A Wedding in the Alaskan Glacier

Before we get into the specifics of your elopement, I’d like to recommend some of my favorite glaciers.

When deciding where to have your Alaskan glacier elopement, take into account not only the number of people in your party but also their physical fitness and experience level. Guests at your elopement should come prepared for the possibility of rough terrain and know how to safely navigate it.

A glacier “fly-in” or “hike-in” is an option you have to consider as well. Do you prefer to take a helicopter into a glacier, or would you rather hike in? In order to have your dream elopement on a glacier or other location that is inaccessible by foot, you will need to make arrangements with a helicopter service. Or you also can take Alaska elopement packages which includes all the cost and you also can customize it as per your need. 


I need directions to Matanuska Glacier.

Among Alaska’s glaciers, Matanuska is one of the easiest to visit. Positioned some 2.5 hours northeast of Anchorage, beyond Palmer! A river of ice 27 miles in length! Beginning in the Chugach Mountains and ending in the Matanuska River, this watercourse travels down the Glenn Highway.

Matanuska Glacier: Getting There

Matanuska Glacier is fantastic because it is approachable on foot. However, if you want a more in-depth experience at the glacier, hiring a guiding company to take you on a full glacier hike or ice climbing is the easiest option.

A tour of the Matanuska Glacier, like the ones offered by Matanuska Glacier Tours, is something you should seriously consider doing. Their expertise will ensure that you have a fantastic and secure time exploring the glacier.

The following is crucial information:

Outside of elopement days, a tour of the glacier costs roughly zero dollars per person. To hike to the glacier for a private elopement experience, you can expect to pay around $200 per person. Guests planning an intimate wedding at Matanuska Glacier should call ahead to ensure the venue can accommodate them.

Motive for a quick wedding ceremony at Matanuska Glacier

It was so much fun when Hiwa and Ben decided to elope to Matanuska Glacier last year. They wanted the full Alaska wedding experience, so they came here, and we had a blast taking their wedding photos in Matanuska Glacier.

In the Spence Glacier

How do you get to Spencer Glacier?

Located in the Chugach National Forest, 60 miles south of Anchorage, is Spencer Glacier. It has everything you could want in a glacier elopement location, including breathtaking peaks, waterfalls, rivers, and more. There are a plethora of options for outdoor activities like walking in the woods, camping, and hiking (both guided and unguided), regardless of your experience or fitness level.

Spencer Glacier: Getting There

Taking the train to Spencer Glacier is the highlight of the trip. You’ll get the full vintage glacier exploration experience on the train ride from Turnagain Arm to the Spencer Glacier Whistle Stop. In the winter, you can take a snowmobile tour, and in the summer, you can take a helicopter tour from Girdwood with Alpine Air.

The Knik Glacier

I need directions to Knik Glacier.

One of my favorite glaciers is the Knik Glacier, which is about an hour’s drive from Anchorage and is about 200 feet thick on average. The experience of seeing the 400-foot ice walls up close and personal is truly unforgettable.

Find out how to get to Knik Glacier.

Because there aren’t many roads leading to Knik Glacier, helicopters are the safest way to get there (unless you’re up for a full day of off-roading, in which case, let me know!!). The Knik River Lodge is the most convenient place to launch from, and it’s also a beautiful spot to return to for a meal or a “reception.”

The Knik Glacier: a dreamy backdrop for a destination wedding

Knik Glacier was the perfect location for Levi and Katrina’s Alaskan destination wedding. It was the perfect day to go flying and exploring. With only immediate family in tow, they chartered prop planes to take them to the Picnic Strip along the Knik Glacier for the ceremony, and from there they took off for Grasshopper Ridge, where they were treated to a breathtaking panorama of the glacier. Check out Levi and Katrina’s fantastic wedding here to see Alaskan glaciers in all their glory.

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