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Turmeric is a plant of the ginger family that entails numerous benefits. It is native to southeast Asia and is typically grown in India. They can use pure turmeric powder for a myriad of purposes such as health, food, skincare, allergies, and infections. It is a frequently employed

Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics: Get Glowing Skin Effortlessly

People who love success stories and makeup have probably come across the name Napoleon Perdis at some point in their lives. This world-wide popular cosmetics company is the #1 Australian makeup brand with more than 350 independent stockists and 30 stores Australia-wide. Renowned for delivering superb quality

A Scar-y Halloween

Scars are natural. Composed of fibrous tissue, they are healed patches of skin where repair or replacement was needed. The concept is … beautiful. But because scarred skin doesn’t quite match regular skin and can remind us of something painful, we don’t easily see beauty there.  Popular

A Guide to Using CBD as Part of Your Skincare Routine

CBD, a shortened term for Cannabidiol, is one of many cannabinoids found in the family of cannabis plants. This chemical compound has been proven to have medicinal benefits. Various scientific research suggests that CBD can reduce anxiety, alleviate pain, mitigate epileptic seizures, and protect the nerves from

Tips To Keep Your Feet Healthy

Why is the health of your feet important? How can you ensure that your feet are always in the best condition? This educational piece on foot health covers everything you need to know about healthy feet tips. For an active lifestyle, your feet should be making a

5 Ways To Improve Your Sleep Disorder

Sleep disorders are becoming increasingly common with between 50 and 70 million Americans suffering every year. This is partly due to the adoption of faster-paced lifestyles as high stress and poor health is a major contributor to sleep disorders.  While the occasional poor night of sleep is

5 Effective Ways To Keep Your Skin Healthy

Who doesn’t want skin that is healthy, glowing, and flawless? Pampering your skin that works hard to create a barrier to protect us is crucial to enhance skin health.  Developing some simple habits helps keep your skin feeling great and guards it against the many skin woes

Biotin for Hair Growth – How it works

The stress and tension of hair fall isn’t just associated with females; it is equally stressful for male as well. The deficiency of vitamins specifically Biotin and other health issues causes the hair to weaken from roots and eventually it will lead to baldness.  Biotin (vitamin H)