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Coronavirus pandemic: All you need to know about COVID-19 Information

(COVID-19)Coronavirus disease is a dangerous disease affected by a newly identified (COVID-19)Coronavirus disease is a dangerous disease affected by a newly identified coronavirus. Most people infected with the (COVID-19)Coronavirus virus will undergo mild to common respiratory illness and recover without requiring specific treatment. Older people and these

6-Step Korean Skincare Routine with Nature Republic

Most people love to make everything easier. Real enough, more challenging ways to do things do not guarantee better results. Like the hype over ten and 12-step Korean skincare routine, a vast majority considered it too long for an everyday routine. For busy professionals and just people

How Often Should You Take a Hearing Test

Hearing is one of the core senses in the human body. It helps one to navigate and take part in a conversation. But due to various reasons, one can severely lose one’s hearing. According to WHO, 5% of the world’s population is suffering from hearing difficulties. This

What is Workplace Burnout and how to treat it?

In recent times, you may have heard the terms ‘burnout’ or ‘workplace burnout’. This commonly refers to a feeling of hopelessness in your career, and can be influenced by a number of factors. It’s important to note that everybody goes through some rough times at work, and

How to do bridal makeup – A step by step guide

You said Yes He’s over the moon You can’t contain your happiness… The one thing you’ve got to do now is plan this wedding together! And when you start working on planning a wedding you realize that everything adds up to that one day. The one day

Dysphagia: What is it and How Can it be Managed?

The medical term dysphagia refers to difficulties with swallowing food, liquid, or medicine. It is a daunting condition that results in weight loss, dietary deficiencies, and sometimes, pneumonia. However, there are various ways to manage the condition, including the use of swallowing therapy, specialized thickeners, and medication.

Top 7 Romantic Flowers to Impress your Love on V

Flowers are meaningful, beautiful, inspirational gifts, and most importantly, they fit every occasion. Flowers are the best way to convey your feelings to your loved one and bring a smile to their face. They make every day enjoyable and wonderful. Sometimes we are swamped, and we are

15 Benefits Of Cold Showers That Will Blow Your Mind

A cold morning shower feels like an icy hell for most of us, especially in cold weather. But pull yourself together; it is genuinely incredibly useful. And there are at least 15 science-based reasons for this! Health Benefits Of Cold Shower 1. Improving Immunity  People who regularly