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Fit n Diets - Best Diet Plans, Fitness, Daily Health Tips and Tricks
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7 Days Paleo Diet Meal Plan for Healthy Living and Weight Loss


A plethora of diet plan for weight loss is flooding the desks of dietitians shelves of libraries and walls of your kitchen. Your belly line is pushing out your epidermal cells out of all boundaries. You know that you need to consider Weight Loss using Paleo diet when you can no more see half of your thighs hidden underneath that overhanging tummy. The proportions of your figure are being compromised every day for unhealthy, processed and adulterated modified food. What’s needed now is not just a shift in diet but rather a lifestyle shift to detox your internal machinery. The art of Paleo Weight Loss is about to be introduced to you in an elaborate manner.

Enough of greasing guys! It’s time to get back in shape. So how to lose weight fast? The answer would be to follow up a weight loss diet of course. Here I am going to share with you the best diet to shed extra fat.

The Paleo Diet Meal Plan

Paleo diet based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans, consisting chiefly of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit and excluding dairy or cereal products and processed food.

Paleo refer to something which is ancient. Back then our early ancestors survived only on raw foods. Raw foods are markedly the only original foods. There was no processing involved before meals. They ate what they hunted for as it is.A paleo meal is related to this lifestyle. It involves keeping the food as close to there real nature as possible. Abstaining yourself from the tradition of deep-frying can help you immensely in keeping your weight under check.


A Weight Loss using Paleo diet is just all you would need to flip the old times back in your corridor. The magic of Paleo Weight Loss is unbeatable. There is everything same in this diet like a regular meal. But the difference which stands starkly between your regular meal and a paleo meal diet plan is that all things are uncooked and un-fried. That is you forget the oils in your kitchen closets and oversee that processed mozzarella too.

Basics of Paleo Diet

Foods to Eat: Meats, Fish/seafood, Fresh fruits, veggies, Eggs, Nuts, seeds and Healthful oils (Olive, walnut, flaxseed, macadamia, avocado, coconut)

Foods to Avoid: Cereal grains, Legumes (including peanuts), Dairy, Refined sugar, Potatoes, Processed foods, Salt, Refined vegetable oils, soft drinks and vegetable oils.

Simple Paleo Meal Plan Menu For One Week

Here you have simple Paleo Diet Meal Plan and menu that can save your life.

Monday (Day 1)

Breakfast: Spinach, Boiled Egg Salad with Chopped Avocado.

Lunch: Grilled Salmon with Fennel, Orange & Black Olive Salad.

Dinner: Sweet Potato & Roasted Peppers Crustless Quiche.

Tuesday (Day 2)

Breakfast: Bacon and Hard Boiled Eggs, a Cup of Diced Papaya.

Lunch: Sandwich In A Lettuce Leaf, Steamed Brussel Sprouts.

Dinner: Ground Beef Stir Fry, With Some Berries.

Wednesday (Day 3)

Breakfast: Two Scrambled Eggs with Zucchini Salad.

Lunch: Chicken & Avocado Salad with Baby Spinach.

Dinner: Spanish Chili and Garlic Prawns with Mixed Vegetables in Olive Oil.

Thursday (Day 4)

Breakfast: Soft-Boiled Eggs With Prosciutto And Grilled Asparagus, ¼ Cup Mixed Berries.

Lunch: Sardines in Olive Oil and Greek Salad with Goat’s Milk Feta.

Dinner: Asian Cucumber Salad and Walnuts.

Friday (Day 5)

Breakfast: Sausage and Sautéed Broccoli.

Lunch: Steamed Vegetables And Grilled Chicken.

Dinner: Salmon and Avocado.

Saturday (Day 6)

Breakfast: Strawberries Or Blueberries Shake, Boiled Cauliflower And Carrots.

Lunch: Roasted Radishes and Asparagus, Brussel Sprouts.

Dinner: Garlic and Herb Cauliflower Brown Rice, Almonds.

Sunday (Day 7)

Breakfast: Boiled Sweet Potatoes, Green Apple and Broccoli Salad.

Lunch: Sandwich in a Lettuce Leaf With Beans And Tomato.

Dinner: French bean Soup, Onion and Garlic Prawns.

Foods to Eat on The Paleo Diet Meal Plan

A week is enough time to see the amazing transformation in your body. For the first time, your body is going to be working out on a diet plan for weight loss that is easily acceptable.But for longer duration, I personally don’t recommend you to borrow a strict diet menu from anyone. All that is important on a diet to lose weight is the fact that you are getting the proportions of your meal in a controlled manner. All quarters should make up a balanced diet.

paleo diet meal plan

The Breakfast Menu For a Paleo diet Meal Plan

Food Proportions Suggestions
Eggs 2 eggs Scrambled or boiled
Spinach 1 cup Tossed in a little olive oil and salt
Cherry tomatoes 1 cup Raw or squashed in pan
Avocado ½ Raw
Sweet potato 1-2 small Boiled , mashed in little oil on flame till golden
Cucumber 1-1 n half cup Diced in  salad with a little salt lemon squeezed over it
Baked turkey 2-3 slices Pair it up with coconut milk
Red peppers ½ cup Eat fresh and diced  or boiled
Mushrooms 3-4 Boiled or steamed with a little salt
Salmon Fillet Leftovers Baked with egg or grilled asparagus

All the vivid foods in the table above are a packet with healthy nutrients. These can be easily brought into your paleo diet foods without many efforts. What’s interesting about getting involved in a paleo diet plan is the fact that all the meals require minimum cooking. So your food is ready in minutes. Adopting a paleo diet meal plan can help you in losing weight naturally. We talked about the major portions of your breakfast above. There can be additions of a fruit and a drink with your meals in this diet plan for weight loss. A fruit can be any one from a papaya to apple to orange till watermelon or muskmelons. Always take your fruits before taking up a heavier portion of paleo diet foods. To ensure a balanced diet and Weight Loss using Paleo diet what you need is not just a check on your foods but also a check on the order of food intake.

The Lunch Menu For a Paleo diet Meal Plan

Food Proportions Suggestions
Pineapple salsa 2-3 cups Garnish with corianders and tamarind juice
Sardines 3-4 slices Pair up with Greek salad
Beef 2-3 slices Bake with mushrooms
Chicken 2-3 slices Garlic and Baby spinach do wonders with it
Beetroot 1 cup Steamed
Grated carrots 2 cups Tossed in olive oil and ginger juice
Cauliflower rice 2-3 cups Add walnuts for crisp
Broccoli 1 cup Boiled in cinnamon water
Sprouts 2 cups Fresh and teamed up with all the veggies
Eggs in Avocado 2 servings Sprinkle spring onions over it!
Lettuce 2 cups Chopped and kept in iced water for 5 minutes
Kale 1.5 cups In salads
Dates ½ cups Pair with pistachios

These foods are highly recommended ingredients in your 7-day paleo diet. Including them in an organised diet chart can help you lose weight fast. Whichever recipe you pick up in a diet to lose weight keep in mind that the cooking should be least. Tossing in a little olive oil here and now is allowed to a low flame. Keep a scanner over your plate. Know what you are eating. Count your proteins, carbohydrates, energy and roughage. Lunch in a paleo diet meal plan should feel lighter than the breakfast.

For vegans out there the best tip to lose weight fast is to paint your plates in rainbow of veggies and fruits. Very importantly, whatever you eat should be tasty. You should never compromise on the flavors as they help you in sticking to your weight loss diet plan. Your body shouldn’t starve for taste or wriggle in hunger. This is not at all a Weight Loss using Paleo diet concept. So include the raw flavors in your lunch. Stronger flavors of onions, garlic and vinegar can transform your bowl of salads. The crunchy and spicy flavors are supported by chopped chillies and bell pepper. Astonishingly ball peppers are an ideal vegetable for losing weight.

