An Inside Look Into How A Cryo Slimming Machine Works

Fat freezing is a potential solution for individuals looking to treat stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. While Cryo technologies are not substitutes for diet and exercise plans, they can encourage the balance of cells through natural cell death so that you achieve the best results for your weight loss and wellness journey. Understanding how these technologies work to achieve fat loss is an essential step in considering these treatments.  

Unlike other fat-freezing modalities, cryo-slimming stands out because it alternates hot and cold therapies, which encourage the breaking down of fat cells and their removal through the lymphatic system. Other methods use suction which can damage the elasticity of the skin. Not only is cryo-slimming noninvasive, but it can also result in natural toning benefits that encourage collagen production for healthier skin. 

As you consider your options for fat loss, look into the factors that will influence your experience and treatment outcomes. The cryo slimming machine is a sought-after choice for those looking for noninvasive fat-loss treatments that are less expensive than surgical alternatives. For more information, here’s an inside look into how the cryo slimming machine works. 

Understanding The cryo slimming machine 

Fat cells are killed using the “Peltier Effect.” The term describes how the temperature is controlled to provide heat and sub-freezing alterations which promote fat reduction in targeted areas. A massaging technique is also used to help drive the process that kills off targeted fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue areas. 

The cryo slimming machine is a handheld system that is controlled electronically. The treatment is a three-part, 28-minute process of warming at +4 degrees Celsius, freezing at -4 degrees Celsius, and warming again, to trigger apoptosis. 

The treatment process is explained as follows:

  • The technician warms the treatment area with the warm setting on the wand; this prepares the cells by moving blood to the surface. 
  • Then, the wand temperature drops to reach the skin region where stubborn fat is located (the hypodermis layer). 
  • Once the cold temperature has targeted fat cells, the treatment area is warmed again.
  • The area is then massaged to help the dead cells move to lymph nodes for elimination through the lymphatic system. 

How Fat Freezing Works

Cold temperatures can be manipulated using technology that helps cold temperatures reach deeper layers of the skin to initiate apoptosis. 

  • Apoptosis is the natural progression of cell death. While the body completes this process naturally for cell balance, the process can also be programmed to target fat loss. 
  • Controlled temperature manipulation or thermal reduction is how apoptosis occurs. As cold temperatures trigger apoptosis, the cryo slimming machine can directly treat areas for fat loss. 
  • The three-step process of alternating between warm, cold, and warm temperatures is “fat freezing.” 

Maximizing The Slimming Effects You Can Achieve

Now that you’re familiar with the cryo slimming machine, speak with med spa providers about your candidacy for treatment. Get the targeted fat loss you’ve been waiting for and maximize the slimming effects you can achieve. 

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