10 Best Yoga Poses to Reduce Stress & Anxiety at Home

Yoga has a very balanced approach to healing. The satisfaction and peace after a yoga session are unmatchable to workouts at the gyms. It is very interesting to note that certain poses in yoga are custom made to enhance the peace within you. These poses can be practiced at home (preferably on the terrace or open spaces) easily. As the globe is becoming more of a pressure cooker with no outlet, the intelligence lies in accepting yoga as stress healer. A few minutes of stretching and meditation can make your life much lighter.

Best Yoga Poses for Stress & Anxiety

Stay Calm And Practise These Yoga Asanas

The Child Pose – Balasna

This asana has a very sacred place in yoga for  stress relief. It is the asana where your complete body is at peace. Start by sitting your heels. Bend your back forward until your forehead touches the ground. You can keep your hands in front or a side. Remember to keep your palms open. Close your eye and feel the amazing transformation in your body.

CHILD POSE (Balasna)Standing Forward Bent -Uttanasana

This asana has been made to release all the built-up tensions in muscles. Begin with a standing straight posture. Gradually bend over your tummy and extend your hands downwards. Try to touch your feet. Stay in this position for a while.


Bridge Pose -Setu Bandh Sarvangasana

This asana is ideal, especially for relieving tensions in the spine. Lie on your back with hands aside and fold your legs inside. Then gradually lift up your middle body in the air until it makes a semicircle.

BRIDGE POSE (Setu Bandh Sarvangasana

Extended Triangle Pose-Utthita Trikonasana

Yoga has an amazing flow of relieving stress and anxiety through physical postures. This yoga pose allows you to shift your focus from all other things towards the flow of your body. Keep your legs apart and place the right foot at a 90-degree angle. Now bend your waist to the right and touch the ground with the right palm. Keep your left hand outstretched, making an angle of 180 degrees  with your right hand.


Down Dog-Adho Mukha Savasana

This posture calms the mind and improves the blood circulation. To start with, you have to assemble all your four limbs to the ground. Now stretch your arms and shoulders. Push the palms on the floor and lift your hips in a mountain or inverted V fashion by extending your legs. Stay in this posture for a while and relax.


Extended Puppy Pose-Uttana Shishosana

The extended puppy posture is adviced for chronic stress and anxiety issues. To start with, stand on all the four limbs. Now gradually extend your hands forward. Now force your palms on the ground and lower your forhead and back. Keep your hips pointed. Let your neck relax. Stay in this stretching position   for 15 seconds at minimum.


Cat Pose-Marjaryasana

Just like in the above two postures, begin with all four limbs on the floor. Now breathe normally. As you inhale, point your chin upwards, bend your spine downwards and raise your butt. Stay for a while and then exhale. With the exhalation, bring your chin to point downwards. Raise your spine in a semicircle and lower your hips. Stay for a while and repeat. This posture is ideal for reliving the spine and bringing down your anxiety.


The Easy Pose-Sukhasana

Sukhasana has been borne out of the concept of peace and joy. All you have to do is to sit with your right leg folded underneath your left thigh. Now fold your left leg beneath your right thigh. Straighten uo your spine. Close your eyes genltly. Place your hands on knees. Remember to keep your palms open outwards. Now smile and let positive thoughts overtake your mind completely. This asana relieves you from excess anxiety levels.




Seated Forward Bend-Paschimottanasana

This asana might seem a bit tricky to those with a stiff body but gradually with practice, you will get comfortable. Begin with sitting on your bottom. Keep your legs stretched out in front. Now straighten your hands and gradually bend your back forward. Try to touch your feet with hands so that you align you upper body over the lower body. If you feel stressed, then don’t push your body beyond its limit. Go as far as possible and stay in the bend pose for a while.


Corpse Pose-Savasana

This posture is usually performed after all the yoga asanas. The corpse pose begins with lying on back. You should avoid using any supporters. Keep your legs apart, hands lose and eyes close. This one is the most relaxing  yoga posture.


So, these are the top ten yoga poses to master the art of stress and anxiety busting. All these postures must be performed with a light and free mind. On a regular basis, they can be added to your exercise routine to harvest peace in your lifestyle.

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