10 Best Ideas for CBD Packaging

10 Best Ideas for CBD Packaging

Whether you’re launching a new CBD product or thinking about redesigning your packaging, you need to put some thought into it. You can’t just pick the nearest bottle, stick the label, and call it a day.

Your packaging design needs to grab attention and compel people to buy your products. So, how can you make it stand out?

This article gives you some of the top design ideas for your CBD packaging, so read on.

The Classic Cannabis Symbol

A lot of brands use the cannabis symbol on their packaging, but many of them stylize it to make people better remember them.

For instance, Bionnico uses the familiar leaf symbol, while Lazarus Naturals has put their own twist to it to make a logo. You can’t go wrong with either, as both will instantly capture your consumers’ attention. You can learn from other brands in this business like CBD gummies with melatonin for sale from where you can see how well they label their products.

Adding Pharmaceutical Symbols

Many people are still skeptical about CBD products, mainly because of bad connotations with recreational marijuana use. Most of them don’t realize that CBD isn’t the same as marijuana, even when it is derived from that particular plant.

Putting pharmaceutical symbols (the Red Cross, the Rod of Asclepius, the Bowl of Hygeia, etc.) on your packaging will showcase that CBD does have health benefits.

Illustrating the Health Benefits of CBD

Your CBD packaging should primarily focus on the health benefits of CBD oil. Your label should say whether a product is for anxiety, pain, or anything else, but you can also illustrate the benefit.

You can add a CBD molecule formula too, which will work very well with medical symbols as well. 

Leveraging the Green Colour

The color green showcases something organic and natural, so it’s a great choice for CBD product packaging. Most CBD brands use it precisely because of it, as it shows that their products have health benefits.

Of course, CBD is naturally found in cannabis plants, so it’s quite logical to use green. 

Colorful Bottle Caps and Labels

While green is always a good choice, using colorful labels and bottle caps may grab the attention of more people.

This can work wonders for CBD edibles. For instance, Not Pot has colorful labels for their CBD gummies that look fun and give a sense of a delicious taste.

Minimalism – Less Is More

While being bold with the colors and overall design can definitely pay off, going the minimalist way can also be an excellent idea.

Simple, elegant packaging design can give a sense of calm, which is what most people are looking for in CBD products. Millennials love minimalism, but it can also attract consumers in other age groups.

Featuring a Fun Tagline

Including fun and interesting taglines when labelling your CBD products is a great way to stand out. For instance, you can put “Banish bad moods” on the label or anything else quirky and catchy.

Most labels only say what the product is for, so this particular design can give you a competitive advantage.

Supplement-Style Packaging

Various reputed online dispensary canada retailers never go wrong with the packaging used for supplements. Whether you sell CBD capsules, tablets, or gummies, generic or custom supplement-style bottles can significantly boost your sales.

Your customers will love the packaging because it’s very convenient when it comes to using the products.

Amber Glass with a Dropper

An amber glass bottle with a dropper is the most common packaging option for CBD oil and tinctures. Don’t worry about drowning in the sea of competition if you choose it. You can stand out by making the label unique.

But why use something so common? Because it works. It looks like the packaging for essential oils, which is what instantly draws in many people. Once they stop to take a look, you can sweep them away with your enticing label.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Going green is a wonderful way to set yourself apart from many competitors. People are increasingly looking for sustainable products and packaging, so making yours eco-friendly will help you extend your reach.

You can use biodegradable bags, cardboard boxes, eco-friendly pouches, and anything else that will protect both your products and our beloved planet.

The best part about these CBD packaging designs is that you can mix them up. Most of them work great together, so your products can truly stand out.

For instance, you can create a green-coloured label with an interesting tagline, add a CBD illustration and pharmaceutical symbols, and put it all in eco-friendly packaging.

Whichever design you go with, don’t forget to match it with your branding. You don’t want it to get lost in the new design. When people look at your CBD packaging to buy cheap cannabis seeds make sure they instantly recognise your brand.

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