What matters the most are the portions. So in the book of Tips for losing weight it is advised to take medium portions of everything on tables. Secondly, learn to handle the kitchen. Cooking is not tough but balanced diet cooking is a bit tricky. Explore the flavors in your garden more than in bottles to make your weight loss diet work better.

A diet for weight loss doesn’t have to be necessarily boring. Blend in the juices in your meals. Peel of orange or lemon can be grated in your meal while flaming or steaming. This will give your weight loss diet lunch a sizzler touch. Any time the cravings for butter or cheese start to demotivate you, do with a spoon of mayo. You should know how to lose weight fast by playing with your own senses. Always keep the pitcher of fresh juice available for cravings related to drinks. Having a juice half n hour before your lunch will make you eat in limits. It will keep your diet plan for weight loss in check while give your tummy a heavier look from the inside. Drinking more has always been a straight answer to the question of how to lose weight fast.

The Dinner Menu For a Paleo diet Meal Plan

Food Proportions Suggestions
Prawns 1.5 cups Don’t overcook
Lamb 1 serving Marinated in a mixture with salt, cloves, cinnamon paste
Zucchini falafels 2-3 servings Flavor with chopped coriander
Stuffed potatoes 2-3 servings Use sweet potatoes
Brussels sprouts 2 cups Tastes best with a lemon drink along
Balsamic Mushroom caps 1 serving Skip cream and include cherry tomatoes and chopped onions
Fruit salad 3-4 cups Toss all the fruits in tamarind
Apple crisps ½ cup Pair it with leftover salmon from lunch
Gooseberry ¼ th cup Sliced and sun-dried
Clear soup 1.5 cups Use crunchy veggies
Spring onion 2 cups Team it up with lamb

In a paleo diet plan, the above ingredients can be both fulfilling and healthier to be included in your dinner. All the foods mentioned above are extremely rich in vitamins, nutrients and essential fats. Your dinner should be limited to two courses only for losing weight. The first course should include fruits if any, salads and soups. The second course in a diet to lose weight should be the main course with prawns, fishes, falafels or lamb.

Keep the night time paleo diet lighter in spices. The flavors which are to be used should include mint, parsley and coriander. Avoid using too much of strong flavors in night meal is also in the Tips for Losing weight. For Paleo Weight Loss, your dinner should be more of soupy in nature and easily digestible. If you are going to skip the post-dinner walk, eat early. This is important in learning how to lose weight fast.


Lighter flavors like diluted lemon can keep the elegance of your table and tummy in resonance. They are a must in a diet for weight loss because nobody is earning for a boring plate. For adding the crunch, add walnuts and almonds in your meals. Aroma-cooking is one very interesting field of cooking which can play a vital role in increasing the motivation towards accepting a paleo diet meal plan. Ginger, carrots, onions, celery and garlic are the basic ingredients of any aromatic meal. Their contributions to a paleo dinner can be enhanced by chopping the ingredients in the finest slices. The grating can be done to retain the gravy and flavors in harmony together in a weight loss diet.

Grating the meat and veggies in a gravy has valuable insights in Tips for losing weight too. A juicy and soupy meal needs the least time for digestion and increases the number of nutrients oozing out in the blood stream.  The set of these three meals of a day collaboratively makes up a balanced diet.

The Simple Sea of Snacks

To stay hungry is to stay foolish, the title of the famous book proclaims. In a 24 hour day with at least 16 hours to stay on feet, you need real enzymes. Don’t keep your intestines churning in an attempt to learn how to lose weight fast. Eat full and take complete diets. Sometimes, even after taking proper main meals, you feel the urge to snack on processed foods like chips, chocolates, bars etc. Being on paleo diet foods might leave you options on these snacks of course. But wait, Paleo Weight Loss technique has customized sea of snacks!!


  1. A bowl of berries in coconut milk, meat rolls, 100 g sardines tossed in olive oil with spinach and 2 cups of sliced rock melon.
  2. Leftover from the night
  3. Baby Carrots and leftover from the night.
  4. Fistful of Nuts
  5. Homemade kale chips or baked apple cinnamon chips instead of processed ones.
  6. Green apple nachos
  7. Almond cream with dried apples
  8. Algae bars can be used to replace the chocolates in a paleo meal.
  9. To curb the hunger, sweet potato chips can serve you the best too.
  10. Zucchini slices too can be baked to serve as the most appropriate snack of all times in or out of a paleo diet meal plan.

The extravagant thing about these snacks is that they add nothing to your fat content. These are perfectly healthy and needs no preservatives at all. Most of these are fresh and packed with a lot of energy which is a must in a diet to lose weight.

Foods To Avoid in Paleo Diet

Staying on a paleo diet restricts you from all processed foods. This is due to the fact that while processing raw food, there are a lot of unnecessary chemicals added to it. These are not recommended in a diet to lose weight. Modifications in the chemical structures of foods can sometimes reduce the healthy fats and an increase the unhealthy fats. Tips for losing weight in a paleo plan hence recommend a completely raw diet intake. Often while trying to protect the crops from failing, they are injected with a lot of fertilizers and germicides. All of these chemicals reflect in the grains, harvested vegetables and so in your seemingly balanced diet. You can enjoy all fruits in all seasons. But a setback comes in the way they are produced. Under unnatural and isolated laboratory all we can raise is a virtual food. These can never match the paleo diet foods.


  1. Highly Processed Foods:Fast foods like noodles, burger and French fries are dipped in so much of oil that they misbalance every attempt towards a balanced diet. The over-grilled vegetables and synthetic drinks which are offered at the restaurants are mostly of no nutrition value in real. The energy they offer is mostly consumed by our body in an attempt to digest the tougher fats in them. So they are excluded in a diet for weight loss.
  2. Dairy Foods :Avoid full high fat dailry foods like butter and cheese etc.
  3. Vegetable Oils:Avoid canola oils, soybean oils, corn oils, vegetable oils , sunflower oils , sufflower oils, grapeseed oils etc.
  4. Legumes:Beans, chickpeas and lentils
  5. Sugar and Beverages:All the cola, sugar loaded soda, energy and sports drinks and alcohols are too a devastating routine for all health-conscious people there.
  6. Grains:Avoid barley, rice, wheat, pastas, cookies and pizza etc.

Strictly avoid these highly processes foods in Paleo Diet meal plan to be strong and healthy body. To make the Paleo diet foods function for you turn a blind eye to all these.

What to Drink in Paleo Diet

Drinks can be a game changer in a diet for weight loss. In a paleo diet plan alcohols is sort of banned altogether. But don’t be disappointed. There are a lot of alternatives to the evil alcohol molecules. A paleo diet regime involves squeezing out the juice from nature. These should be free of sweeteners and preservatives. Weight Loss using Paleo diet is always accompanied by an intelligent choice of beverages. Lets us discuss tantalizing drinks which are allowed in a paleo diet plan.


