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Biotin for Hair Growth – How it works

The stress and tension of hair fall isn’t just associated with females; it is equally stressful for male as well. The deficiency of vitamins specifically Biotin and other health issues causes the hair to weaken from roots and eventually it will lead to baldness.  Biotin (vitamin H)

Quick Skin and Hair Care Tips You Must Know

Everyone desire to have beautiful skin and healthy hair, but due to different types of pollution, infections, lack of proper care, they might face many difficulties throughout the day. In such a situation, to keep your skin beautiful and healthy hair, you can adopt some easy daily

7 Easy Ways to Handle Thinning Hair

There are so many underlying factors that can cause hair loss. Medical conditions, changes in the hormonal system, deficiency in crucial vitamins, and even emotional stress can be the reason why you’re losing hair.  While this condition may not be pleasurable, it doesn’t have to be the

Types of Acnes and 3 Home Remedies to Reduce Them

Types of Acnes and 3 Home Remedies to Reduce Them Acnes are common in youths and young adults. It is more evident in people with oily skin type. This is because of the excess production of oil by the sebaceous gland. Sebum production is important for maintaining