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Tips for Preventing Hearing Loss

Source: While not every type of hearing impairment is preventable, there are certain tips you should know that can aid in lowering your chances of developing noise-induced hearing loss or age-related hearing loss (presbycusis). It is never too late (or too early) to begin embracing a

How Cold and Compression Ice Machines Produce Faster Recovery Times

People who regularly use cold and compression ice machines experience quicker recovery than those who use one therapy to recover from injuries. Application of Cold and compression ice machines occurs in several situations, such as injuries including sprains, fractures, and post-surgical rehabilitation. The cold and compression ice

6 Myths About Addiction and Drug Recovery You Should Avoid

Many myths and misconceptions about addiction and drug recovery can prevent individuals from seeking the help they need or lead them down the wrong path. It’s important to separate fact from fiction so that you can make informed decisions about your recovery journey. Here are six myths

Why Coolsculpting Is The Most Popular Choice For Fat Removal

CoolSculpting has quickly become the most popular choice for fat removal due to its effectiveness, convenience, and long-lasting results.  Utilizing the latest cooling technology, this painless treatment targets and freezes fat cells to reduce stubborn fat areas substantially.  In this blog post, we will explore the benefits

5 Ways to Feel More Fulfilled as a Parent

Becoming a parent is something that a lot of people desire. The joy that comes with seeing your children happy, being there for them, guiding them and loving them has been shown to make parents happier, leading to them feeling fulfilled in their lives. Learning how to

NPI Numbers 101: Everything Healthcare Providers Need To Know

A National Provider Identifier number is an identification marker of ten digits. The number reflects one’s identity as a healthcare provider. The number is used for other identification and administrative purposes within healthcare, including identification of providers, healthcare employers, health plans, and billing. The establishment of this

Urge Incontinence in Women

Urge incontinence is a common issue that affects women of all ages. Although this variety is less common than stress incontinence, many women still experience it at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, it can disrupt your ability to live an active lifestyle because of the frequent

Using topical peptides to cure or prevent skin aging

Aging, a natural process that occurs in all living things, cannot be halted. To slow down the aging process, surgical and topical methods have been developed. Four kinds of peptides and proteins are often employed: signal peptides, enzyme inhibitor peptides, neurotransmitter inhibitor peptides, and carrier peptides. If

The Best Time of Day to Work Out as a Nurse

Since you’re a nurse, you are already well aware of the importance of physical fitness. You also know that, in addition to maintaining your physical health, exercising can ease stress and give you a much-needed emotional boost. Unfortunately, keeping up with an exercise schedule isn’t easy when