Green Tea

Tea is a beverage which has a lot of medicinal values besides a bagful of immunity boosters. Just skip the milk in Indian tea. Switching to green tea is the best decision you could ever take to enable a Paleo Weight Loss. It has no calories to worry about making it my winters all time favorite. It is certainly a must in a diet for weight tea

Black Coffee

Apart from just keeping you awake coffee is an integral part of a diet to lose weight. If any beverage comes after green tea, it has to black coffee.  One thing to worry is the scarce availability of real, raw coffee. black coffee

Spinach-Blueberry Smoothie

Blend in the goodness of the Popeye spinach with blueberries in half a cup of water and coconut milk. Add almonds for the crunch. You can also add up a banana to thick it all up. Now sip on the most amazing paleo diet meal plan drink ever. This drink is best for breakfast. The blueberries are ideal to lose weight fast. Stick on this smoothie for a tough physical day ahead. It will keep your senses awake and tummy contended. Skip the banana if you are looking for a lighter drink. It will help you lose weight fast. Spinach-Blueberry Smoothie

Peach Raspberry Lemonade

I love peaches. The color of a peach is so soothing. Isn’t it? Well making a Paleo Weight Loss lunch even more colorful with this peach-raspberry combo is a sure shot thing to be tried. Cut out the flesh of 3 medium sized peaches. Take a handful of raspberries. Now make a cup of lemonade. Look in for raw honey. Add a spoon or 2 of this raw honey in the mixture. After churning them all well, get ready to taste the most exotic drink of centuries in a diet plan for weight loss. raspberry_peach_lemonade

Strawberry Kiwi Mojito

A set of Tips for losing weight definitely includes this drink. Take a cup of strawberry and 4-5 mint leaves. Put them in a mixer with half a cup of water. Repeat the same for a cup of kiwis sliced roughly. Now choose the most classic jar available. Kiwi makes weight loss using a paleo diet easier. Pour in the strawberry to the bottom. Let it settle down for a few seconds. Now get ready for pouring in the kiwis over the strawberries. Sip on the mojito to lose weight fast. You can reverse the order of pouring both. I just like keeping the strawberries for next half.

Strawberry Kiwi Mojito

These were few of the allowed drinks on a paleo diet. Till now you would have understood that switching to a paleo diet is no more time-machining back to the bigamous world of black and white. In fact, a paleo diet meal plan can be made delicious by a little learning of taste balancing. Accepting this diet can certainly turn-on your taste buds.

Simple Paleo Diet Shopping List

There many number of marvelous variety foods are available to eat in the paleo diet. Here we have a simple shopping list to start the Paleolithic diet (Stone-age diet) for healthy living.

  1. Meat:beef, lamb (mutton), pork, etc.
  2. Poultry:chicken, turkey, etc.
  3. Sea Foods:Fish, Prawns, Sardines, salmon, trout, mackerel, etc.
  4. Fruits:Apples, pine-apples, pears, oranges, lemons, avocado, Gooseberry, watermelon, papaya, etc.
  5. Fresh Vegetables: greens, mushrooms, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, chilies, red peppers, beetroots, carrots, onions, Lettuce, etc.
  6. Frozen Vegetables:broccoli, spinach, kale, etc.
  7. Berries: Blueberries, Raspberries, Kiwi, etc.
  8. Nuts:Almonds, walnuts etc.
  9. Sweet potatoes and sprouts
  10. Almond Butters and Coconut mils etc
  11. Oils:Coconut oil, Olives and Olive oil.
  12. Flavoring Spices:Sea salt, pepper, turmeric, garlic, parsley, etc.

Note: Many diets  fail. Most of them fail due to the unbalanced approach they undertake in the formation of a diet to lose weight. For a paleo diet plan to work you need to approve yourself of maintaining a discipline. Certain relaxations are allowed but not until you fit in the idea of Weight Loss using Paleo diet. Be loyal to yourself more than your diet chart.

If you have been impressed by these Tips for losing weight with a paleo diet plan, start over today to see your lifestyle convert into a meaningful one. It’s time to take selfies without holding in your breath guys!!

Top 10 Exercises to Lose Arm Fat at Home – Best Arm Toning Workouts

Biceps curl

Flabs anywhere in body are a pain. You work hard on your body, lose weight kilos of fats, and restrict your diet but the perfect magazine cover model still laughs at you. Believe me, this is no easy task to lose weight. Once you are done with the fat-burns, leftover loose skin can be tackled. You can beat all those sexy, young girls at office in needle skirts. All you have to do is to trust your body and keep hopes high.

Exercises to Burning Arm Fat

Tips to Lose Arm Fat and Weight Loss Naturally

Even though nothing can take place of exercise, but following a few simple tips can help you pull out the fat in the wrong places.

1. Count your Calories everyday and fix a target for weight lose and reduce some calories every week with proper balanced diet and workouts.
2. Drink Plenty of Water – Keep yourself healthy by drinking more and more water (3 to 6 liters per day).
3. Eat Breakfast Everyday – it will lead the day with effective energy.
4. Avoid Junk and Unhealthy Foods.

Top 10 Exercises to Burning Arm Fat at Home

The below mentioned exercises for weight loss can work wonders for all. The only key behind getting those flab-free, tight arms is to be a devoted candidate for your exercise routines. Don’t betray your exercise sessions. Be dedicated and patient. These 10 exercises can be mirrored into your daily routines to fit inside your perfect slim dresses.

Chair Dips

This is an extraordinary exercise to lose that annoying loose fat on your arm. What you need is just a chair which is stable on the ground and has a satisfactory height. A bed can be also used. So which ever piece of furniture you are using, face away from it. Bend your knees to come to the level of height of the furniture. Place your hands on the top of bed/chair. Press your body to the ground like in sit-ups. Repeat to complete the set. Do 3-4 sets.

Biceps curl


Triceps Kickbacks

This one is a little trickier one to start with, in the lists of exercise for weight loss but the results might impress you. Start with your left knee and left hand on the weight bench. Hold the weights in your right hand. Bend your right elbow such that the arm is parallel to the ground and palms are perpendicular to it. Hold your abdomen back, press down your left knee a little bit. Move the right hand behind your hips, keeping the elbow near to the waist. Bring down the weights back to the perpendicular line. Repeat for completing the set. Now follow the same steps for your left hand. Tricep kickbacks

Push Ups

This one is my all time favorite exercise for arms. The diamond push ups are also known as pyramid push ups. These are simple and require a little diamond formation. First and foremost, get an exercise mat. This mat supports your overall posture. Now start with the push up position. Keep your hands beneath your chest. Overlap one hand over the other in a slanted fashion like side of a rhombus. Now raise your body higher by applying force on the ground through your palms and relax the press, making your body lean downwards. Repeat for 5-6 times in a single set. diamond-press-up

Biceps Curl

Hold weights in your hands. Bend your elbows. Palms should be opening towards your face. Take the weight downwards with keeping arms near the sides. Bring it back to the start position. Maintain a 90 degree angular motion at the elbow. Repeat for at least 15-20 times in a set.

Biceps curl

Counter Push Ups

Find a stable support. Leann on the support with both hands on the furniture and distance your feet until your ankles are in air. Align your body in a straight slanted line. Press yourself on the bench. Throw back your body to the initial position. Repeat for 10-15 times in a set.Counter-Push-Up


This one is an interesting exercise to reduce arm fat. Stand straight. Keep your both legs at a distance.  Now stretch both arms like in school while taking one arm distances. Bring the arms to your front. The right one should overlap the left one. Again take back the arms to each side and bring them to the front with left one overlapping the right one. Repeat 10 times in each set. Do 2-3 sets daily. Scissorsac

One Arm Side Lateral Raise

Start in a push up position. With the weight of your body falling over one hand only, your active hand should be below the shoulder. Keep your other hand behind your back. Push your body down towards the floor and lift up. Repeat the same with the other hand. Repeat 5-6 in a set. This is a very powerful exercise to reduce the arm fat in 5 days (p.s: if done with the right technique and posture.) Single Arm Lateral Raise

Lateral Plank Walk

It is one of the most challenging routine. But if one could master this, losing weight is a piece of cake. Here you begin with the plank position. Then cross your right hand to the left with left foot setting apart to further left. Now move your left hand to left with your right foot also in the same direction. Return to the plank position. Repeat this 2 more times to complete a single set.lateral plank poition

HalfMoon Wrist Rotation

Want something sweet, simple and effective? This must be your catch. Get hold of a dumbbell in both hands. Make an angular lift of 90 degrees making your hands lie in parallel to the ground. Now rotate clockwise. Then go anticlockwise. Repeat and relax. Watch that fat burn!


