6 Yoga Poses to Improve Immune System – Best Yoga Asanas

There is  a myriad of various syndromes and diseases taking a toll on human race regularly. With the increase in pollution, germs and fast lifestyle practices, the immunity of your body is going downhill rapidly. The mutations in climatic conditions are giving ways to allergies that were unheard before. For a very busy stock market class, it is nonetheless a headache to be sick. In the present times the definition of curses has been widely manipulated. Being sick is the worst curse of all times today. Disease comes with a risk of even weaker immune system prone to chronic ailments. So it becomes a very important agenda to maintain the well being of your immune system. One chemical-free and time-tested strategic solution is to find solace in yoga science.Yoga poses for stronger Immune system

Yoga Poses for Stronger Immune System

Dhanurasana (The Bow Pose)

It starts from lying on your tummy initially and then raising both arms and legs in air with abdomen as the base. Bend more and more with each single sub inhalation and try to hold your feet with hands. Now hold this position and rock like a pendulum as long as its comfortable . Repeat this posture for 5 times atleast.DHANURASANA (Bow Pose)

This simple asana is ideal for curing the digestive tract ailments. It strengthens the gut muscles and pancreas. All the intestinal problems can be treated by using this asana. Regular practice of this asana gives best results in improving concentration powers. Also with a tradition of depression building up slowly on our routine, this asana helps in breaking these sadistic chains. Yoga is the ultimate answer to the question of how to improve immune system.

Sethubandasana (The Bridge Pose)

Kneeling on your knees and placing hands on hips, keep your knees inlined with shoulders. Bend backward and touch the sole of your feet forming an arch. Your face should be facing upwards. After 2-3 breaths, relax.Bridge-pose

An ultimate remedy for healing insomnia, this asana also very beneficial in breaking the shackles of stress. The function of bracing the lungs and digestive tract is also performed by this pose. Life after menopause become a messier business for many women. This asana has been proved to extinguish the symptoms of menopause. Immunity of legs related to their withstanding capabilities. The bridge pose is performed to relax the tired legs. With treatment of asthma problems, it also refurbishes the brain and immunity system.

Ardha Chakrasana (Half Wheel Pose)

Stand straight and put your hands at your hipline. Join both the legs. Bend backwards without bending the knees. Arch back as far as possible and stay in this position for a while. Exhale and come back to normal. Repeat for 2-3 times.Half-wheel-Pose

Spondilytis is a very horrible condition in which the pain can literally break down all your determination. Those who are suffering from this condition must practice this pose regularly for relief in long run. It is also a detrimental posture in curing respiratory disorders. Ardh chakrasana is a simple remedy for revitalizing the ovaries and fallopian tube in females. All the menstrual problems can be fought back using the weapon as this yoga posture. Heart is also a target organ for this asana along with the uterus.

Ustrasana (The Camel Pose)

Sit on your knees. Keep your hands on your hips with palms on the inside. Inhale and raise your chest upwards. Try stretching the hands moving them towards the toes. Inhale deeper and touch the heels of your toes with palms. Balance the weight of the complete body on legs and arms. Stay in this position for a while. Then relax and repeat a couple of times more.


With blood, there comes another fluid whose flow has to be manipulated back to normal. With a rising level of stress and fatigue there comes the problem of lymph congestion. With the knowledge that regulation of lymph is controlled by external movement of body, the ustrasana becomes all the more important.To enable a normal lymph flow all you have to do is to include the camel pose in your routine workout sessions. This posture  is ideal for massaging the muscles and making them immune to fatigue and painful contractions. The joints are very delicate part of a human body. To care for them one must be very attentive. Ustrasana is very effective in strengthening of joints. Through this asana you can kindle unreachable sections of your body thus it improves the immune system.

Salamba Sirsasana (The Supported Headstand)

This posture is a modified version of Sirsasana. Begin with kneeling down on the floor. Slowly fold your arms from the elbows and join the fingers after folding. Place the folded arms on the floor and keep your head between the two folded arms. Slowly try to lift up your body over the head. Initially one can compromise  on straight knees. Once you lift up the entire body align it in a straight line and open up your palms to support your head.  Stay for a while in this pose and relax.

head pose

This asana is ideal for the patients of sinusitis. This yoga asana is meant for enhancing the immunity system in terms of strength of various body parts. Fertility can be enhanced by using the powers of this yogasana. This asana refreshes the pituitary and pineal glands. This is an effective pose in yoga to improve immune system.

Bhujangasana (The Cobra Pose)

Lie in a prone position. Keep your hips relaxed and legs joined. With inhalation lift up your upper body applying equal pressure on both hands. Bend backwards and arch your spine as far as it is in your comfort zone. Don’t put extreme strain on your spine . Keep your shoulders away from the ears maintaining straight elbows.

cobra pose

The cobra pose is one of the power yoga poses to enhance the capacity of lungs. It helps in the curing of cervical spondylitis. This asana treats mild depression. For all the shoulder, neck and spinal pains, this is an ideal pose.

The yoga poses mentioned above are very beneficial for all the sections of community regardless of age. One must include these asanas in their daily routine to get the most out of  these. Remember that yoga is a process of healing and not healing itself. The results show up with time and practice. One must be patient and respect the discipline of this process.

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