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Hernia: General & Post-Surgery Complications

Hernia: General & Post-Surgery Complications A hernia happens when an area, often part of your intestine or abdominal organ or tissue, pushes through a layer of muscle and bulges out. The most common types of hernias usually happen around the abdominal wall, and you can feel and

5 Smart Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

When life becomes hectic, it’s easy to feel burnt out and low on energy. While underlying health issues can be a cause of tiredness and fatigue, lifestyle factors can certainly leave you feeling short of energy. Once potential health problems have been ruled out, you can restore

4 Challenges Young Mothers May Face

Most teenagers don’t plan to have a baby. However, a reported 3 in 10 American girls will welcome a child into the world before 20 years old. While every baby is a gift, it is undeniable that both pregnancy and motherhood can prove challenging for teen girls.

Ten Tips To Improve Management In Healthcare Facilities

For several years, high costs and structural inefficiencies have plagued the healthcare industry. Medical debt is growing in the United States, as many Americans face financial instability. According to Health System Tracker, the average hospital stay can cost the average American approximately $5,220 per day. Hence, patients

Nurse Practitioners: The Basics

Nurse practitioners play a vital role in many areas of nursing. Advanced practice nurses specialize in specific areas of nursing, such as mental health or pediatrics. The majority of nurse practitioner roles require an MSN degree, and some require you to have a DNP. Whatever stage you

5 Wellness Tips for when You’re Feeling Exhausted

Exhaustion can occur for a number of reasons, from an undiagnosed medical condition to a busy schedule. Once you’ve consulted a physician and ruled out any health-related issues, you’ll want to take steps to adjust your lifestyle and overcome excessive tiredness. To get started, take a look