Opposite Arm and Leg Lift

The toning of arms and thighs can be attained together by including this exercise in your routine. Kneel down on all your 4 limbs. Now stretch out your right hand forward and left leg backward. Create the heath at the centre of your back by pulling the toe further away. Hold in for a while. Switch to the left hand and right leg. Repeat. Again this is one of the full proof exercises to reduce arm fat.Opposite-Arm-and-Leg-Lift

These are the best useful exercises to lose arm fat that you can try at home. They are really and need to be practiced on a daily basis. You can try all these exercises to lose arm fat fastly. If you want to lose arm fat faster, you need to do all these exercises. If you are planned to shaping your arms, then need to increasing the count of sets every day. Combining these workouts with foods like amino acids for muscle growth will help to burning the fat faster and help in evolving toned arms. Maintain a good diet and focus on the weight loss. Enjoy the benefits of a healthy and happy body. After getting the effective results, share your experience with us.

Home Workout: How to Get Rid of Back Fat with Exercises?


Your back speaks about your persona. A strong, toned back gives you a confidant spine. The charm gets in your eyes. Your fitness reflects in the world you interact with. To make the most of your low waist jeans, don’t let the slabs of fat hang out at the waist line. This would sham the whole identity-building. Back fat is stubborn piece of flesh. Frankly to get rid of it, no gym or exercise can help you unless you are ready to feel the sweet sweat before success. It’s easy once you get familiar to all the exercises in the book of fat burning.


Back Fat Burning Exercises at Home

Here are top 8 exercises to render you a flawless and perfect back. You can choose any 4 or 5 which suits you the best to involve in your back routine.

Russian Twists Exercise

To proceed with these, sit on the ground with folder knees. Make your feet touch the ground. Now bring your hands to the front. Keep one hand over the other. Make an angular slant of 45 degrees with your torso. Straighten your back. Twist your waistline and bring your hands to right side .Then slowly twist back to your left side.  This completes one rep. Now do it 6-10 times in a set. Repeat a set.

russian twists

Oblique Exercise

To start with, lie down on a mat. Turn to one side with one leg over the other. Lift up your torso and balance the weight on legs and forearm. Now touch the floor with your waistline. Again lift up your body in air. Bring back your waistline to the floor and back in the air. Repeat for 5-6 times in a set.


Burpee Exercise

As the name may sound, the routine is no nonsense stuff. It might take you a couple of days or probably more to go with the flow. Stand straight with arm by your side. Lower your body bringing it in a chair pose. Keep your arms ahead. Forcefully push your feet backwards and chest further downwards. Come up in a plank position. Again force your chest into the ground with pressure so that you again lift upwards in the air. Note that your hands should be above your head. This completes one rep. Repeat 4 times to complete one set. This is a full proof exercise to reduce back fat faster.burpees

Scissors Abdominal Exercise

Want exercises to get rid of back fat at home? This one is your catch. Lie down on the floor. Raise both legs in air. Slowly bring your left leg down, keeping it in air, little over the floor. Now raise your head. Stretch out your hands to wrap around your right leg. Repeat again with swapped legs. Do it 10 times in a set. Don’t pause in between. Feel the heat at your back and abdomen. This exercise is also one of the best in the back pain relief exercises.scissors-exercise

Plank Exercise

A plank routine a day keeps flabs at bay. The plank is an ideal exercise to tone your complete body. It’s easy to learn how to do a plank but difficult to maintain the correct posture for a long time. So begin with shorter durations. Come in a four limb on floor position. Balance the weight of your body on both toes and forearms. Straight spine is the key to get this exercise right. Aim to get a straight spine.  Hold in this position for 6-7 sec initially. Then slowly increase the duration day by day.plank

Plank Stability on Ball Exercise

Planks are dry in motion. Your calmness has to be tested a lot. The body should be still. So for adding a change to your plank routine one can bring a stability ball at home. Now try a balance your plank position on the ball. Keep your forearms on the stability ball. Try to practice keeping still. This is a fun exercise to reduce back fat. This position activates your muscles. Once you master this many version of planks there are lot many other exercises to reduce back fat in plank range.plank-exercises-on-ball

Bridge Exercise

These are a power pack exercises for lower back pain relief. The heat generated at lower back burns all the extra fat in your back. Lie in a straight position. Bend your knees. Bring your feet at shoulder width distance apart. Now put pressure at your foot and raise your hips. Keep your back straight. Breathe in slowly bring back your bums at base. Again lift up and put down repeat.Bridge Exercise

Row Exercise

There are a lot of exercises for overall toning of body. The ones which are the basic of back toning routines are rows. There are different types of rows. I find the bent over rows best for removing all the unwanted fat that’s bothering you. To get with this exercise all you need to buy are dumbbells. Be real about the weights you can actually aim for. Don’t get your body jammed by opting for those bigger and bolder dumbbells at first go. Start with smaller ones and slowly progress your way to those fathers of dumbbells up there. Now to begin with grab your dumbbells in both hands. Stand straight. Make a shoulder length distance between your feet. Next bend down in the front. Keep bending as long as your upper body forms a parallel axis with the floor beneath. The action part begins. Pull up the dumbbells towards your face. Then slowly lower them back down. Again pull up and pull down. Repeat for 6-7 times. This makes your master set. Now relax, come up in a standing posture. Then get back to action. Do at least 2-3 sets.Row Exercises

Legs and Arm Stretches Exercise

These are simple yet worth. What you need to do is to lie down in prone position and stretch your right hand with left leg outstretched. Repeat with left hand and right leg. legs and arms strecthes

Performing this exercise is useless if you are not keeping your calorie count in check. A balanced diet with a balanced routine can get you the all what you need at doorstep.

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Benefits of Running – 10 Minutes of Running Keeps you Fit and Healthy

muscle strengthing

The laws of motion governed just plain science back then. But now they govern the precautions of lifestyle science too. In a large pool of cubicle work office fashion there is no place for movement. You start your life sitting on the chairs in school and end up on chairs at beautified offices. The life which was one all about the stories and struggle of paths you choose to trade on is now all about the chair and chokes. With this intensifying art of chair play, you find it extremely difficult to fit in the small chairs. The rate at which your chair is promoted is fairly half the rate at which our waistline promotes.benefits of running

Why to Run?

Running is not just a way of burning those extra calories you couldn’t resist last night. Running is good for weight loss but apart from it, it’s a way of life. It’s not a part of your lifestyle, it should be your lifestyle. Where most of us struggle hard to find time for it, it’s time to look at some compelling health benefits of running.

Benefits of Running Five Minutes Every Day

Sleep Regulation

Running for half an hour a day can effectively regulate your sleep pattern. Excessive burdens of life have made it very difficult to achieve a stress-less night. The condition of insomnia has become very common in the public domain. When you go for running , your body feels a physical work done in real. The mental work you do has less to do with the overall body utilization. Even though your brain feels tired , the rest of the body rubbishes the idea of rest. So when there is a balance between the physical and mental work done, sleep comes naturally.


Blood Pressure Regulation

Blood pressure is yet another mind boggling problem today. This has also to do with the throughput of your body overall. While running , there works a drill session beneath your skin. It is occupied by vigorous supply of blood to the entire body. This gives your body a break from the monotonous lethargic slow blood supply cycles. Running prevents your blood circulatory system to age before ageing . Hence this regime is a must for all those health and fitness conscious people.

BP control with running

Mood Swings

In this excessively fast lifestyle, there seems to be no time for bothering about the mood swings your body undergoes everyday. Neglecting sudden outbursts is a threatening action for everyone. This negligence is often the root for deeper psychological conditions.


Running everyday infuses a satisfactory sense of something you do for yourself regulating your moods. This makes running top the list of good tips for health.

