

Fitness training wasn’t online until recently. During the start of the coronavirus pandemic, most businesses came to standstill. This is especially the case for the brick-and-mortar forms of businesses, including fitness training. People had to practice social distance and avoid crowded places. And this led to the

What Classifies a Weight as an Olympic Weight?

When shopping around for weights, you might notice that some are labelled as ‘Olympic’ weights and bumper plates. But what does this mean? What’s the difference between regular weights and Olympic weights? More importantly, should you buy Olympic weights?  Important Differences Firstly, when sitting side by side,

Top 7 Strongest and Toughest NHL Players of All Time

Ice hockey enforcers are there to deter and respond to dirty or violent play by the opposition, often responding aggressively by fighting or checking the offender. And for that demanding, albeit unofficial role, the player has to be more than physically fit. He has to be both

4 Amazing Destinations for Golf Lovers

Golf is a year-round sport enjoyed by thousands of people every day. Many do it for the love of the game, while others bask in the relaxing and beautiful scenery just for fun. With National Golf Lover’s Day occurring on the 4th of October, why not take

6 Things to Do on Your Training Rest Days

Source: PAstudio/ If you enjoy leading an active lifestyle and spend multiple days per week training and working out, then you’ll know the importance of rest days. These are the days where you take a break from your usual training schedule and give your body a chance

Aging and Beta-Alanine Supplementation

While thinking about supplements, physical fitness, and improved athletic performance, beta-alanine can hardly skip your mind. Nonetheless, what you might not think is how older adults can utilize the supplement. It is a no-brainer that aging and reduced exercise ability goes hand in hand. This can be