Cardarine or GW501516 – Its uses and how it works

Endoburol is another name for Cardarine. You can attribute the development of this product to the collaboration of Ligand Pharma and Glaxo SmithKline during a research process. This was in 1992. Later, phase one trial for the use of the ether for treating hyperlipidemia. You might be aware that hyperlipidemia means that the lipoprotein and lipids level in the blood is greater than the normal levels. The studies have been successful. In 2007, it was established that it effectively treats cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia, etc. Learn more at GW 501516. 

Is Candarine or GW501516 effective only for treating health issues?

There is indeed a lot of health benefits associated with the use of Cardarine. It is because it can be used to treat several problems that are detrimental to general well-being. It includes treating common issues that affect a large portion of the population like dyslipidemia, cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, etc. However, the beneficial effects of candarine that help build endurance and stamina are helpful for athletes who are practicing at competitive levels. That is why this preparation has gained popularity among sportspeople. Similarly, candarine is also believed to increase muscle mass and maintain it that way. Let us see how

How candarine helps build muscle mass? 

GW501516 considered to be effective in burning the fat in the body. It does it quickly as well. However, during the process, there is no muscle loss. Additionally, cardarine is also anabolic, and to some extent, it helps in improving muscle size. When you use cardarine, your body will be better equipped to absorb the nutrients. This is because of the absorption of glucose in the bones in the form of energy. Therefore, the absorption of carbohydrates and fats is reduced in the muscle tissue. That is why candarine is very popular among bodybuilders.

Cardarine or GW 501516 dosage

In short, you can say that cardarine offers two benefits as far as athletes and bodybuilders are concerned. First, it burns fat fast. Second, it will help them have more complex and longer workouts without getting tired. Also, since it is not a stimulant, the athletes will not feel low. On the contrary, they will have a comfortable feeling and enjoy a sense of wellness.

Nevertheless, it will take some time for your body to get accustomed to this preparation. Therefore, you can devise a dosage plan according to your requirements. Use only reputable sources of cardarine sale . For endurance purposes, you may consider using 10 mg once a day for 12 weeks. However, for fat loss, you must consider consuming 10-20 mg. Again, it is for 12 weeks. But, you may start with 10 mg for a week and then increase it to 20 mg for the rest of the week. The half-life of GW 501516 is estimated to be 8 hours. Consuming candarine 10 mg in the morning followed by another 10 mg half an hour before you engage in a workout is considered an ideal option.  


Stacking refers to the use of one or more drugs to achieve the expected results. It is a common practice in bodybuilders and athletes. However, it has to be done judiciously. Let us consider how stacking cardarine can be beneficial.  

Stacking for endurance– stacking GW 501516 with ACAR or Equipoise or both is recommended. It is believed to be very effective and boosts your performance to the hilt.

Stacking for fat loss– Cardarine and GW 501516 are considered to be highly potent cutting stacks. It will show results quickly.

Anabolic steroid stack– if you are an athlete facing issues like losing your breath fast, you may consider stacking cardarine with a moderate dose of anabolic steroid or trenbolone.

SARMs triple stack

Since cardarine or GW 501516 can boost your energy and help absorb nutrition from your meal better, it is better to use it to reap the benefits. However, you should be conscious of fake products and refrain from using them carelessly. This will help prevent various diseases and also improve athletic performance.

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