10 Alternatives to Running

Running is a basic form of exercise for many people. There’s nothing like plugging in your earphones and getting your running shoes on. However, to be fit, you don’t always need a trail. All you need is getting your cardio workout done. Cardiovascular exercises are great for the heart’s health, excellent for managing stress, improves brain activity, and of course, aids in weight loss! Need any more reasons to get into cardio? So, if running is not possible, then there are a lot of other ways to get the same result and maybe better results! This article is your help guide for ten alternatives to running.

Get your workout essentials and accessories ready, fill your flask with an energy drink you prefer, and great up for a few workouts that are as good ad running!


Jumping rope or skipping is known to be as effective as running and for a good reason. It is an excellent fast workout alternative, especially when you are running short of time and space. It also improves your aerobic capacity, and it increases the tolerance of your load-bearing joints like ankles and knees. The calories burnt in the jumping rope is more than the calories burnt in the running. Thirty minutes of running is equivalent to ten minutes of skipping. Yes, it is time you take this up!

First, warm up by doing a few stretches or yoga. You can alternate skipping between other exercises like squats, Pilates, planks, walking lunges, etc. You can also make a sequence for you like skipping – air lunges – plank hold – repeat. This is a sure-shot way of losing calories and a whole-body workout.  


For many people, running is the best type of cardio activity. It provides a full body workout and helps with weight and stress management. However, not everyone wants to run every day. And for those who are new to running and need a break from it, pilates can be an excellent substitute. Pilates is also good for runners because it builds endurance, improves balance, and tones muscles.
It is typically practiced in a controlled environment of a studio or at home with equipment like the ball, mat, and stabilizer. Pilates exercises are all about engaging the core, which is located deep in the lower abdomen. You can purchase a variety of equipment online that meet the standards. Getting pilates equipment for home will help you to perform exercises with precision and accuracy. Buying a pilates exercise mat can also be an essential part of your training routine.


Here’s yet another exercise where burning calories is guaranteed. Swimming is a perfect cure for any joint-related problem. The water releases your body from the gravitational pressure. Aquatic aerobic exercises and lap swimming are an amazing workout for calorie shedding and also good for your heart. Your core, shoulders, and arms get toned, and you attain a chiseled body in no time!

It would be best if you tried a build-up in intervals like 10 x 100m. This ensures optimal breathing and also levels up your cardio-respiratory performance. Even if swimming isn’t your thing, being in the water itself is therapeutic. If you are recovering from an accident or a fall, then swimming would be a great idea for recovery. It is refreshing and relieving. 


Contrary to popular belief, yoga is much more than calming your mind and body. Yoga improves your flexibility and balancing. If you are recovering from an accident or fall, it is highly helpful to reset your primary movement patterning and activate your parasympathetic nervous system. Most celebrities have now switched to yoga for its benefits and results.

You can opt for yin yoga or restorative yoga for recovery. You can also lookup yoga exercises of your choice on the internet. Spending 30 minutes daily on yoga is as good as 30 minutes of running, and what could be better than doing that all right at your home? In the process of sweating, don’t forget to hydrate yourself. Get some trendy tumbler that will hold your juices like Vaya Popcup. 


If you are a member of a gym, you can use the stair-climber. But, if you want to do it at home, then all you need is a wooden box. It is a body resistance exercise that works on your legs, muscles, and buttocks. It is a recommended form of exercise for conditioning the lower body. It is as good as running and when done for a more extended period, better than running!  

For a solid 30-minute workout, select a song, warm-up, do some lunges and do a 1-minute stepping up and down and follow it with jumping jacks. This sequence will help you sweat and also keep your heart rate up. You will notice the results in no time, and your legs especially get toned.

Stationary Bike

Biking is like nothing else. It is fun, it works through your body, and it is also a perfect way for shedding calories! It is time to bring this childhood sport back into your life! But if going out is difficult, then get a stationary bike home, or your gym would have it. It tones your legs, your back, and keeps your heart rate high.

You can use the heart rate or perceived exertion on the display screen of the bike to mimic a run workout. Including this workout for 10-15 minutes a day is sufficient. You can also alternate it with other exercises for better results. 

