Which Superfood Mushrooms Boost Hormonal Health?

Organic “superfood” mushrooms are the fungi your “hormones” definitely need. These medicinal mushrooms are gaining a lot of hype across the world for their profound benefits, particularly for the female hormonal health.These superfood medicinal mushrooms help to relieve the women from the struggle of hormone imbalances. The symptoms of which may include chronic fatigue, irregular menstrual cycles, pain due to menopause , estrogen dominance, infertility, depression, lack of energy, endometriosis, sleeplessness, brain fog, frustration, low-self esteem, hot flashes, weight gain or loss, and more.Taking a dose of Ontario’s magic mushroom every day will help women reduce their hormonal imbalances. Also, they’ll help women to be capable of dealing better with stress and its associating symptoms, thus, allowing them to lead a healthy, energized, and happy life.every day will help women reduce their hormonal imbalances. Also, they’ll help women to be capable of dealing better with stress and its associating symptoms, thus, allowing them to lead a healthy, energized, and happy life.

Hence, here are the top three medicinal mushrooms that have been proved to deliver many profound health benefits of mushrooms to women, particularly pertaining to their hormonal health.

Are Mushrooms Good For You -Mushrooms Health Benefits

Maitake Mushroom

Research has shown that Maitake mushrooms particularly are immensely helpful for restoring the hormonal balance in women by restoring their normal insulin sensitivity. This, thus, helps in decreasing inflammation, and this can help to reduce PCOS. Also, it has proved to be a great superfood mushroom alternative for women suffering with PCOS.

Additionally, since the abnormal insulin activity in the females, along with the inflammation caused by insulin imbalance can greatly affect the fertility and conception in the body; Maitake mushroom which has proved to restore the insulin feedback pathways in the body, helps in mitigating fertility issues associated with stress and depression.

Moreover, because the mushroom is helpful in enhancing the insulin sensitivity, studies have proved that the Maitake mushroom can induce ovulation and thus, help in regulating the menstrual cycles too.

Cordyceps Mushroom

Hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and cortisol work together and are responsible to regulate the overall health and wellbeing, especially in women. Thus, recent studies have discovered that Cordyceps mushrooms are loaded with medicinal properties which can support the adrenals that are responsible for producing these hormones in the females. This means that these medicinal mushrooms can help to alleviate the symptoms arising due to low estrogen level, such as mood swings and irritability, by stimulating the release of estrogen in the body.

Also, women who are feeling tired all the time, must include Cordyceps mushroom in their diet as it is highly valued for its energizing properties, by fighting off fatigue and restoring energy in the women’s bodies. Therefore, the shroom is also popular as a superb athlete’s tonic.

Since, when too much cortisol is released into the body, it can lead to high stress levels, thus resulting in adrenal fatigue. So, the Cordyceps aid the body in reversing the adrenal fatigue, thus, leading to an improved stamina, enhanced energy and endurance.

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushrooms are widely respected for their ability to balance the menopause-affected hormones, improve energy levels, and reduce the uncomfortable hot flashes in women. Consuming the mushroom in small doses regularly has shown to reduce insomnia by regulating the natural sleep cycles.

These medicinal mushrooms also help in dealing with hormonal weight gain. Also, they help to decrease the negative impact of stress on the women’s fertility.


It is important for women to take care of themselves and balance their hormones. Thus, incorporating superfood mushrooms in daily diet will immensely benefit the women, no matter if you consume it in your morning drink, baking or cooking. Mushrooms not only aid in balancing the hormones, they support women’s health in other ways, such as they regulate better functioning of their immune system, enhance their stress-managing tendency, and helps to detoxify the body of all the harmful xeno-estrogens, which are responsible for disrupting the female hormones.

So now that you know about the immense hormonal health benefits of superfood mushrooms, try to incorporate them now in your daily routine. But ensure that you buy only superior quality medicinal mushrooms from a reputable source.

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