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Should I Avoid “Related Food”?— Food Allergies

Avoid related foods? Should I? In this article, we’ll discuss  how one can identify food allergy; the science of cross-reactivity, and; introducing new foods to your diet.  So, without wasting time, let’s get on with it:- How To Identify Food Allergy & Avoid Related Foods? Food allergy

Improve Your Diet while Breastfeeding

A caring mother wants to give her baby only the best; therefore, you need to carefully monitor your nutrition during the period of breastfeeding. It is also important if you want to lose weight without harming the child.  Your child should receive all the necessary elements with

5 Ways To Improve Your Sleep Disorder

Sleep disorders are becoming increasingly common with between 50 and 70 million Americans suffering every year. This is partly due to the adoption of faster-paced lifestyles as high stress and poor health is a major contributor to sleep disorders.  While the occasional poor night of sleep is

6 Teeth-harming culprit foods you need to avoid

We are already aware that regular intake of wine, alcohol, and sugar candies can bring chaos on your oral health. Among the oral health issues, the frequently observed dental problem among all age group is cavities. Yes! The excess intake of sugary products causes the bacteria to