How to Support a Family Affected by COVID-19 Second Wave?

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nce the COVID-19 positive cases from the first wave began to drop, it brought a sense of relief across the nation. Unfortunately, it didn’t last for too long. As people let their guard down and started to think that they have escaped the pandemic, the second coronavirus wave hit the country and made the situation much worse than the first one.

Since we were not prepared for this brutal second wave of COVID, there was a sudden explosion of cases that wreaked havoc making the situation going bad to worse. The magnitude of the spread is still getting worse. It has made lives a lot difficult. The current unprecedented times are extremely difficult for those affected by COVID-19 amid this panic caused by the second wave. It is more challenging for those in which all members are covid positive. Such families are suffering the worst days of the pandemic.

It’s normal to feel helpless in this condition when we can’t personally go and support our friends, family or neighbours battling with unfavourable circumstances especially when we are under lockdown. However, there are a few ways through which we can make a difference and make the situation a little better for them.

Let’s tell you more about how to lend a helping hand for COVID-19 affected family while socially distanced. 

  • Stay In Virtual Touch

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on everyone’s mental health. It’s normal to feel stressed and worried amid the chaos of death and the rapid increase in COVID-19 positive cases. So, if anyone of your loved one is ill and going through tough times, you need to be watchful and keep checking on them regularly. Stay connected with them through video calls or text messages so that they feel more personal. After all, in difficult times, we all need someone to be nearby. Isn’t it?

  • Share Positive News

One of the great ways to support someone is by spreading positivity. It can instantly uplift their mood levels thus make them less stressed or anxious. For this reason, share positive stories to your close ones struggling mentally and physically during the second covid wave. It could be the stories of COVID-19 survivors that are inspiring, suggest them some good movies or recall the fun time that you had together. You can also talk about the positive impact of coronavirus during the global crisis. Just refrain from sharing negative news as it can impact their mental health and also slow down their recovery. Make them realise that amid the panic in the nation, there is still some hope and good news. 

  • Virtual Yoga Session 

Yoga has the tendency to improve a person’s mental and physical well-being. It helps us to ease the mind, effectively cope with stress, and build immunity. You are just one Google search away from numerous beginner yoga tutorials. Trust us, it can be a huge help for them during their hard times. There are also many online yoga sessions available on the internet that one can easily enroll. The purpose is to keep them indulged in such constructive activities that can calm their nervous system and keep them fit, which is important than ever whether you are COVID positive or not

  • Give Them The Gift of Health

By far, everyone knows the importance of staying hydrated to speed up the recovery process. However, a person can get bored of the plain taste of water especially when sick. Therefore, we would suggest you to gift them a subscription of a healthy juice brand like OMJOOS, which is serving fresh and 100% natural cold-pressed juices in Delhi/NCR. Not only it will help in hydration but also provides essential nutrients to stronger the gut health. It’s the small gestures that can have a huge impact. No gift is better than gift of health. This way, you can make them feel loved, valued, and cared too.

  • Take Care Of Someone’s Expenses

In these tough times when someone is struggling to meet basic demands, you can take a step forward to help them out. You can pay their monthly rent, buy groceries for them, give them fruits/veggies etc. Remember that all of this is temporary and you will not need to take care of their expenses for a life time. This noble deed for once will definitely give you the sense of purpose during the pandemic

Final Thoughts

There is always something you can do to help others. And, by helping others it tells you what kind of a person you are. Indulging in a good deed will always help you to get better mood and lower stress levels. 

The COVID-19 situation is stressful for all of us. All we need is to keep a check on each other and be each other support to come out of this dreadful situation healthier and happier. The tips that we have shared above will be a great help to protect and support the community.

Always remember, a small act of kindness goes a long way!

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