Professional Mental Health Therapist Stephanie Gilbert Introduces Services That Motivate People Towards Psychotherapy

Sometimes you just need to vent and get your feelings out without worrying about being judged. We’ve all been there, right? That’s where an expert therapist comes in! Think of them as your wing person, but instead of helping you find a date, they help you navigate life’s challenges. 

With a therapist’s understanding vibe, you feel heard, and your feelings receive the highest regard. Stephanie Gilbert, LMFT is a skilled therapist who can help you feel comfortable and prepare you to overcome any obstacles life throws your way. So, get ready to get real with yourself and make some positive changes through psychotherapeutic consultations at Stephanie’s private practice, Stephanie Gilbert and Associates, LLC.

As a dedicated therapist, Stephanie believes therapy goes beyond financial gain. For her, it is about making psychotherapy accessible and convenient for everyone. She’s constantly pushing herself to find new and innovative ways to make psychotherapy more effective. 

Professional Mental Health Therapist Stephanie Gilbert Introduces Services That Motivate People Towards Psychotherapy

Picture credits: Kate Haus, photographer from Los Angeles

With considerable experience and knowledge of treating patients with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Exposure Response Prevention (ERP), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Stephanie has introduced various positive changes in psychotherapy. She promoted telehealth and its advantages by serving as a telehealth clinician. 

Telehealth is a great success in psychotherapy. During the pandemic, Stephanie helped her patients by providing sessions online. Owing to this success, she continues to offer telehealth facilities to her patients after COVID-19. Now, Stephanie’s patients receive psychotherapy in the comfort of their homes, where they dress and sit comfortably. It also saves their commuting time and other costs like transportation. 

People living in rural areas have also benefited from Stephanie’s remote psychotherapy services. Her patients also escape scheduling issues due to unforeseen conditions like heavy traffic and bad weather. People with social anxiety or those hesitant to travel long distances to receive therapy can also seek treatment with care. The benefits of her telehealth approach may encourage people to choose her clinic over other traditional therapy clinics. 

Stephanie’s clinic also provides consultations and therapy in multiple languages, including English, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish, to cater to a larger audience. It makes accessing mental health services easier for people who speak these languages. 

It removes the language barrier between the therapist and the patient, which helps therapists and patients create a stronger bond. It also increases understanding and offers a certain level of comfort while discussing personal life issues.

As the owner of a private practice, Stephanie Gilbert and Associates, LLC, Stephanie leads a team of associates with different specializations. She mentors upcoming licensed psychotherapists with her knowledge and experience so they excel in their respective fields of psychotherapy. 

By promoting these new, advantageous changes in the field, Stephanie motivates people to opt for therapy. With her passionate commitment to work, she is ready to achieve goals that can positively influence the world and make it a more peaceful and joyful place to live. 

To learn more about Stephanie and her work in psychotherapy, you can follow her on Instagram or read her blogs here.

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