Heart Ailments

There are a lot of researches done lately which are indicating a rise in cardiovascular diseases. Increasing work pressure and constant stresses at both professional and personal front are the main reasons. Running helps to keep your heart in shape. This is recommended both for older and younger generations. Benefits of running and jogging keep all heart ailments at bay.

health aliments

Improved Brain Functionality

A meagrely known fact about running is that it is very critical for memory sharpening. To ensure the overall mental well being, running is the most accessible and beneficial medication. Many practices involve prescribing a 30 min run for all those kids who have difficulty in grasping day to day concepts.brain enhancement

Longer Lifespan

The biggest fear of mankind is death. As the advancements in technology are being attained, there is a proportional increase in the causes of mortality. Young drivers meet horrible accidents due to reduced attention span. There is a wave of deadly diseases outbursting from widespread sedentary lifestyle. Running has been proved repeatedly in enabling a longer lifetime. Researchers predict that including running in daily routine can increase your life for three more years. With this deal many have already vowed to make running an essential part of their routine.


Diabetes Control

The most important fluid of your body is blood. This fluid is becoming excessively sensitive to sugar levels. With this weakness, you are becoming more and more prone to diseases such as diabetes. But this disease can no longer inhibit your lifestyle. Including running in your to-do list everyday has the power to make your blood more immune to sugar levels. This formulation applies for both diabetes patients and diabetes-free humans.Diabetes control

Weight Loss

Running is good for weight loss. While you are shifting to the gyms for this purpose it is essential to make note of certain factors. Gyming is not for weight loss. It is more valid for muscle tightening and body building. One must always keep these terminologies uniquely classified from weight loss. Even a trainer would advise you to do trade-mill in your workout sessions initially.weight-loss with running

Muscle Strengthening

Muscle strength is very important to make your health and fitness sealed. When you have a powerhouse of strength inside, you feel complete from outside. The lethargy rate cuts down to half and there is a more life in you. Rather than looking for post-damage supplements to enhance your performance, try the running routine once.

muscle strengthing

Acne Control

With teenagers, the most violent breakouts on the skin can be handled carefully by running. Acne is a temporary condition in your body which arrives when there is excessive fat consumption. With a little attention over your diet and more focus on physical workouts you can easily say goodbye to acne. Running enables you to attain a flawless skin.

acne care

Jumping out of the treadmill inside, you should preferably take runs in open environments and in early dawn timings. The fresh touch of morning breeze is magical for your skin and body. Also dawn is the only part of the day, which can be expected to have the least pollution level, making it an ideal time to experience the real fruits of nature. The health benefits of running are endless and you can experience them all free of cost.

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Top 10 Ways to Increase Height and Grow Taller Fast Naturally


With the minion cropping up, a height below the average has become all the more intolerable. People finding your short stature funny, have no idea what it is to live with an abnormal height. The concept of long legged girls and taller boys is overweighing all the other physical features. Be it in matrimonial columns or in air hostess vacancies, the stress on height is extreme. Achieving a taller look is no more a mere heredity. There are a lot of physical exercises that boost up your height.a-step-by-step-guide-tips-for-increasing-height-1-638

10 Simple Exercises to Increase Height Naturally

These simple exercise can help you answer the question-how to grow your height naturally?

  1. Swimming
  2. Hanging Exercises
  3. Toe Touching
  4. Cobra Pose
  5. Pelvic Shift
  6. Skipping Rope
  7. Dry Swim
  8. Forward Spine Stretch
  9. Straight Leg Up
  10. Alternate Leg Kick


Water is a very important compound. Researchers say drinking enough water is essential for normal functioning of your body. Now as important as it is inside your body, this water has become an important factor outside your body too. Swimming is a routine which not only enhances the flexibility in your body but also stimulates the cells within. The muscles are pricked at each and every corner. Just like tilling of soil is important, similar is the effect of swimming. This stimulation makes it easier to increase height naturally.

Swimming for height

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Hanging Exercises

Hanging exercise is best way to increase height. These exercises increase the endurance of your arms. It’s a way of communicating with all the upper body muscles. These have a lot many variations. One can wrap the lower legs around a pole and hand downwards to increase the stamina of your legs too. Then if hanging on arms, one can pull up the legs in upwards direction and then release them back to the normal. Repeating this renders you free of extra body fat. When your body is toned, the height ultimately looks enhanced.


This exercise involves standing straight and then bending downwards towards your knees. This stimulates the muscles in your back and calves. Thighs muscles are also massaged by this exercise. Aim for the toes but don’t push yourself beyond your body limits. This ideally should be performed from an early age to get overall body flexibility.

toe touching

Cobra Pose

Cobra pose resembles that of a serpent. It begins with lying on your tummy. Slowly lift up your upper body as if opening the can of beer. The transition should be very smooth. Bend as much as the tensile strength of your body allows. This massage enhances the growing capabilities of cells.BHUJANG ASANA (Cobra Pose)

Pelvic Shift

This is similar to the bridges. Lie in a straight position. Bend your knees. Bring your feet at shoulder width distance apart. Now put pressure at your foot and raise your hips. Keep your back straight. Breathe in slowly bring back your bums at base. Again lift up and put down repeat. The pelvic shift helps in caring for your back – body cells.pelvic-shift

Skipping Rope

This one is not just a fun game but rather a fun way to grow taller too. Skipping rope involves a lot of jumping. Jumping triggers the cells of your body from head to toe. Each single muscle becomes active. This collaborative muscle work-out is the ideal way for a streamlined growth of your body. This is a fine way to retune the fat distribution in different body zones.rope-jump

Dry Land Swim

For those hydrophilic patients, there exists an alternative method to get most of the benefits of swimming without getting drenched. Dry swim is an exercise which involves the motion of alternate leg-hand pair. Your right arm teams up with your left leg and right leg pairs up with left hand. Lying in a prone position you lift each pair turn by turn, outstretching each limb as far as you can. This exercise is very beneficial for those with height problems. This is the best way to increase height.dry-land-swim

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Forward Spine Stretch

This exercise is a simple yet effective one for proper articulation of spine. One should practice it after a tiring workout session like in swimming. Just sit with your legs flattened out straight on the floor. Inhale deeply and feel the breath across the height of your spine exhale with relaxing your shoulders and bending your spine forward with hand joined and stretched along with the spine.forward spine stretch

Straight Leg-up Exercise

Leg ups are definitely in the top 10 exercises for height increase. They are simple and very easy. Lie down on your back. Slowly lift your legs up together. Raise them straight in the air. Gradually take them back downwards near the ground, keeping them few inches above the floor. Again rise them up in the straight vertical 90 degrees with the floor and bring them back just above the ground. Start with 7-8 repetitions a day.

straight leg up exerciseAlternate Leg Kick

Thighs muscles are very important to be strengthened. They carry the weight of your upper body. So to increase height one must simultaneously strengthen these muscles to maintain the equivalent body-mass growth. Lie down on your back. Keep both legs straight. Bring one leg near to your chest. Then straighten it. Do the same with the other leg. Repeat the motion like in cycling. Don’t rest your feet on the ground in between.

Along with physical workouts, there is one very important component of growth working in the backdrop. Food for increasing height should be well equipped in all the nutritional values and balanced diet. Proteins are a must. Eggs and pulses should be given a fair quarter of your meals. Addition of more and more green and leafy vegetables provides essential vitamins to your body. These vitamins refurbish the overall body growth. Roughage is again very important to be included in your meals. When you work out, a considerable amount of energy is spent on your performance. Milk and yogurt are best options available for energy supplements. Homemade ghee and olive oil in meals provide your machinery with the much needed oiling supplements. Always remember to take your breakfast and rest of the meals on time to attain a taller stature.

