Home Workout: How to Get Rid of Back Fat with Exercises?

Your back speaks about your persona. A strong, toned back gives you a confidant spine. The charm gets in your eyes. Your fitness reflects in the world you interact with. To make the most of your low waist jeans, don’t let the slabs of fat hang out at the waist line. This would sham the whole identity-building. Back fat is stubborn piece of flesh. Frankly to get rid of it, no gym or exercise can help you unless you are ready to feel the sweet sweat before success. It’s easy once you get familiar to all the exercises in the book of fat burning.


Back Fat Burning Exercises at Home

Here are top 8 exercises to render you a flawless and perfect back. You can choose any 4 or 5 which suits you the best to involve in your back routine.

Russian Twists Exercise

To proceed with these, sit on the ground with folder knees. Make your feet touch the ground. Now bring your hands to the front. Keep one hand over the other. Make an angular slant of 45 degrees with your torso. Straighten your back. Twist your waistline and bring your hands to right side .Then slowly twist back to your left side.  This completes one rep. Now do it 6-10 times in a set. Repeat a set.

russian twists

Oblique Exercise

To start with, lie down on a mat. Turn to one side with one leg over the other. Lift up your torso and balance the weight on legs and forearm. Now touch the floor with your waistline. Again lift up your body in air. Bring back your waistline to the floor and back in the air. Repeat for 5-6 times in a set.


Burpee Exercise

As the name may sound, the routine is no nonsense stuff. It might take you a couple of days or probably more to go with the flow. Stand straight with arm by your side. Lower your body bringing it in a chair pose. Keep your arms ahead. Forcefully push your feet backwards and chest further downwards. Come up in a plank position. Again force your chest into the ground with pressure so that you again lift upwards in the air. Note that your hands should be above your head. This completes one rep. Repeat 4 times to complete one set. This is a full proof exercise to reduce back fat faster.burpees

Scissors Abdominal Exercise

Want exercises to get rid of back fat at home? This one is your catch. Lie down on the floor. Raise both legs in air. Slowly bring your left leg down, keeping it in air, little over the floor. Now raise your head. Stretch out your hands to wrap around your right leg. Repeat again with swapped legs. Do it 10 times in a set. Don’t pause in between. Feel the heat at your back and abdomen. This exercise is also one of the best in the back pain relief exercises.scissors-exercise

Plank Exercise

A plank routine a day keeps flabs at bay. The plank is an ideal exercise to tone your complete body. It’s easy to learn how to do a plank but difficult to maintain the correct posture for a long time. So begin with shorter durations. Come in a four limb on floor position. Balance the weight of your body on both toes and forearms. Straight spine is the key to get this exercise right. Aim to get a straight spine.  Hold in this position for 6-7 sec initially. Then slowly increase the duration day by day.plank

Plank Stability on Ball Exercise

Planks are dry in motion. Your calmness has to be tested a lot. The body should be still. So for adding a change to your plank routine one can bring a stability ball at home. Now try a balance your plank position on the ball. Keep your forearms on the stability ball. Try to practice keeping still. This is a fun exercise to reduce back fat. This position activates your muscles. Once you master this many version of planks there are lot many other exercises to reduce back fat in plank range.plank-exercises-on-ball

Bridge Exercise

These are a power pack exercises for lower back pain relief. The heat generated at lower back burns all the extra fat in your back. Lie in a straight position. Bend your knees. Bring your feet at shoulder width distance apart. Now put pressure at your foot and raise your hips. Keep your back straight. Breathe in slowly bring back your bums at base. Again lift up and put down repeat.Bridge Exercise

Row Exercise

There are a lot of exercises for overall toning of body. The ones which are the basic of back toning routines are rows. There are different types of rows. I find the bent over rows best for removing all the unwanted fat that’s bothering you. To get with this exercise all you need to buy are dumbbells. Be real about the weights you can actually aim for. Don’t get your body jammed by opting for those bigger and bolder dumbbells at first go. Start with smaller ones and slowly progress your way to those fathers of dumbbells up there. Now to begin with grab your dumbbells in both hands. Stand straight. Make a shoulder length distance between your feet. Next bend down in the front. Keep bending as long as your upper body forms a parallel axis with the floor beneath. The action part begins. Pull up the dumbbells towards your face. Then slowly lower them back down. Again pull up and pull down. Repeat for 6-7 times. This makes your master set. Now relax, come up in a standing posture. Then get back to action. Do at least 2-3 sets.Row Exercises

Legs and Arm Stretches Exercise

These are simple yet worth. What you need to do is to lie down in prone position and stretch your right hand with left leg outstretched. Repeat with left hand and right leg. legs and arms strecthes

Performing this exercise is useless if you are not keeping your calorie count in check. A balanced diet with a balanced routine can get you the all what you need at doorstep.

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