Top 10 Exercises to Lose Arm Fat at Home – Best Arm Toning Workouts

Flabs anywhere in body are a pain. You work hard on your body, lose weight kilos of fats, and restrict your diet but the perfect magazine cover model still laughs at you. Believe me, this is no easy task to lose weight. Once you are done with the fat-burns, leftover loose skin can be tackled. You can beat all those sexy, young girls at office in needle skirts. All you have to do is to trust your body and keep hopes high.

Exercises to Burning Arm Fat

Tips to Lose Arm Fat and Weight Loss Naturally

Even though nothing can take place of exercise, but following a few simple tips can help you pull out the fat in the wrong places.

1. Count your Calories everyday and fix a target for weight lose and reduce some calories every week with proper balanced diet and workouts.
2. Drink Plenty of Water – Keep yourself healthy by drinking more and more water (3 to 6 liters per day).
3. Eat Breakfast Everyday – it will lead the day with effective energy.
4. Avoid Junk and Unhealthy Foods.

Top 10 Exercises to Burning Arm Fat at Home

The below mentioned exercises for weight loss can work wonders for all. The only key behind getting those flab-free, tight arms is to be a devoted candidate for your exercise routines. Don’t betray your exercise sessions. Be dedicated and patient. These 10 exercises can be mirrored into your daily routines to fit inside your perfect slim dresses.

Chair Dips

This is an extraordinary exercise to lose that annoying loose fat on your arm. What you need is just a chair which is stable on the ground and has a satisfactory height. A bed can be also used. So which ever piece of furniture you are using, face away from it. Bend your knees to come to the level of height of the furniture. Place your hands on the top of bed/chair. Press your body to the ground like in sit-ups. Repeat to complete the set. Do 3-4 sets.

Biceps curl


Triceps Kickbacks

This one is a little trickier one to start with, in the lists of exercise for weight loss but the results might impress you. Start with your left knee and left hand on the weight bench. Hold the weights in your right hand. Bend your right elbow such that the arm is parallel to the ground and palms are perpendicular to it. Hold your abdomen back, press down your left knee a little bit. Move the right hand behind your hips, keeping the elbow near to the waist. Bring down the weights back to the perpendicular line. Repeat for completing the set. Now follow the same steps for your left hand. Tricep kickbacks

Push Ups

This one is my all time favorite exercise for arms. The diamond push ups are also known as pyramid push ups. These are simple and require a little diamond formation. First and foremost, get an exercise mat. This mat supports your overall posture. Now start with the push up position. Keep your hands beneath your chest. Overlap one hand over the other in a slanted fashion like side of a rhombus. Now raise your body higher by applying force on the ground through your palms and relax the press, making your body lean downwards. Repeat for 5-6 times in a single set. diamond-press-up

Biceps Curl

Hold weights in your hands. Bend your elbows. Palms should be opening towards your face. Take the weight downwards with keeping arms near the sides. Bring it back to the start position. Maintain a 90 degree angular motion at the elbow. Repeat for at least 15-20 times in a set.

Biceps curl

Counter Push Ups

Find a stable support. Leann on the support with both hands on the furniture and distance your feet until your ankles are in air. Align your body in a straight slanted line. Press yourself on the bench. Throw back your body to the initial position. Repeat for 10-15 times in a set.Counter-Push-Up


This one is an interesting exercise to reduce arm fat. Stand straight. Keep your both legs at a distance.  Now stretch both arms like in school while taking one arm distances. Bring the arms to your front. The right one should overlap the left one. Again take back the arms to each side and bring them to the front with left one overlapping the right one. Repeat 10 times in each set. Do 2-3 sets daily. Scissorsac

One Arm Side Lateral Raise

Start in a push up position. With the weight of your body falling over one hand only, your active hand should be below the shoulder. Keep your other hand behind your back. Push your body down towards the floor and lift up. Repeat the same with the other hand. Repeat 5-6 in a set. This is a very powerful exercise to reduce the arm fat in 5 days (p.s: if done with the right technique and posture.) Single Arm Lateral Raise

Lateral Plank Walk

It is one of the most challenging routine. But if one could master this, losing weight is a piece of cake. Here you begin with the plank position. Then cross your right hand to the left with left foot setting apart to further left. Now move your left hand to left with your right foot also in the same direction. Return to the plank position. Repeat this 2 more times to complete a single set.lateral plank poition

HalfMoon Wrist Rotation

Want something sweet, simple and effective? This must be your catch. Get hold of a dumbbell in both hands. Make an angular lift of 90 degrees making your hands lie in parallel to the ground. Now rotate clockwise. Then go anticlockwise. Repeat and relax. Watch that fat burn!


Opposite Arm and Leg Lift

The toning of arms and thighs can be attained together by including this exercise in your routine. Kneel down on all your 4 limbs. Now stretch out your right hand forward and left leg backward. Create the heath at the centre of your back by pulling the toe further away. Hold in for a while. Switch to the left hand and right leg. Repeat. Again this is one of the full proof exercises to reduce arm fat.Opposite-Arm-and-Leg-Lift

These are the best useful exercises to lose arm fat that you can try at home. They are really and need to be practiced on a daily basis. You can try all these exercises to lose arm fat fastly. If you want to lose arm fat faster, you need to do all these exercises. If you are planned to shaping your arms, then need to increasing the count of sets every day. Combining these workouts with foods like amino acids for muscle growth will help to burning the fat faster and help in evolving toned arms. Maintain a good diet and focus on the weight loss. Enjoy the benefits of a healthy and happy body. After getting the effective results, share your experience with us.

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