4 Healthy Sweet Treats

Sweet treats can be indulgent and delicious while staying healthy. If you’re looking to eat something as wholesome as it is tasty, we have a few tempting ideas for you! Explore the following healthy ideas to get your fix while staying on track. From scrumptious plant-based confections to vegan goodies, there is something on this list for everyone.

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1. Vegan Chocolates  

When you think of sweet treats, chocolate is probably one of the first foods to come to mind. Not all chocolates are created equal, and some are healthier than others. If you’re shopping for something wholesome, you can start with the vegan chocolates available online and in grocery stores. These confections are popular because they skip the added ingredients. Instead, they’re made with simple and satisfying plant-based products. 

The best vegan chocolate bars rely on a short list of organic essentials to create a symphony of flavor, including cocoa beans and organic cane sugar. Rest assured, you won’t find much more in these delicious bars than cocoa butter and organic coconut oil. Some of the best dark chocolate bars are made with plant-based cacao and include sunflower lecithin or vanilla bean. You can even indulge in dark chocolate truffle-filled bars with wholesome ingredients like sea salt and almond butter. 

While the best-sellers in vegan chocolate help to keep your desserts as healthy as possible, they also make it possible for you to try new flavors. If you love coffee, you’ll get a pick-me-up when you snack on oat milk chocolate filled with bold coffee truffles. If you like a rich and nutty taste, try a plant-based chocolate bar with bits of vegan toffee. If you’d like, you can opt for the creamy flavor of white oat milk chocolate. No matter what type of confection you prefer, you’ll surely enjoy it without guilt! 

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2. Roasted Cacao Nibs  

If a chocolate bar or a dark chocolate truffle is a little too sweet for your tastebuds, you still have a rich and chocolatey snack to munch on. Roasted cacao nibs offer a toasted chocolate flavor but with a satisfyingly crunchy texture. They’re also less processed than other forms of chocolate, which makes them a lot healthier. These nourishing little nibs are packed with antioxidants to help prevent disease and reduce cell damage in the body. They’re also a source of essential nutrients like iron and protein. 

Roasted cacao nibs are an excellent snack, but they’re considered baking chocolate because you can use them in recipes like chocolate cakes and cookies. Some unique and healthy dessert ideas include making cacao nib brittle for the perfect toasted chocolate flavor. If you’re making baked goods, cacao nibs will pair well with flavors like almond butter and peanut butter. They’re also an excellent friend to flavors like coconut and banana. 

If you love the taste of roasted cacao, you can snack on the nibs right out of the bag. Besides eating them alone, we like to put them on top of granola bowls and salads. They’re a tasty treat on top of frozen yogurt and Greek yogurt parfaits. Combine them with strawberries for the perfect smoothie. Speaking of breakfast, you can also include them in your oatmeal or a DIY breakfast trail mix. 

3. Dessert Smoothies  

Some fruit smoothies are meant to pack in as many vitamins as possible. A dessert smoothie is still a healthy and sweet treat but skips ingredients like cauliflower and kale. Dessert smoothies feature sweet flavors and let you indulge a little. While you’ll like the taste of your smoothie, you’ll know it’s still energizing your body and boosting your health.  

Try a coconut raspberry smoothie if you’re on the hunt for new flavors! These delicious tropical treats include plenty of protein and fiber. They also feature a simple ingredient list, including frozen raspberries and shaved coconut. You’ll get healthy fats and a daily serving of naturally sweet fruit flavor. Other benefits include a dose of health-boosting vitamin C and potassium. 

For those who love key lime pie, a dessert smoothie featuring tart key limes and Greek yogurt will transport you to a tropical vacation. Carrot cake smoothies with wholesome ingredients like almond butter and shredded carrots boost your health and taste like a pie in a glass. Make your own orange creamsicle smoothie with orange juice and plant-based milk, and then finish with Greek yogurt. If you need the taste of chocolate in your dessert smoothie, a cherry chocolate cake smoothie is simple to make and includes nourishing foods like rolled oats for a rich, nutty flavor. 

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4. Chocolate-Dipped Fruit 

Sometimes you need a sweet treat that’s easy to make and enjoy at the kitchen counter. Gather everyone for sweet, tasty fruit covered in melted dark chocolate! It’s easy to create delicious dark chocolate fruit pairings at home. Start by melting vegan chocolate discs or a plant-based chocolate bar. You’ll need at least 70% cacao for melting in your microwave or a double boiler. Go slow as you melt to get a smooth and satisfying consistency perfect for dipping. 

When the chocolate is melted to your preferences, serve it in a small to a medium-sized bowl. When you have a suitable vessel for dipping, pair your melted chocolate with a plate of the sliced fruit of your choice. Classic selections for a satisfying dessert include strawberries and bananas. Other delicious and healthy pairings to fan out on your plate include kiwi and mango. 

Raspberries and blueberries combine well with chocolate, as do cherries and coconut. Try something new when you combine dark chocolate with pears or apricots. We also like the taste of chocolate-dipped oranges or passion fruit. A dipping fork or spear makes it simple to enjoy just the right amount of chocolate on your fruit. You could also use a toothpick or skewer. 

Enjoy Sweet and Healthy Treats Without Guilt 

Yes, it’s possible to enjoy sweet and delicious treats without guilt! It’s as easy as making the right food choices. Try one of the healthy items above and see if it satisfies your sweet tooth! It’s unnecessary to go against your preferences if you eat a vegan or plant-based diet. There are plenty of luscious and wholesome chocolates to indulge in as a snack or melt over your favorite fruit. 

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