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5 Tips For Improving Employee Wellbeing

With a return to the office likely on the horizon, many employers are not properly prepared to take employees back into the regular working week. While vaccination rates are ever increasing it doesn’t mean that company’s do not need to continue to offer office workers secure environments.

What Do You Need to Become an Online Fitness Trainer?

Fitness training wasn’t online until recently. During the start of the coronavirus pandemic, most businesses came to standstill. This is especially the case for the brick-and-mortar forms of businesses, including fitness training. People had to practice social distance and avoid crowded places. And this led to the

What Classifies a Weight as an Olympic Weight?

When shopping around for weights, you might notice that some are labelled as ‘Olympic’ weights and bumper plates. But what does this mean? What’s the difference between regular weights and Olympic weights? More importantly, should you buy Olympic weights?  Important Differences Firstly, when sitting side by side,

Top 7 Strongest and Toughest NHL Players of All Time

Ice hockey enforcers are there to deter and respond to dirty or violent play by the opposition, often responding aggressively by fighting or checking the offender. And for that demanding, albeit unofficial role, the player has to be more than physically fit. He has to be both

Cancer Patients to get the Care and Support They Need

As the pandemic appears to be reaching its crescendo, thoughts are now turning to clearing the backlog of cancer patients that continue to wait for treatment. In the United Kingdom, close to a quarter of a million patients have been waiting for longer than 12 months to

Hernia: General & Post-Surgery Complications

Hernia: General & Post-Surgery Complications A hernia happens when an area, often part of your intestine or abdominal organ or tissue, pushes through a layer of muscle and bulges out. The most common types of hernias usually happen around the abdominal wall, and you can feel and

5 Smart Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

When life becomes hectic, it’s easy to feel burnt out and low on energy. While underlying health issues can be a cause of tiredness and fatigue, lifestyle factors can certainly leave you feeling short of energy. Once potential health problems have been ruled out, you can restore

4 Amazing Destinations for Golf Lovers

Golf is a year-round sport enjoyed by thousands of people every day. Many do it for the love of the game, while others bask in the relaxing and beautiful scenery just for fun. With National Golf Lover’s Day occurring on the 4th of October, why not take

10 Most Popular Beauty Hacks for 2021

2021 is hopefully one of the first post-pandemic years, or at least the one when the pandemic is coming to an end. After being closed for so long, not going out, and working from home, our everyday routine has changed. This resulted in some new beauty trends