6 Yoga Poses to Improve Immune System – Best Yoga Asanas


There is  a myriad of various syndromes and diseases taking a toll on human race regularly. With the increase in pollution, germs and fast lifestyle practices, the immunity of your body is going downhill rapidly. The mutations in climatic conditions are giving ways to allergies that were unheard before. For a very busy stock market class, it is nonetheless a headache to be sick. In the present times the definition of curses has been widely manipulated. Being sick is the worst curse of all times today. Disease comes with a risk of even weaker immune system prone to chronic ailments. So it becomes a very important agenda to maintain the well being of your immune system. One chemical-free and time-tested strategic solution is to find solace in yoga science.Yoga poses for stronger Immune system

Yoga Poses for Stronger Immune System

Dhanurasana (The Bow Pose)

It starts from lying on your tummy initially and then raising both arms and legs in air with abdomen as the base. Bend more and more with each single sub inhalation and try to hold your feet with hands. Now hold this position and rock like a pendulum as long as its comfortable . Repeat this posture for 5 times atleast.DHANURASANA (Bow Pose)

This simple asana is ideal for curing the digestive tract ailments. It strengthens the gut muscles and pancreas. All the intestinal problems can be treated by using this asana. Regular practice of this asana gives best results in improving concentration powers. Also with a tradition of depression building up slowly on our routine, this asana helps in breaking these sadistic chains. Yoga is the ultimate answer to the question of how to improve immune system.

Sethubandasana (The Bridge Pose)

Kneeling on your knees and placing hands on hips, keep your knees inlined with shoulders. Bend backward and touch the sole of your feet forming an arch. Your face should be facing upwards. After 2-3 breaths, relax.Bridge-pose

An ultimate remedy for healing insomnia, this asana also very beneficial in breaking the shackles of stress. The function of bracing the lungs and digestive tract is also performed by this pose. Life after menopause become a messier business for many women. This asana has been proved to extinguish the symptoms of menopause. Immunity of legs related to their withstanding capabilities. The bridge pose is performed to relax the tired legs. With treatment of asthma problems, it also refurbishes the brain and immunity system.

Ardha Chakrasana (Half Wheel Pose)

Stand straight and put your hands at your hipline. Join both the legs. Bend backwards without bending the knees. Arch back as far as possible and stay in this position for a while. Exhale and come back to normal. Repeat for 2-3 times.Half-wheel-Pose

Spondilytis is a very horrible condition in which the pain can literally break down all your determination. Those who are suffering from this condition must practice this pose regularly for relief in long run. It is also a detrimental posture in curing respiratory disorders. Ardh chakrasana is a simple remedy for revitalizing the ovaries and fallopian tube in females. All the menstrual problems can be fought back using the weapon as this yoga posture. Heart is also a target organ for this asana along with the uterus.

Ustrasana (The Camel Pose)

Sit on your knees. Keep your hands on your hips with palms on the inside. Inhale and raise your chest upwards. Try stretching the hands moving them towards the toes. Inhale deeper and touch the heels of your toes with palms. Balance the weight of the complete body on legs and arms. Stay in this position for a while. Then relax and repeat a couple of times more.


With blood, there comes another fluid whose flow has to be manipulated back to normal. With a rising level of stress and fatigue there comes the problem of lymph congestion. With the knowledge that regulation of lymph is controlled by external movement of body, the ustrasana becomes all the more important.To enable a normal lymph flow all you have to do is to include the camel pose in your routine workout sessions. This posture  is ideal for massaging the muscles and making them immune to fatigue and painful contractions. The joints are very delicate part of a human body. To care for them one must be very attentive. Ustrasana is very effective in strengthening of joints. Through this asana you can kindle unreachable sections of your body thus it improves the immune system.

Salamba Sirsasana (The Supported Headstand)

This posture is a modified version of Sirsasana. Begin with kneeling down on the floor. Slowly fold your arms from the elbows and join the fingers after folding. Place the folded arms on the floor and keep your head between the two folded arms. Slowly try to lift up your body over the head. Initially one can compromise  on straight knees. Once you lift up the entire body align it in a straight line and open up your palms to support your head.  Stay for a while in this pose and relax.

head pose

This asana is ideal for the patients of sinusitis. This yoga asana is meant for enhancing the immunity system in terms of strength of various body parts. Fertility can be enhanced by using the powers of this yogasana. This asana refreshes the pituitary and pineal glands. This is an effective pose in yoga to improve immune system.

Bhujangasana (The Cobra Pose)

Lie in a prone position. Keep your hips relaxed and legs joined. With inhalation lift up your upper body applying equal pressure on both hands. Bend backwards and arch your spine as far as it is in your comfort zone. Don’t put extreme strain on your spine . Keep your shoulders away from the ears maintaining straight elbows.

cobra pose

The cobra pose is one of the power yoga poses to enhance the capacity of lungs. It helps in the curing of cervical spondylitis. This asana treats mild depression. For all the shoulder, neck and spinal pains, this is an ideal pose.

The yoga poses mentioned above are very beneficial for all the sections of community regardless of age. One must include these asanas in their daily routine to get the most out of  these. Remember that yoga is a process of healing and not healing itself. The results show up with time and practice. One must be patient and respect the discipline of this process.

10 Ways to Get Clear Glowing Skin Naturally – That Makes you Look More Beautiful


Everybody wants that fresh, supple, peach glow on their faces. But the fact is that every time you think it’s going to be perfect, a thick cloud of smoke comes and clogs that glow. If not the pollution, then deadlines kill the drills you do to maintain that flawless. Everyday stress and work pressure knocks your skin out within the strings of the wrestling ring. So many  things to bother and a little time to pamper yourself leaves your skin baffled in a custard of dark spots, dark circles , blackheads and the deadliest of all –acne!!

Tips For Clear Glowing Skin

How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally?

Caring for your skin is not very difficult if you start befriending the minute details that might affect your skin. It doesn’t require hours of sitting in the spa or spending a fortune on those cosmetic treatments. Your skin needs your attention. That’s it. If you start feeling the life within each and every cell of your body, there is nothing which can touch you.

Simple Natural Ways for Glowing Skin

My dad always say eat best food and be healthy. What you eat reflects inside and outside your body. About a year and a half ago, it was the peak times of my career. I had to attend conferences that really mattered. And just a month before that pimples started oozing out. The marks started appearing. Back then I was also amongst those negligent teenagers. Then after a lot of consulting, research and experiments what I found was just the same my dad told me years ago. This is one of the most important tested tips of centuries.

Eat Fresh – Nutritious and Fiber Rich Diet

Healthy life starts from your diet foods. Diet is the really important for healthy and glowing skin. Taking in the proper amont of nutrition and vitamins is good for clear skin. We should select best foods carefully for glowing skin like nuts, brown rice, fish, vegitables and fruits, betroot, carrot and orange are the magical potions in the field of skin care. Sugar, dairy products and unhealthy foods make your skin pale and deprived of the essential nutrients. Your stomach is full but skin still hungry.

Nutritious and Fiber Rich Diet
Always eat fresh, no-oily, less fatty food. Find the balance in you eating habits. Stop relying on those roadside trailers offering cheesy, processed and unhealthy hamburgers. If you want the perfect skin, go for the perfect diet. This is the best tip for  clear skin. Take more fruits andvegitables for glowing skin.

Avoid the Sun

The most harm to your skin is done through the ultraviolet radiations of sun. These are more pronounced between 10 AM to 3 PM. Avoid exposing your skin to sun during this time.avoid sun

Apply sunscreen with SPF above 40 going outdoors. Follow natural homemade remedies are the best answer to the question of how to remove sunburn and skin tan.

