Four Advantages of Online counseling

Talking cure is the best way to get rid of your emotional tension. We always need someone to talk to, especially when your mind is brimmed with unhealthy thoughts. Often, opening up to someone will help in achieving a stable and easy state of mind. 

But, what if you think that the people around are not worth talking to? What if the entire surrounding seems hostile to you? Here’s where a professional counselor comes to your help. 

A counselor is no stranger. Not only a person trained to give advice for psychological and personal problems but someone who can step into your shoes and get to know about you. Professional counseling focuses on different areas. 

Here are some of the common types of counseling specializations:

  1. Marriage and family counseling
  2. Career guidance
  3. Mental health counseling
  4. Educational counseling
  5. Rehabilitation counseling
  6. Substance Abuse counseling

Nowadays, like any profession, counseling has also upgraded to its online version. Online counseling wins the mind of people with its numerous merits. It is conducted through text messages, emails, calls, online chatting, or video conference. 

Traditional counseling gives way to this new means as many feel comfortable and satisfied attending counseling sessions online especially during this pandemic situation when people are doing everything online. 

Also, counseling is necessary for this scenario as people are encountering a new situation and anxiety and stress might have hit their minds. Many hospitals as well as the government are doing their best to help people cope with these feelings by offering free online counseling sessions.

Online counseling is pregnant with many possibilities. It is now the most preferred way of approaching a psychologist. Here are some perks of having counseling sessions online.


Unlike traditional counseling, you don’t have to go to a clinic to just open up your mind or seek help. Online counseling helps you to feel at ease at your home or any of your favorite spaces and speak frankly to your therapist. Space also determines the result. If you are in your most comfortable space, nothing will be there to stop you from being honest. Also, it offers greater privacy than the traditional model. 

Another advantage of online counseling is that you can feel free to schedule your online sessions according to your convenience. Check the availability of the counselor and fix a time that does not clash with your schedule.

Reduces Stigma

One of the reasons why people hesitate to seek help for mental health is due to the stigma associated with it. Stigma can be of two types: social stigma and self-stigma. Whether seeking help for chronic mental instabilities or even minor stress the society is adamant to offer people with tags and stigmatise them. 

On the other hand, self-stigma which is more internal makes people think of them as unfit due to the mental health concern. These people consider seeking out help as something that deteriorates their self-esteem.

Online counseling would help to curb these stigmas to an extent. It offers a certain level of anonymity that will aid in having a more open conversation. 

And as you are most probably attending your sessions from your room or a private space there is no issue of a third party involvement. You don’t need to access a public space or answer random questions from people around you. So there is nothing to worry about being stigmatized. 


Online counseling is accessible to anyone. For people who can hardly find a therapist in their town or near it, online counseling services are beneficial. One does not have to travel a long way to seek help, rather they can book an appointment with an online counselor. 

Being in the comfort of your home and feel free to talk to your therapist. It is believed that most of our feelings find their best expression in mother-tongue. 

So, if you are somewhere out of your country and prefer to talk to a therapist sharing the same mother-tongue, online counseling will be of great use. You can find counselors of your choice and preference from any part of the world.


Online counseling sessions are economical for clients as well as counselors. Besides the affordable fees, clients can also skip the travel and other expenses. In the case of the counselor, there is no need to set up a clinic. 


In this pandemic era, you are obliged to take care of your mind as you might be going through many difficult situations that you are not prepared for. It is quite natural for especially youngsters to feel depressed as they are devoid of peer mingling. 

As everything is online the best way to seek help for your mental concerns is to get an appointment with an online counselor. Just sit on your couch, switch on your gadget, and feel free to talk. 

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