Why You Need A Detox Shampoo And How To Use It?

Plenty of people wonder about the relationship between shampoo and drug tests. No matter how disconnected the two may appear, in reality, they share a close correlation. No matter if you are a regular drug consumer or take a few illicit drugs occasionally, a detox shampoo can always help you remove even the faintest traces of THC and opiates from your follicles. 

If you wish to pass the upcoming hair test for the drug, the best quality toxinwash shampoos, much like Synergy Toxin Wash Shampoo, can be a smart choice at any time. Here is how the traces of drugs finally impact your hair follicles, which make the detox shampoos necessary and relevant for deep cleaning and drug removal. Be sure to get yourself tested for drugs before applying for your job. 

How Drugs Make Their Way To Your Hair Follicle

No matter what you consume, everything follows a breakdown process inside your body. Be it fruits, vegetables, animal proteins, or drugs, when you consume something, it goes through your digestive system. First, a chemical breakdown of the drugs takes place in your body. After the breakdown, absorption takes place. 

During this process, the blood vessels absorb the required elements, barring the unnecessary wastes behind.  The absorbed elements reach every corner and cell of the body to nourish the organs. But what happens to the wastes? Here comes the twist in the tale. The wastes travel to the excretory organ outlets of which hair follicles are indeed one. 

Much of the THC and opiates present in the drugs reach your bladder to get mixed with urine. A considerable part of it also reaches the hair follicles to find a vent out. This is how hair tests for drugs trace the elements of illicit drugs from hair follicles. 

The amazing part is that traces remain in the follicles as long as after 90 days of consuming the drug.  Hence, if you have a drug test scheduled tomorrow, it would be best to use a detox shampoo to remove every trace of THC and other drug components to get a clean chit. 

Plenty of people shave off their hair to escape the process, but a shaved head is the best evidence that you are a drug consumer. Hence, the best would be to use shampoos instead of shaving off the hair, increasing the suspicion of the esters. 

How To Use A Detox Shampoo

Using detox shampoo is easy. Here is a simple guide to using detox shampoo most effectively.

Step 1

Apply the shampoo to your scalp twice a day. The best would be to apply it on the hair once in the morning and then at night. Make sure that you create a layer of it across the expanse of your scalp, leaving no part untouched. A single follicle with drug traces can be adverse for your drug test reports. 

Step 2 

Do not rinse immediately after applying the layer of the shampoo. As you know that these shampoos offer deep cleansing, let it sit on your scalp for a while to allow optimal absorption.  After an hour or so, rinse and wash the shampoo thoroughly.  Ideally, you should do it at least for two consecutive days right before appearing for the test. 

Eschew taking any drugs during this time so that no fresh drug element gathers in the follicles. Make sure to use the shampoo properly following the instructions on its label. A little care can always save you a lot of hazards that you might earn yourself otherwise. If you find your hair brittle and fragile after washing it so many times, you can use coconut oil or hibiscus oil to nourish it after the test. 

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