Hyderate your Body (Drink Water)

This is very important!!! One of the most important components of human body is water. It is essential for keeping the moisture in skin intact. So take at least drink 2-3 litres of water daily. Half your body ailments can be healed just by checking your water intake of the day. The effect of drinking water shows up just in a day. You feel more light and fresh. One factor that contributes to this magic is the fact that all the waste is extracted from your blood through urination. There’s nothing of the waste to distort your skin’s health.

drinkin water

Drinking at least 2 to 5 liters per day gives the bright skin, notice the change in a 1 or 2 days. It rids your skin from dryness and wrinkles.


Workout is an amazing tip for clear lowing skin that tones and strengthens your entire body. Exercise comprised many benefits which apart from improving your health, also make you stress-free. Evryday workout  process gives you gorgeous and beautiful skin. It reduceas free radicals, which leads to pre mature ageing and dull skin.

yoga for skincare

When you go for a 30 minutes run or involve in some routines at home, your skin sweats. This sweat makes your skin rid of all the germs, dirt and oil. Your pores are revitalised and you get a glowing skin naturally.

Cosmetics is Not Good Everytime

When god made you, he made you perfect, it’s the self de-motivation of ageing that bring out the fear in you. Using a lot of synthetic beauty enhancers to flaunt that artificial glow hampers your natural glow to be expressed.OLD COSMETICS

Excess make up leaves no space for breathing to happen. You are literally killing your skin by suffocating. Always check expiry date on cosmetic products.  Try to Avoid over usage of cosmetics regularly. If you need to use cosmetics then don’t forget to get rid of makeup before going to sleep.

Stress Free

See, failure is a part of growing up. Learn to take the critics in the right way. Don’t over think on issue out of your control. When you are not happy and over think, you are spending all the energy on generating negative thoughts and attracting tragic endings.

stress free life
If you want beautiful glowing skin then you should avoid stress in lifestyle. Sleep is the universal secret to continue a healthy lifestyle and natural glowing skin. Easily you can relax stress with yoga and listening good music.

Sleep Like Baby

Researchers say that a normal human needs a sleep of  7 to 8 hours. It is essential for your body to rest. When you deprive your body of a complete sleep cycle, the tiredness shows up on your skin first. Also try to take 15-20 minutes nap during the day. This is also called the beauty nap. Everyone need 7 to 8 hours of sleep for avoiding stress and active mind for clear skin. Believe me this works. This is the one of the best tips for glowing skin naturally.sleeping

Scrub Moisturise Regularly

It is essential to free your body from the upper dead layer of skin on a regular basis. Your body has the capability to regenerate cells. When your body regenerates, the older cells accumulate over the top epidermal layer. So make the scrub with orange peel and red lentil (masoor daal) and keep it on your shelf. Scrub your body at least twice a week and see the difference. It will give amazing result for clear skin in short time.scrub

Apply Natural Oils

Make sure you oil you body on alternative days at least. This helps your skin to be moisturised. The gentle massage is also very good for blood circulation and muscle activation. It will helps alot for clear glowing skin.oil massage

Massage your skin with a mixture of olive oil and vitamin E oil etc every alternative day before going to bed and wash off with water the next morning. Applying natural oils for the skin are required to nourish it and provide flawless beauty and skin care.

Acne Care

Proper pimple and acne acre is one of the most important tips to get fair and glowing skinare for your acne. Don’t touch or pop the pimples. It can havoc your complete skin glow. Be sensitive to their treatment. Choose some of the best homemade remedies for scars and acne skin at home without side effects.acne care

Following these 10 simple tips, you can get a rosy glowing your skin in no much time. Just love your skin. Pamper it and don’t overdo the skin external decorations. Believe in the natural beauty and feel the fresh air every dawn. Mirror will show you all what you show it. So, take things in your hands before the time of flaunting your glow escapes into the amazing infinites of life.

Top 13 Yoga Asanas to Reduce Belly Fat That Result Wonders You

Asanas to Reduce Belly Fat

A comfortable lifestyle has made us carry a rougher approach towards our body. Trapped in the basic machinery of life we have started treating our body as lifeless machinery too.Neglecting the vast spectrum of services that this valuable creation is offering us each second,we retort to damage it by dangerous intake everyday. We have started serving our tastebuds more than the rest of all we have within. Diets have become very rich in oils, preservatives, artificial sweetners and aerated drinks. Resultantly , the flaps are taking over the left over fossils of human body.

Yoga Poses for Belly Fat

Yoga is an ancient art made by wiser people to retrace our body back to the square one.Their are many yoga asanas for weight loss. Everything which seems impossible hasn’t been made such by itself. The scientific foundation of yoga lies in the fact of keeping calm. When your mind is in eternal peace, your body will ultimately sync itself to the routine it was made to be in.

How to Reduce Belly Fat Fast using Simple Yoga Poses?

The most sensitive issue of personal health nowadays is the increasing waistline. Follow up with these simple yoga poses to get relief from lower back pain fastly.

  1. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)
  2. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)
  3. Naukasana (Boat Pose)
  4. Kumbhakasana (Plank Pose)
  5. Pavanamuktasana (Wind Relieving Pose)
  6. Utkatasana (Chair Pose)
  7. Salabhasana (Locust Pose)
  8. Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend)
  9. Ustrasana (Camel Pose)
  10. Uttanpadasana (Raised Foot Pose)
  11. Marjariasana (Cat Pose)
  12. Kapalbhati Pranayam
  13. Chakrasana (Wheel Pose)

Bhujangasana – Cobra Pose

The first yoga asana is BHUJANG ASANA. It involves lying on your tummy with toe touching the ground. The palms should be just below your shoulder with chin facing downwards. During inhalation raise up our upper body on palms and bend it as much as possible. Stay in this position for a while.The exhalation should be done with retracing back your body to the original position slowly. Repeat the same for 3 min initially and slowly increase to 5 , 7 ,10 minutes. This posture is very helpful in reducing belly fat.


Dhanurasana – Bow Pose

The most common question is not the one questioning how to reduce the belly fat, rather itshow to reduce belly fat fast.The second posture for this is DHANURASANA. It starts from lying on your tummy initially and then raising both arms and legs in air with abdomen as the base. Bend more and more with each single sub inhalation and try to hold your feet with hands. Now hold this position and rock like a pendulum as long as its comfortable . Repeat this posture for 5 times atleast & try this 20 Flat Belly Foods


Naukasana – Boat Pose

This is one of the powerful yoga poses to reduce belly fat. In this asana one should lie on back initially. With each inhalation , raise your legs upto the maximum height. Then stretch your arms and lift up your hand towards your toes. The angular bent of 45 degree has to be formed. Try to hold for some time .Track back to normal. Repeat this atleast 6 times.


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Kumbhakasana – Plank Pose

Starting with hands underneath your shoulder and hips, raise yourself with the center as abdomen. Your palms should be open at right angle to the ground. Form a straight line from head to toes. Hold in this posture as long as possible. Repeat 2-4 times initially ang then increase gradually. This one is also an effective yoga asana to reduce belly.


Pavanamuktasana – Wind Relieving Pose

The PAVANAMUKTHASANA is the best yoga asana to reduce belly fat. With back touching the ground, lie relaxed, inhale and exhale. During inhalation bend your kness and close your legs slowly above the abdomen. Make a grip around your folded legs with hands and hold this pose for 50 to 60 sec. With each exhalation go back to your origin. Repeat in sets.

Pavanamuktasana (Wind Relieving Pose)

Utkatasana – Chair Pose

This is a standing asana. Stand straight with both feet together. Each inhalation would coexist with stretching of hands  and palms joined. Then bend your knees forming a chair , try to withstand the pain for sometime and then undo the bend. Repeat this asana for 5 times initially and then gingerly increase to 10 in a set.


Salabhasana – Locust Pose

This wonderful posture for weight loss is the SALABHASANA posture. Its is initiated with a prone position. Inhale , lifting up your legs, knees, chest and hands in air. Your hands should be above your thighs. Relax and repeat for 10-15 times.


