Here’s Why Ellipticals Have Become So Popular

Over recent years, ellipticals have made a big splash in the fitness industry. Gyms across the country are raving about this machine, and individuals who prefer exercising at home say it is a must-have.  

But why exactly are ellipticals popular? Why are they being hyped by gym instructors and individuals alike? This article discusses why ellipticals have become so popular and why they are the preferred machine for fitness enthusiasts. 

Speed Up Weight Loss

If you are ready to start your weight-loss journey, an elliptical can help you lose weight fast. Ellipticals are a great option for burning hundreds of calories within minutes. Studies show that an elliptical workout can help you burn around 150 to 400 calories in 30 minutes, depending on your weight and exercise speed. 

Additionally, when you use an elliptical, you may feel a low relative perceived exertion (RPE). This means that you may not feel like you are exercising hard enough when you actually are. As a result, you end up exercising more and losing more weight. 

Boost Cardiovascular Health

Ellipticals boost cardiovascular health. An elliptical workout increases your heart rate, which, in turn, strengthens your heart. Moreover, it increases your body’s aerobic capacity, resulting in a stronger heart, lungs, and a nicely-heated cardiovascular system.  

Work On The Whole Body

Ellipticals give you a full-body workout. Unlike other exercise machines that target specific parts of the body, ellipticals work on your lower body while engaging your upper body. Ellipticals have handle levers, which you push and pull in synchrony with your leg movements. During an elliptical workout, you engage your lower belly, deltoids, biceps, triceps, thighs, and hips, thus getting a full-body workout. 

Low-Impact And Joint-Friendly Exercise

Ellipticals reduce the stress and strain in the legs since they involve elliptical motion. When using an elliptical, your feet never leave the pedals, and you may feel like you are walking midair. In contrast, when walking or running, each step causes a lurch to your body. Studies show that when you are running, you impact around 2.5 times the weight of your body, thus affecting the joints in your legs and lower back. The impact is not as severe when you walk, but an elliptical workout is still better. 

Improve Mobility And Balance

Mobility improves agility and flexibility, while balance prevents falls and injuries. Ellipticals condition the body for better mobility and balance. During an elliptical workout, lifting and lowering your body and simultaneously moving your arms and legs help improve coordination between your limbs and brain. Over time, you will develop improved mobility and balance. 

Step Up Your Fitness Game With An Elliptical Workout Machine

Ellipticals have gained massive popularity because of their ability to speed up weight loss, boost cardiovascular health, work on the whole body, put less stress and strain on the joints, and improve mobility and balance. If you have not yet invested in an elliptical, do so today and take your fitness routine up a notch while enjoying the numerous benefits the machine offers. 

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