How to reduce face fat: the ‘secret’ to go from chubby to slim in 7 easy steps

I wouldn’t say I like it when my girlfriend makes me click a hundred photos complaining every time that her double chin is visible and she looks fat. But it’s a genuine problem, and I can empathize as in the past, I have suffered from a similar issue and always wondered how to reduce face fat.

I know so many people who have faced this problem. I had a friend in college who was tired of people calling him Baby Face. He had tried so many things to reduce his face fat only to fail miserably.

Everyone says that you should embrace your look and stay the way you naturally are, but what if a fat face pulls down your self-confidence? 

Should you opt for surgery, or are there other ways to get rid of this problem?

How to reduce face fat: the ‘secret’ to go from chubby to slim in 7 easy steps

What is Face Fat?

Face fat or Chubby face, is when your face gets round and puffier appearance. 

Your face is your identity in this world, and whether we like it or not, people judge us by the way we look. Even if you are fit, and you have a chubby face, people will find you cute when you instead want yourself to appear sexier.

Not having a visible jawline can sometimes be a bummer.

The face is an intricate part of our body made up of layers of bones, muscles, fat, and skin. Generally, excess of fat or your natural bone structure can give you a round appearance and make you look fat.

How to reduce face fat: the ‘secret’ to go from chubby to slim in 7 easy steps

Source: Photo by Pierre Acobas on Unsplash

What causes Face Fat? Why do I have it and others don’t?

Face fat is generally an indication of your overall weight increase. If your body fat is going up, your face will end up looking fat as well. 

But that is not always the case. Sometimes you might be really fit and yet be wondering why the other people in your gym have that chiseled face, and you are stuck with looking chubby.

Face fat usually boils down to one of the following reasons:

  1. High Body Fat Percentage
  2. Facial Structure and Genetics
  3. Dehydration
  4. Bad Lifestyle – Smoking, Alcohol, and Stress
  5. A side-effect of Steroid Treatment
  6. Health Issues like Cushing Syndrome.

Knowing your issue will enable us to answer the next question.

Is it possible to Lose Face Fat?

So, coming to the question you have been waiting for, is it possible to Lose Face Fat? 

Well, that depends first on your cause, as we discussed above, and how determined you are to lose your fat face.

If your problem is High body fat percentage (usually is) or Dehydration or problematic lifestyle, it is possible to get rid of Face Fat. How difficult it is to lose face fat is something we will discuss further.

If the facial structure and genetic makeup are the underlying cause of your chubby look, it can be a little challenging to deal with it. Nonetheless, there are ways to make your face slim or make it appear thinner.

How to reduce face fat: the ‘secret’ to go from chubby to slim in 7 easy steps

Source: Photo by Luriko Yamaguchi from Pexels

Sadly, if your face looks fat due to steroid usage or due to an underlying ailment, you need to consult a medical expert.

How to Reduce Face Fat Naturally?

Though face fat in itself is a widespread and insignificant problem, it can cause more significant issues in your personal life. Sadly, in the real world, looks do matter. 

People judge you all the time based on how you look. Your chubby look might seem to some as cute, but not always. Many times people might consider you to be lazy and not hard working.

These problems sometimes cause people to opt for drastic measures – like surgery to lose face fat. 

But there are some much more straightforward and better solutions to this problem. Here is a step by step guide on how to reduce face fat naturally: 

Step 1: Have a balanced diet.

The fastest way to drop your body fat percentage is to have a calorie deficit and a high protein diet. But it’s a difficult diet to maintain over a long period, and your face fat might return once you stop being on a diet.

Intermittent fasting is another popular eating pattern that has a proven quicker weight loss effect.

The best way and a long term solution to face fat is to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Your body fat percentage will drop, eventually leading to a much slimmer face.

Step 2: Practice Full Body Workouts

The most common myth about weight loss is spot reduction. Targeted fat loss – the idea that working on a specific body part (especially your abdomen) will help you lose fat from that area is not real. There’s a lot of scientific research that disapproves of this theory. 

