5 Warning Signs You or Your Loved One Suffers from Alcoholism

According to studies, over 15 million people suffer from alcoholism in the United States. 

Mild alcohol abuse is easily dismissed but can be a warning sign of the disease. 

Early warning signs can quickly become dangerous and require alcohol recovery treatment. 

It’s essential to know these early warning signs of alcoholism because the earlier one enters alcohol recovery treatment, the quicker one can get back to everyday healthy life. Keep your eyes out for any of these 5 warning signs of alcoholism to see when it’s time to seek help. 

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Does Anyone Feel You Should Cut Down on Their Drinking?

People at risk for alcoholism often feel they should reduce their drinking. They often continue to drink socially or even after work to unwind. They have often found themselves in situations where they drank more than intended, sometimes even experiencing blackouts or hangovers. 

These people may do things they don’t remember while under the influence to compound the issue. They tell themselves they need to cut down, but they never really do. If the problem is not addressed with alcohol recovery, it continues to escalate into full-blown alcoholism. 

Are You Constantly Annoyed by People Criticizing Your Drinking?

If the people closest to you are constantly suggesting you get into alcohol recovery or you quit drinking, then you may have a problem. When your friends and family sound the alarms, it’s not because they want to aggravate you. Sometimes it’s easier for the people closest to you to spot a potential drinking problem because they are looking in from the outside. They can see the not-so-subtle changes that may go unnoticed by you. 

Do You Drink in Private or Hide Alcohol?

If you tend to drink in private to avoid the criticism of those around you, then it may be time to get into alcohol recovery. Do you hide alcohol to avoid running out or, more importantly, to avoid ‘the drinking’ conversation with loved ones? If you do, then there may be an issue. Alcohol abuse can turn into alcoholism before you know it. Alcohol abuse is the gateway that leads to alcoholism. 

Have You Ever Taken a Drink First Thing in the Morning?

Drinking first thing in the morning is a big red flag for alcoholism. A drink before breakfast can be a big problem even if it’s not every morning. Whether it’s to steady your nerves before a stressful day at work or to avoid a hangover from the night before, drinking in the morning is an issue

Really, drinking early in the day more often than you should or in private is alcohol abuse that can be an early sign of alcoholism. If you have reached for a drink to start your day or avoid a hangover, it might be time to consider alcohol recovery. 

Drinking Until Blacking Out

If you enjoy drinking socially but cannot stop after the first few drinks, it may be time to seek help. Drinking to the point of blacking out is a symptom of alcoholism and a big problem. If you wake up the next day wondering what you did or who you were with the night before, it may be time to get into alcohol recovery. 

When to Seek Alcohol Recovery

Admitting you need help is hard for anyone, but it is a necessary first step. If you notice any of these five signs personally or in anyone you know, there may be a problem with alcohol. Drinking in private or early in the morning, admitting you should cut down, hiding alcohol, or drinking to the point of blacking out are all early warning signs of alcoholism, and they should be taken seriously. Alcohol abuse is a symptom of the disease, and the sooner you get into alcohol recovery, the sooner you can get back to an everyday, healthy life.  

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