10 Most Popular Beauty Hacks for 2021

2021 is hopefully one of the first post-pandemic years, or at least the one when the pandemic is coming to an end. After being closed for so long, not going out, and working from home, our everyday routine has changed. This resulted in some new beauty trends and people invented new beauty hacks to speed up the beauty routine. Check them out!

Dewy skin

Heavy contouring is just not popular anymore. Celebrities around the world embraced their imperfections and brought a natural look into the spotlight. The accent is on healthy skin which does not need a lot of cover-up. So, the first thing to worry about is to cure your skin, give it enough moisture and feed it. Makeup is used only to emphasize the glow of the face and people choose BB and CC creams rather than heavy foundations. 

Light Eyeshadow

Another thing that is just not that trendy anymore is heavy dark eyeliner. It is better to use eyeshadow or more natural colors to put on your lash line. Choose a soft brown or if you are brave enough purple or red, which will make your makeup super hot, especially in the summer. Add a light eyeshadow in the corner and under your eyes to make them look more open. 

Big Brows

The pandemic made bold, overgrown eyebrows even more popular. This made people with sparse brows look for ways to make theirs more defined and dense. That is why a microblading treatment became one of the most often requested permanent makeup treatments. It gives you the brows you’ve always wanted, that are low-maintenance and last for up to 18 months. The treatment is safe and after the microblading aftercare, which lasts up to 10 days, you are set with perfect brows for years!

Soap for the brows

The Instagram trend of bushy brows where each hair is lifted is huge this year. You can do it yourself by running a spoolie brush along a bar of damp soap and comb through your brows. That way you will get fuller, super trendy brows that everybody is so crazy about. 

Curled Lashes

Lash curler is something a modern woman in 2021 can’t live without. For better results, makeup experts suggest you should heat up the curler with a hairdryer. Be careful not to overheat it, or you can damage your lashes. Add your favorite mascara and you are ready!

Juicy Lips

This year, rosy shades of lipstick are the most popular. To keep the skin on the lips soft and even, don’t forget to use lip balm, especially if you wear lipstick every day. Lipsticks tend to dry the skin, so they need constant hydration. 

Fuller Lips

Full lips are always trendy, but they need to be natural. So you can fake fuller lips by contouring them. Add brown lip pencil under your lips and smudge it, then add a highlighter in the middle of the upper and lower lips. 

Healthy Hair

If your hair is under the stress of being exposed to a hair dryer or curling iron, there is a quick and simple hack to recover it. Before washing your hair, make a hair mask of olive oil and an egg. Put it on your hair and leave for a couple of hours. It is a good idea to even leave it overnight. Just make sure you protect your sheets. Some people even put the hair up in a bun and wrap a plastic bag around it. 

Sock Curls

This is a simple way to have a perfect hairstyle. Wrap your hair in socks and add some texturizing spray. Leave it for a couple of hours without heating it and voila – prepare for the extraordinary curls. 

Faux Freckles

A cute trend of faux freckles has even made a freckle tattoo popular. If you don’t want to make it so permanent, you can make your own with brow pencil and gel, or freckle tint, press them with your fingers and blend in the skin.

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