When you workout, your body picks fat from the most accessible areas first and not from the part you are exercising. 

So, Full body workouts are the way to make sure that your overall fat percentage goes down, and eventually, your face will lose its fatty tissues. 

How to reduce face fat: the ‘secret’ to go from chubby to slim in 7 easy steps

Source: Photo by Lindsey Saenz on Unsplash

In general, most men need to be around 10-12% body fat to lose face fat and women around 15-20%. But these numbers can vary from person to person.

Step 3: Hydrate Yourself

Drinking more water is the easiest way to lose face fat and stay healthy.

Dehydration causes your body to retain more water and gives you a bloated and puffier appearance. 

Drinking water makes you feel fuller and eat fewer calories. It also temporarily boosts your metabolism and helps you burn calories faster.

Step 4: Limit your salt intake

Salt intake relates to your bloated appearance. 

Salt contains Sodium, which causes your body to hold more water and gives you a puffy or swollen look. 

Limiting your salt intake can help you get rid of the puffier look in a week as well.

Step 5: Improve your Lifestyle

A high body fat percentage is not something you have gained in a day. It’s usually a result of a poor lifestyle. 

Alcohol, Smoking, Stress, and Depression are significant reasons for your high fat and may lead to obesity and other problems.

Not only does a high-fat percentage affect your health, but it also pulls down your quality of life.

How to reduce face fat: the ‘secret’ to go from chubby to slim in 7 easy steps

Source: Photo from Pexels

Make significant lifestyle changes to improve your health and reduce your overall body fat. These changes will eventually help you to lose face fat.

Stop or limit your alcohol consumption. Prolonged smoking causes weight loss, but the side effects of smoking are pretty drastic, including death, so stay away from it.

Stress and depression can also contribute to gaining high body fat. Understand your cause of stress and work towards resolving it. Read our article on How to spot depression here

Step 6: Get a haircut that makes your face look slim

I admit this is a cheat step, but if it solves your problem, what stops you?

If your facial structure or genetic makeup is the cause of your round and chubby face, this is the best solution. Understand your face structure and determine which haircut might give you a leaner look.

For guys, having the right beard might make all the difference. 

Generally, more hair volume creates the illusion of a smaller face, work it to your advantage, and determine which hairstyle makes your face look slim.

Step 7: Tone your face muscles with Facial Exercise

Now I know that I said above that spot reduction is a myth (which is true, but not 100%). 

You cannot exercise your face to lose fat directly. Toning up your face muscles with exercise might tighten your slacking and wrinkly skin and make your face appear slimmer.

There is a wide variety of exercises and facial massages you can try. Just search for Face exercises or Face yoga, and that will open a whole new world of face toning workouts for you.

Is Face Fat the last to go?

There is no specific study that establishes that the face fat is first or last to go on your journey to fat loss. 

In general, it’s assumed that your parts, which were last to get fat, will be amongst the first to lose them. 

That said, the face has tiny pockets for fat tissues and has less fat than other body parts. So, it’s most likely to lose fat fast unless your genetic makeup restricts it from losing fat.


Face fat is a common and relatable problem but might be causing significant issues in your life, and you might be desperate to get rid of it, but don’t opt for drastic solutions like surgeries. 

There are ways to deal with it naturally. 

The most common cause of face fat and double chin is your high body fat, and the most obvious solution is to lose this excess body fat and get fit. 

Start by getting an appropriate hairstyle as an immediate measure to make your face look slim. Improve your lifestyle, exercise, eat a balanced diet, and your face fat woes will eventually disappear.

Author Bio: Sagar Chawla is Fitness Enthusiast, Blogger and CEO of an award winning Web Design Agency. He currently writes to empower, educate and improve lifestyle of college students on his blog – Alpha.Dude.Zone 

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