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Some significant health benefits of natural sweeteners

Some significant health benefits of natural sweeteners  As the name suggests, you may obtain natural sweeteners from natural sources like fruits, plants, berries, and honey. Since time memorial, they have become a part of the human diet. During the first half of the 20th century, refined sugar,

All that you wanted to know about dental restorations

Good oral health means a full and fully functional set of teeth. While missing a tooth might sometimes seem quite acceptable, it can have some damaging effects, in the long run, affecting the neighboring teeth and weakening them. Therefore, if you have any missing teeth or some

Can You Use A Back Massager During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a joyful time, full of hope and excitement. But, the nine months leading up to birth can also be uncomfortable and even painful. As your body changes to accommodate your growing baby, you may experience neck, shoulder and back pain. In addition, you may

What Does Life Look Like After A Stroke?

A stroke is a major medical event that can cause major damage or death. Even when a stroke is relatively mild, recovery can be difficult. When a stroke is severe, the victim and family members may be in for a long and arduous road to healing —

Colloid Cysts – Things that you need to know

The removal of a skull and brain-based tumors at the skull base needs a medical professional with specialized skills that offer optimal treatment. The area is a delicate space where the glands and blood vessels reside, and the doctor and surgeon need to be experts at their

Controlling High Blood Pressure Through Diet

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is often known as the ‘silent killer’, and for good reason. The condition typically lacks any symptoms but is a major risk for stroke and heart disease – making high blood pressure one of the leading causes of death worldwide.  So, if

When to see an Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) Specialist in Singapore?

Choosing a doctor is always a very tricky proposition. It is a personal decision, and there are always concerns regarding the expertise of the specialist. This is the same when you are looking for an ENT (otolaryngologist) specialist. Primarily you are looking for skill, expertise, and experience.

What are the advantages of functional medicine?

Today, more people are keen to explore the frontiers of functional medicine! It is a relatively new medical practice based on a different approach and aims to manage and prevent chronic and complex illnesses. Through functional medicine, the doctors find the hidden cause of disease and allow

Body Repair with Physiotherapists: An Efficient Treatment Alternative

Physiotherapy involves the practice of physical healing. Different physical techniques help in the treatment of severe ailments. In most cases, after a severe injury, medical professionals recommend physiotherapy to restore regular body movements. The Application Area Physiotherapy treats several areas of the body, such as joints, muscles,