Elliptical Training

This form of exercise is a perfect alternative to running. It is low-impact, and with medium resistance, you can burn as many calories as you would at a 7mph speed of running. It comes with different settings, allowing you to increase your resistance for more calories burning and muscle toning. The best part is that it gives both your lower and upper body a good workout. Elliptical trainer also improves balance and burns body fat effectively.

It is important to remember to use your resistance to its fullest for better results. If you can bump up both the resistance and incline, even better! This training is also ideal for an after-injury or after-accident recovery exercise. It will work on all your muscles and get you better in no time! Your body can easily get dehydrated with excessive sweating. Hence, don’t forget to drink water! Get a water bottle that is good in both design and functioning. 


There was a time when dancing was only meant for coordinated and graceful people. The norm has changed, and dance has been recognized for being a great form of exercise. It is fun, and no one can get tired of dancing. Who doesn’t want to groove to beats and music? No matter how bad of a dancer you are, it will still find a way to burn calories and fat. It is also great for balance, cognitive functioning, stress management, and weight loss. It improves your overall health considerably.

You can look up plenty of dancing videos online, which are easy, fun, and effective. Zumba is an easy form of dancing. It is available in a lot of gyms and studios, and enrolling would be a good idea. If you are a shy person, you can just follow some YouTube tutorials. Dancing will get you sweating in no time, and you will see your body toning up.  


Circuits are a combination form of exercise where you would be following a sequence. It is a perfect workout for toning and cardiovascular training. It improves your muscular strength, muscular endurance, and adherence to exercise. It keeps you on the go and makes you sweat tons! It is anything but monotonous and boring, and you will love it!

You can try a combination of jumping jacks, burpees, high knees, and jump squats to get your heart rate up and to keep your routine fun! You can also make your combination of moves or ask your trainer for some! It would be best if you stuck to a healthy diet along with circuit training for significant weight loss.


Are you irritated? Angry? Or Stressed? This form of exercise called kickboxing is the right go-to form of workout. You will feel your stress and pent up emotions release once you take it up. It also boosts confidence according to a study and betters your posture. It improves your coordination and burns calories and keeps you fit. It is also an ideal cross-training workout. Please do your research before you take it up.

You can enroll in a martial arts studio where kickboxing is available. Your trainer will suggest how to go about it, and kickboxing alone is enough to lose weight and stay fit. Your heart rate will be high and be warned, and it is an addictive form of a workout! Don’t forget to take breaks to revive your body! 


Did you see the rowing machine in your gym? It is a perfect substitute for running, and the reasons are umpteen! This cardiovascular workout targets your legs, arms, and abs. It works on your biceps, triceps, back, and abdomen! It sheds calories and increases your endurance.

You can get a machine home, or your gym will have it. You can set your pace, and doing 10 minutes of this exercise is enough. You can also alternate it along with other cardio exercises for more remarkable results. In case you’ve never used the machine before, it is essential you either ask a trainer about it or look up online videos on how to use it.

If running has been a part of your routine and workout for a very long time, switching to something else might be difficult. It is important to make it fun and interesting. Change is not really acceptable for many. But if a change is inevitable, then why not make it better? Human body is adaptable. Running might have been your go-to form of exercise but be honest. You were bored. If for some reason, you have to stop it but need the same kind of muscle workout, then there are plenty of options available.

This article has summed up 10 different forms of workouts, which are perfect alternatives to running. You can either follow one, two, or multiple. The effects of these exercises are the same as running and, in some cases, even better! Your performance will improve, so will your endurance, balance, and body. You can start by something as easy as cycling and slowly start incorporation, elliptical, rowing, and step-ups. Exercises like swimming and dancing are self-sufficient. You can also go for cross-training, which will make sure that all your body muscles will be at work and tone them well. As you start your new workout routine, be mindful not to overdo it on the first day or week itself. Your body needs time to adjust to the exercises and also needs time to loosen up after being stiff for a while. Warm-ups before these workouts are a must. If you are undergoing a rehabilitation period, then focus on low-impact training, which will slowly but steadily work on muscle recovery.

For a great workout, you need some accessories to replenish your body when needed. Get a water bottle in which you can store cold water for that refreshing sip after an intense workout. A gym bottle does sound like an important accessory, so choose one that can complement your routine! How about a trendy flask that can keep your protein drinks cold or water hot? Check out Vaya Drynk, an insulated water bottle that is perfect for everyday use!

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