Improving Your Running By Choosing The Right Pair Of Shoes

Running is an intense activity that factors in several muscles and joints in the body. Each impact can strain the body, therefore choosing the right pair of running shoes greatly assist in absorbing shock and impact from the ground. Shoes with the right structure and cushioning do wonders in preventing injury and lessening the effect of fatigue when running.

How you run ultimately affects the type of running shoes to consider. General shoes might not offer the stability and foot structure you would require to help give you the speed in movement in different terrains.

Identifying the right shoe

General trainers might look suitable for running, however, they are not fully equipped with the right modifications like running shoes. Protection should be your first consideration when choosing the right running shoes. 

AU Asics Stores understand the concept of running shoes given the wide range of available shoes structured according to performance and functionality. The perfect running shoes should be to enhance comfort, improve feet control and help lessen the effect of back pain, injury, and fatigue. With a team dedicated to ensuring you leave with the right shoe, Asics stores in AU are equipped to help you identify the right running shoe. 

Consider your running style

Everyone has their unique way of running which differs greatly from another person. Various factors affect individual running styles such as the size of the feet, overall body weight, and location where the running will take place. Considering this will greatly assist in finding the right shoes based on feet requirements, and not based on color or the cool factor. 

Functionality is extremely vital when choosing the right shoe. The right shoe should help protect and cushion you from external influences. It is advisable to check on this as opposed to how a shoe looks to get the right running shoes.

What is pronation?

The way the feet moves from side to side when in motion is referred to as pronation. Your feet respond differently to your surroundings based on the type of shoe you decide to wear. Understanding this helps you to determine the right shoe based on your gait and build, and adds an extra layer of comfort too.

The right type of shoe will consider certain factors. For instance, if you have a central alignment that enables the foot to naturally pronate, the interior and exterior of your foot will be compromised needing a shoe that will equally distribute your weight in every step. 

Australian Asics Stores consider this and have a variety of shoes that help align the feet centrally. These shoes reduce pressure on the toes, therefore lessening the degree of pain in the long run. Shoes that favor underpronation commonly found in high arched feet, can benefit from shoes that balance support.

Asics stores in Australia also consider overpronation which happens when the feet roll inwards during motion. Therefore, shoes with sufficient cushioning offer additional support to the arches, thereby lessening the strain and injury on the feet. These shoes will also have cushioning distributed depending on the terrain and environment you would be running on. The qualified staff at the store helps you with the necessary recommendations on the right shoe to address all your needs.


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