Online Doctor Consultations: Access Healthcare Anytime, Anywhere

When you’re feeling unwell at night, waiting until the next day to see a doctor is inconvenient and could worsen your condition. This is especially true if your symptoms escalate overnight or if you’re situated in a remote area where traveling to the nearest doctor can consume a lot of time.  That’s where telehealth services come in. These are consultations, prescriptions, referrals, preventative care, mental health support, and other procedures. You can receive these services from a health practitioner through your telephone or an online platform. 

This blog will explore virtual consultations and explain how you can access an online doctor.

What Is an Online Consultation?

In Australia, you can visit a doctor in person or online. Medicare used to restrict healthcare providers from offering these telehealth services. However, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, they began allowing some of these services, including online consultations. 

They are a type of medical service that you can receive through a phone call or video conference.  During this consultation, you discuss with your doctor your symptoms, medical history, possible treatment plans, online prescriptions, and future visits. 

Why Choose Online Consultations?

Though you could visit a doctor in person, seeing them through an online platform makes consultations more accessible. 

Here’s why you should choose online consultations:

  • Access from Anywhere: If you live in a remote or rural area, this online visit allows you to promptly receive medical care rather than have to wait as you travel long distances. Plus, if you need to see a faraway specialist, you can use your local general practice with a health practitioner assisting the specialist in real-time.
  • Access at any time: Whether you need a consultation late at night or have a tight schedule, this telehealth service is available across multiple providers at all times.
  • Comfortable Setting: Since you can meet your doctor from your home, these consultations can be easier for older people and those with mobility issues.
  • Reduced Risks: With an online consultation, you’re less likely to encounter infected individuals compared to a general practice or a hospital.
  • Widely Accessible: You only need a phone, tablet, or computer to conduct this telehealth service.

How to Receive an Online Consultation

If you wish to see a health practitioner online, you should first check if your general practice offers this service. If not, you can access online consultations through these steps:

  1. Find an Online Health Practitioner

To begin receiving telehealth services, you should find an online health professional. You can search on websites and apps such as:

  • 13CURE
  • PrimeMedic
  • Healthfinder
  • Health Engine
  • Health Direct
  • HotDoc

You should narrow down your search based on whether they offer telehealth services and have experience in the field required for your condition. In addition, you should look for a health professional who is available when you’re free.

  1. Verify Your Online Doctor

Now that you have a list of practitioners who offer telehealth services, you should verify that they have the right licensing to treat your condition. Additionally, you should ensure that they have positive reviews, accept your insurance, and have a thorough security policy in place to keep your information safe.

  1. Book an Appointment

Once you’ve ensured you can trust your doctor for online sessions, you should schedule an appointment with them. They might require you to use a specific application through which you’ll confirm your booking. Before your consultation starts, the doctor will send you a link through which you’ll contact them.

  1. Prepare for Your Online Consultation

After you have booked an appointment, you should ready yourself for this virtual doctor’s visit by doing the following:

  • Charge Your Devices: Ensure that your phone/tablet/computer has full batteries so your call isn’t interrupted.
  • Check Your Devices: Verify the internet, microphone, and camera function so that you won’t have issues during your call.
  • Prepare a Private Space: Find a location with good lighting and little noise so the doctor can clearly see and hear you.
  • Verify Your Pharmacy: It’s best that you check that your local pharmacist accepts electronic prescriptions. Otherwise, you might not be able to pick up the prescription your online health professional sends you.
  1. Receive Your Consultation 

Now that you’re finally ready for the consultation, you should click on the link your doctor sent. Then, you’ll be able to have your virtual consultation.


Reaching a doctor is easier than it’s ever been in Australia. With the changes in Medicare coverage that facilitate telehealth services, you can now see a doctor virtually from anywhere in the country and at any time. To ensure that you have a successful consultation, you should prepare your devices for this meeting and verify your pharmacy can accept electronic prescriptions. During this real-time consultation, you can discuss your condition and treatment, receive a prescription, or even a referral. So, if you’re far away from any doctor or time is an issue, use the above steps to find the right online health practitioner for you.

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