Things You Should Consider before Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is a procedure that is carried out to remove and replace the cloudy lens of the eye with an artificial intraocular lens. The surgery is usually recommended to help patients restore vision. It is a very common procedure with high success rates and fewer complications. 

The decision of undergoing cataract surgery is easy to make. However, there are other decisions that may be difficult to make, such as, when to have the surgery and which type of lens you should choose for the replacement. So, here’s a list of things you should consider before cataract surgery to assure that you made the right decisions. 

1. When to have cataract surgery?

The best time to undergo cataract surgery is the moment you start to experience vision loss. And even if you are not yet experiencing vision loss, other subtle changes in your vision are also accounted for by the doctor, such as loss of contrast sensitivity or loss of color perception. These are early signs of cataracts. Generally, cataracts take years to develop, and the symptoms also progress gradually through the years. 

In the older times, cataract surgery was only performed when the cataract had matured and vision loss has started. But with advanced technology, a cataract now can be removed in its early stages of development. Hence, the doctor will advise you to consider surgical removal of cataracts before the condition becomes severe. 

Getting the cloudy lens removed before the cataract matures will be beneficial for you as the surgery will be less complicated and the recovery time will also be quick. Earlier removal helps to avoid the significant chances of visual impairment that is typically associated with mature cataracts. You can consult eye specialists at Pristyn Care to determine the right time for cataract surgery. They will help you account for all the necessary factors, such as length of the surgery, recovery period, possible risks, and complications. 

2.Which cataract removal procedure is best for you?

Cataract surgery can be performed via two methods, either manual or laser. The majority of cataract surgeons are skilled in performing manual surgery whereas advanced laser treatment is available only with few daycare providers, such as Pristyn Care. There is no doubt that advanced laser technology has various advantages which is why most people opt for this treatment method. But that doesn’t mean that manual surgery is less reliable. You can determine which method is more suitable for you after consulting with your doctor and accounting for other factors like budget while making the decision. 

3.Which type of replacement lens should be chosen?

Many people who undergo cataract surgery don’t have any idea that they have a choice between the range of intraocular lenses that are used to replace the original lens. Lens selection is a very crucial thing that you need to take care of before undergoing the surgery. The lens will determine what your vision will be like after the procedure. Therefore, you should do detailed research about the lenses and then pick the best lens as per your personal choice and preferences. 

In most cases, multifocal lenses are the best option as they make it possible for the patient to achieve a clear vision for nearby objects as well as distant objects. However, in some cases, patients have to opt for monovision lenses for replacement which only corrects either distant vision or nearby vision. Some modern lenses even allow surgeons to treat astigmatism along with cataracts by using toric intraocular lenses.

Now that you know that you have a choice to make regarding the replacement lenses too, discuss all the plausible scenarios with your eye specialists and they will help you select the lens that suits your eye health, lifestyle, and preferences while providing the best possible outcome. 

4. Who will perform the surgery?

It is one of the most crucial aspects to look out for. Here are some things to consider about the surgeon who will perform the surgery:  

  • The surgeon’s qualifications 
  • The surgeon’s skillset
  • The surgeon’s experience  
  • Whether the surgeon can perform manual and/or laser surgery
  • The doctor’s ability to describe the possible outcomes of the surgery

Gather all the information about the surgeon who will be performing the surgery including reviews from previous patients to make sure that you are in safe hands. Once you are satisfied with the answers, only then proceed with the treatment. 

5.Where your cataract surgery will be performed?

Even though cataract surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, it is still important that you get treatment in an eye hospital or clinic where state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technologies are available. In all aspects that we have discussed here, Pristyn Care lives up to the expectations of the patients. They have a certified and experienced team of ophthalmologists who specialize in performing both manual and laser cataract surgery as per requirements. They assist the patients throughout the journey and also provide after-surgery care for faster recovery. 


Now you know the important things that you should consider before having cataract surgery. If you choose the right daycare provider, the doctor will help you with every decision and you will be able to undergo cataract surgery and return home safely with improved vision. Book a consultation with Pristyn Care and consult their specialists to explore all your treatment options for cataracts. 

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