Paschimottanasana – Seated Forward Bend

This asana is perfect for reducing belly fat. Its a siting asana in which one has to sit with legs outstretched and spine straight. Inhale and slowly bend forward touching your legs wherever you can reach. Exhale nad relax. Repeat for 3-4 time initially.


Ustrasana- Camel Pose

This asana is one of our favorite pose in yoga. Kneeling on your knees and placing hands on hips, keep your knees inlined with shoulders. Bend backwards and touch the sole of your feet forming an arch. Your face should be facing upwards. After 2-3 breaths, relax.


Uttanpadasana – Raised Foot Pose

This asana is similar to leg raises. Start with a prone position and raise your legs eith each inhalation. Relax with exhalation. Repeat for 4-5 times initially .

Uttanapadasana 1

Marjariasana – Cat Pose

Sit on both hands and legs like a cat. With every inhalation, raise your chin up, bend your spine and raise your tailbone. Take deeper breaths. Exhale and raise up your back arching it, drop your chin and relax your hips. Hold this posture and relax. Repeat 5-6 times.


Kapalbhati Pranayam

Sit in padmasana. Inhale with a deep breath and while exhalation forcefully constrict your tummy to go inside. The process of inhalation should be effortless and exhalation should be forcefull.


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Chakrasana – Wheel Pose

Start from a prone position. Keep your legs close to hips. Bend your knees and elbows. The toes and palms should be facing on the floor. Lift your back forming a bridge while keeping the feet and palms stiff. Relax ans repeat.


There is one more asana that is worth mentioning. This asana is the mixture of complete yoga science. It has 12 yoga postures to reduce tummyand is a very powerfull framework to base your exercise regine on. All these asana must be performed with regulated breathing. Beyond a particular body limit, one should not try to perform these asanas.


Heal Your Lower Back Pain With these 10 Yoga Poses

Yoga (Bridge Pose)

Yoga has the remedy for everything. It has given us the key to heal each syndrome and side-effects of a lifestyle which we have violated enough. In the day to day tough routine of long working hours on chair, our spine gets more overworked than its endurance limit. We take a little less privilege in giving it attention as the problem in spine doesn’t show up physically. It doesn’t bother our physical appearance and ultimately is neglected. If neglected for a longer time it can lead to chronic long lasting problems.

Best-Women-Health-Yoga-Image 1

Simple Yoga Excercises for Lower Back Pain Relief

The most sensitive issue of personal health nowadays is the increasing waistline. Follow up with these simple yoga poses to get relief from lower back pain fastly.

  1. Padangusthasana (Big Toe Pose(Big Toe Pose)
  2. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose)
  3. Sukhasana (Pleasant Pose)
  4. Adho Mukha Svanasana – (Downward Facing Dog Pose)
  5. Uttana Shishosana (Extended Puppy Pose)
  6. Ardha Uttanasana (Half Forward Bend)
  7. Salamba Sarvangasa (Supported Shoulder Stand)
  8. Salaba Sirsasana Alamba (Supported Headstand)
  9. Supta Padangusthasana (Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose)
  10. Dandasana (Staff Asana)

Padangusthasana (Big Toe Pose)

There are various yoga poses for lower back pain relief that one can include in lifestyle. The very first and an easier one to begin with is the PADANGUSTHASANA. In this pose one has to begin with a standing posture. Keep your complete body aligned to the vertical radial axis. During inhalation bend forward with your head a shoulder as a single unit. Raise  your hands above the head. Touch the big toe of  your foot with fingers and try to stay put for a while. With exhalation , come back to the straight posture slowly.big-toe-pose-padangusthasana

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose)

This asana starts with a supine position. Then slowly fold your knees and bring them near to your hip line. Lift your spine up in an arching motion and bring the palms beneath your pelvic bone region. Clasp one palm into another. Support your posture by your shoulders. Keep your upper arms beneath your shoulders for supporting. Stay in this position for a few minutes and relax. Repeat the same for 6-7 times.

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The Bridge Pose (Setu Bandh)

Sukhasana (Pleasant Pose)

This is the pose of meditation. Beginners are advised to start from this particular posture. This is the most simple yet the most difficult posture. It involves sitting in a normal cross legged position with a straight spine. Your mind should be focused and free of all the negative energies. Breathing should be normal. One should sit in this posture for as long as in comfort zone.girl-sukhasana-posture

Adho Mukha Svanasana – (Downward Facing Dog Pose)

There are many exercises to relieve lower back pain. This is a very beneficial pose for relieving back pain. One should lie in the prone position and then slowly raise the spine forming a mountain dome. Your hands should be forced down on the floor. And feet must be aligned so that they are pointed towards the face. Hold in this position, taking deeper breaths for a few seconds. Relax and repeat & Reduce Stress & Anxiety 

Downward Facing Dog Pose

Uttana Shishosana (Extended Puppy Pose)

Kneel down with both hands and legs. Modify your posture such that your elbows lie beneath your shoulders and buttocks lie above your knee bends. Stretch your hands forward. The complete spine stretch can be felt by bowing down your head, touching the floor. The neck is relaxed but arms must be kept active throughout with elbows never . Touching the ground. Extended Puppy Pose

Ardha Uttanasana (Half Forward Bend)

Ardha uttanasana is the best exercises for lower back pain. In this posture we begin with the uttanasana pose. Press the fingers firmly on the ground along side your feet. Inhale and arch away the upper portion of your body as far as possible from the thighs. Lift the spine forward and form an inverted D. Keep your head forward. Stay in this position for 30sec and relax. Repeat this posture formation for 3-4 times initially. This posture should be practiced with caution. Your complete body should be arched till the individual flexibility allows you.ARDHA UTTANASANAHalf Forward Bend

Salamba Sarvangasana (Supported Shoulder Stand)

This is an ideal asana for relieving the spine problems. It is also helpful in straightening of spine and tightening of back muscles. Lie on your back comfortably. Lift up your calves slowly. Lift up the hips and thighs along with the legs. Support your back with the hands. Your elbows should be touching the ground. Try to attain a straight line alignment of your overall body. If facing difficulty in performing this asana on floor, one should feel free to use a thicker base like a yoga mat or blanket for balancing.

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Salamba Sirsasana (Supported Headstand)

This asana starts with an initial cat pose. Slowly bring your knees close to your chest. Try to transfer the weight of your body on your head. Don’t lift both the legs together. Start balancing the weight on head and single leg first lifting the other leg in air. Then aim for raising the second leg. This asana might be very risky to be performed carelessly. Focus with your entire mind on the postures. It is better to perform this asana in the presence of a helper. Gradually one can master this asana by continuous practice. It is very helpful in yoga for lower back pain.Supported Headstand

Supta Padangusthasana (Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose)

This asana can be practiced for instant back relief. To continue with this asana one might need a belt. Start with a straight lying down supine position. Slowly bring your right leg near your chest. Bind the belt around the foot .Raise your leg in the air and straighten your knees using the belt. Hold in this position for a while and then relax. Follow the same steps for the left foot. This asana allows an equal turn by turn relaxation of your back. This is ideal for relieving lower back pain. Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose

Dandasana (Staff Asana)

This asana is a sitting posture asana. It involves sitting with your hips firmly put on the floor and legs aligned together in a straight line actively. Place your arms next to your side ribs. Push your palms on the floor next to the hips. Ensure that your spine is perfectly straight. Stay in this position for about 30-40 seconds. Relax and repeat.DANDASANA Staff Asana

These were some yoga exercises for lower back pain. All these postures are very good for strengthening your back. They help to deal with the regular sedentary lifestyle. One thing to be noted in performing all these asana is that your spine should be active and straight. Leave your comments for any information about these yoga asanas.

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