Top 7 Manliest Alcoholic Drinks of All Time

Different factors make a drink manly. However, the key factor is that a manly drink can never taste sweet. So if you plan to order or drink a bottle of wine, then it’s high time you give out your manly card. 

An excellent manly drink doesn’t have to be of high alcohol content. Instead, it should be what every real man is after, for instance, it can be irritating with a bitter taste. 

Luckily, there are many manly cocktail drinks you can choose from. Not only do these drinks make you feel and look good, but they also come with great taste. Regardless of your preference, there is always a favorite drink for every man. 

These are the top 7 manliest alcoholic drinks of all time; 

1. Godfather 


It is a simple alcohol drink that contains a combination of scotch whiskey and the amaretto. The amaretto gives the drink a light taste. Using whiskey that suitably complements amaretto gives you a sinister feeling that you can’t compare with anything else. 

A whiskey that can perfectly complement the amaretto is the Dalmore scotch whiskey. 

Godfather is best served with the rock and especially in an old fashioned or whiskey glass. It makes it a typical choice for a man intending to consume a real alcoholic drink. 

2. Manhattan 


What else could be sweeter than the tough Manhattan drink? Manhattan is a traditional classic drink that most men may already be fond of. It has been a great drink for decades and a source of great moments among the men across the world. 

The red color of Manhattan makes it sinister, whereas the sweet taste also makes it more enjoyable and helps it move down. 

Manhattan is one of the drinks that successfully came out of the prohibition of hopeless days in its original shape. It, therefore, makes it one of the tough manly alcoholic drinks. 

3. Boilermaker 

It is a no joke manly alcoholic drink which is available everywhere. It also consists of two categories of drinks. 

Whiskey and beer are certainly the two tough drinks for every guy out there. Therefore, the boilermaker is made from a few shots of whiskey and one glass of beer stout. It can either be mixed or separated. 

The best way to take a boilermaker when in a separate form is by drinking a whiskey shot and then taking a sip of the beer as a chaser. 

4. Martini 


Martini is another brand of a manly drink made from vermouth and gin; it’s then decorated either with a lemon twist or olives. 

With a mixture of the two alcohols, it may require real strength to take it down. There are several types of martini, for instance, dirty, perfect, and a dry martini. Also, martinis are best taken at weddings, parties, or even in the restaurant bars. 

5. Tom Collins 

There is no doubt that a cocktail drink with a man’s name is commonly a manly drink. A good example of how a manly drink usually tastes like is Tom Collins, and it can be mixed with lemon juice, gin, club soda, or sugar taste on the rocks. 

Though Tom Collins can be served with different types of fruits, not every man enjoys a cocktail filled and garnished with fruits. Furthermore, a man can never go wrong, especially when taking a manly drink that is both strong and smooth. 

6. Rusty nail 

It is another type of two-ingredient cocktail. In this case, the rusty nail uses two shots of Drambuie and one shot of scotch whiskey. Alternatively, you can reduce the amount of the Drambuie if you intend to lessen the sweetness of the cocktail. 

The rusty nail is mostly served with ice; however, it can be taken neat since it is a manly drink. The sweetness of this drink depends majorly on the Scotch whiskey. Therefore, it’s essential to avoid going for the cheaper types since they may ruin your drink. 

7. Stinger 

It is a simple type of alcohol that is made from two ingredients. The main alcohol ingredient is brandy, while the other type is the white crème de menthe. 

The stinger is made by mixing the two ingredients in a glass containing ice and straining it to a whiskey glass. The purpose of using ice is to keep the drink in a refreshing and crispy form. 

Although stinger is a manly drink, it usually has a mint taste that some men don’t like. But in general, the stinger is an amazing alcoholic drink of all time. 


Nothing is manlier than taking your favorite tough alcoholic drinks with friends or during the party. The taste and bitterness are what defines a masculine drink, and it also increases your confidence and respect as a man. 

Most of the manly drinks have unique tough names. However, it’s always essential to know or have a drink that you’re much comfortable with. It is because other tough drinks may give you terrible hangovers and other side effects.

With the above types of manliest alcohol drinks, no doubt that you will find yourself a suitable brand; hence you can maintain your man card. 

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