5 Steps to Build a Healthy and Happy Morning Routine

If you’re struggling with your alarm clock in the morning, how about changing your routine? From the beauty products you buy to the way you create your schedule, there is plenty you can do to make your earliest hours happier and more positive. You can also make new choices to add healthy items to your morning regimen. 

5 Steps to Build a Healthy and Happy Morning Routine

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There’s no right or wrong way to make your morning routine, but the following steps will help you design what works for you. We’ll share the best teeth whitening products and beauty essentials to help make your day easier. You’ll also learn some of the ways to upgrade your morning habits.

1. Revamp Your Beauty Products  

One of the most challenging parts about getting up in the morning is everything you need to do to get ready. Cut time and effort off your schedule by using convenient, multipurpose beauty products. Swapping some of your items for combination products can help you save time and money. You’ll also make your morning routine easier and more stress-free. 

Oral Care and Teeth Whitening 

Everyone needs to brush their teeth in the morning. Clean and whiten simultaneously with the help of quality teeth whitening toothpaste or gel. Find a toothpaste made with vitamins to nourish your tooth enamel because you’ll get better whitening results than other toothpaste systems containing peroxide. Luxury mint toothpaste helps to maintain a clean and bright smile. 

As another multipurpose option, teeth whitening gel can be combined with another toothpaste or blue light teeth whitening technology to enhance your morning whitening results. Kill bacteria and whiten teeth faster with an all-in-one toothbrush that is also a hands-free toothbrush. Finish your skincare or makeup routine as you get your teeth cleaner and whiter. As a bonus, some whitening products can whiten your teeth up to seven shades in seven days with virtually no sensitivity. 

Skin Care 

Pare down your morning skin care regimen with multipurpose facial creams or lotions. If you’re looking for anti-aging moisturizers for your morning routine, there are plenty of products that include both retinol and glycolic acid. Many combine ingredients like SPF and vitamin C to protect your skin in sunlight while keeping your face looking supple and healthy. 

Other helpful multipurpose skin care products include morning serums with ingredients like collagen and peptides. All-in-one balms work to moisturize your lips and facial skin. You can also use it on your hands or nails. 

Makeup and Cosmetics 

Beauty sticks help you perfect your complexion and get your glow on while streamlining your morning schedule. It’s easy to find a compact wand for your bag or purse, including sticks that act as a combination blush and a lip color. Or choose a serum stick that helps moisturize and reduce the appearance of fine lines before you head out the door. 

You can find a stick for almost any beauty need. Keep the sticks in a makeup bag or a basket near your bathroom sink. They’ll help you finish your routine in minutes flat. 

5 Steps to Build a Healthy and Happy Morning Routine

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2. Create a New Morning Schedule 

Now that you have the beauty products you need, it’s time to update your morning schedule. Plan to get up at the same time each day, leaving plenty of time for enough beauty sleep. The benefit of having a regular bedtime is that it keeps your sleep schedule on track. You’ll also help align your body’s natural circadian rhythm, which keeps you in better overall health. 

If possible, get up earlier than you need to. A few extra moments in the morning will help you wake up gradually and fit in some time for yourself. An extra couple of minutes for a shower or self-care can help to set the tone for the entire day. 

3. Start Your Day on a Positive Note  

It’s easy to get into the habit of running through your activities in the morning. Instead, change your routine so you are starting the day on a positive note. Spending a few moments cultivating happiness will make you feel more energetic and resilient. 

You can begin the day with a favorite song or playlist. If words or text are encouraging to you, place a couple of positive quotes or affirmations on your bathroom mirror. Listen to a podcast that helps you feel more upbeat. Another idea is to enjoy a favorite activity, like walking or jogging. 

4. Set Aside Some Moments for Mindfulness 

Being mindful is an excellent way to start your day. Take the first few minutes of your morning to be present. Try taking deep breaths or looking out your window and enjoying nature’s beauty. 

There are many benefits to focusing on the little details of your morning as they unfold. According to PsychCentral, mindfulness meditation can help to increase relaxation and decrease feelings of anxiety. Being mindful encourages a more robust immune response and helps to relieve stress naturally. It’ll also give you a clear and peaceful mindset to begin your morning routine. 

5. Take Care of To-Dos the Night Before 

While you can’t brush your teeth or do your makeup ahead of time, you can probably knock out a few of your usual morning tasks the night before. Make a healthy lunch or pick out your clothes so you can grab and go when you wake up. You can also set up the coffee maker or leave your bag and work badge by the door. 

Other helpful ideas for saving time and relaxing your morning routine include prepping breakfast for the kids and filling pet food bowls in the evening. Put the trash on the curb and leave notes on the fridge for the family. When you get some of the bigger details out of the way (and out of your head!), you’ll feel more optimistic about the rest of the day. 

5 Steps to Build a Healthy and Happy Morning Routine

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Creating Your Healthiest Morning Routine 

A happier, healthier morning routine is never out of reach. Go step by step through this guide to see what you need to improve for next week. By repeating the same new schedule and using your new beauty tools, you will help to create positive habits for your wellness. 

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