Habits to practice for healthy hair

Modern society places high value and importance on appearance. So looking good and well-groomed has become essential for everyone, including men. When it comes to looks, men can gain more confidence if they take care of their face, hair and clothing. Just like how you pick the right clothes for the right occasion, choosing the right products for your face and hair is equally important. Try best hair growth shampoo if you have hair fall issues and want to stop it. Check out Patricks’ website and order now! Besides using the right products, you also need to practice a few habits to get healthy and glowing hair. Let’s take a look at what these habits are.

Make sure you shower with lukewarm water: Taking piping hot showers might feel good and relaxing but it can strip your hair off from its natural oils and make it look dry and frizzy. This may also lead to split ends. But at the same time, taking a cold shower is also not helpful and can’t do any good for your hair. Cold water showers can reduce the blood flow to your scalp and your hair will not receive the nutrients it needs. So the easiest solution is to take a shower in lukewarm water. It’s best for your hair and skin too.

Use less shampoo: Most men use shampoo every time they take a shower. But this is not necessary. Even if you are using the shampoo that is sulphate-free, the shampoo will take the natural oils out of your hair more quickly. If you maintain a daily showering routine, just rinsing your hair with water can be helpful rather than shampooing every time! It’s best to make use of shampoo only two to three times a week. If you are using styling products, ensure they are water soluble.

Use conditioner: Conditioner is designed to moisturise and protect the hair and to soothe and settle its cuticles which might be rough. Moisturisers are good for men who have curly hair as it helps to smooth out the cuticles of their hair. The best way to care for your hair in the shower is to rinse it with lukewarm water and use shampoo only a few times a week rather than using it regularly.

Be gentle with the towelling: You might be tempted to dry off your hair immediately by aggressively scrubbing with the towel. But remember, this can lead to breakage of the hair. So use a towel with softer touch and towel off in the natural direction of your hair growth.

Avoid blow-drying of your hair: The hot air from blow dryers might lead to fizziness and split ends. It can also dry out your scalp. If you use a blow dryer to add more volume to your hair, make use of one with a cool setting. This is the healthiest way to air dry your hair.

Keep the hair natural: Excessive colouring, perming, straightening etc. damages your hair. Though men are less likely to undergo such procedures, some might experiment with their hair. Stay away from such treatments to avoid extensive hair damage and keep in mind, avoiding such procedures can help to keep your hair healthy.

One of the best ways to keep your hair healthy and strong is to use Patricks’ hair growth shampoo. This shampoo reduces hair fall and hair thinning and promotes hair growth.

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